About us

carscape.co.ke is a car magazine operated by Carscape Services, a new and used car portal targeting Kenyan buyers and sellers of new and used cars. You can access Carscape services portal at cars.carscape.co.ke

carscape.co.ke magazine 5 promises

Putting the user first and conveying useful information correctly

What we value in content creation is to accurately deliver useful information to users. Carscape.co.ke Magazine will provide content that allows users to solve problems and acquire new knowledge from the same perspective as users, with the same feeling. In addition, we will realize a friendly service that all users who need a car can use with peace of mind.

Strive for fair information dissemination

Carscape.co.ke Magazine maintains neutrality as a car media, and disseminates information with a fair and neutral stance.We will strive to provide unbiased information that strictly adheres to laws and regulations so that users can make the best decisions for themselves when making a big purchase, such as a car.

Committed to accurate information

Carscape.co.ke Magazine takes a serious approach to avoid disseminating information that is inaccurate or misleading.In particular, when choosing a car, which is the reason why users use Carscape.co.ke Magazine, useful information for minimizing the risk of solving problems in car life is disseminated as accurate information based on evidence-based data. To do.

Publish reliable content

Carscape.co.ke Magazine makes a clear distinction between produced content and advertising, and eliminates information that does not lead to real benefits for users.

Respect diversifying values

Carscape.co.ke Magazine considers the diversification of values, and strives to create content that is not biased toward specific ideas, beliefs, or values.With the spread of the Internet, society is becoming more diversified. In order to solve the problem in the area of ​​”choosing a car,” we believe that it is necessary to respect all users and stay close to their values.

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