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VW Touareg: Comfortable SUV from Volkswagen

The VW Touareg is one of two SUVs made by the German automaker Volkswagen. It is considered sporty, but still pleasantly comfortable. It is precisely this mixture that makes it so popular: in Germany, just over 198,000 units were registered as new cars between the market launch of 2002 and 2022.

Good reasons to buy the VW Touareg in Kenya

  • Powerful engines for unlimited driving pleasure.
  • Also powerful in the mountains and regions with a lot of snow.
  • For everyone who, despite sporty driving, doesn’t want to forego comfort.
  • Offers plenty of space and seating comfort in the interior.



The VW Touareg is now available as a hybrid in addition to the petrol and diesel engines . The latest generations come with an automatic transmission as standard.

The following table shows the most important facts about the VW Touareg :

Touareg I
Touareg IITouareg IIITouareg eHybrid
EngineOtto engine / diesel engineOtto engine / diesel engine / electric motorOtto engine / diesel engine / electric motorOtto engine / electric motor
Displacement3,189 – 5,998cc2,967 – 4,163cc1,984 – 3,956 cc2,995cc
Transmission6-speed manual / 6-speed automatic8-speed automatic transmission8-speed automatic transmission8-speed automatic transmission
Performance220 – 450 hp (162 – 331 kW)204 – 360 hp (150 – 265 kW)252 – 462 hp (185 – 340 kW)462 hp (340 kW)
Maximum speed200-250km/h206-245km/h218-250km/h250km/h
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h5.9 – 9.9s5.8 – 8.7s4.9 – 7.5s7.6s
Fuel consumption13.5 – 15.7 l/100 km6.6 – 10.9 l/100 km2.6 – 9.0 l/100 km2.6 – 3.0 l/100 km
Curb weight2,214 – 2,555 kg2,097 – 2,315 kg2,020 – 2,465 kg2,468kg
Maximum weight allowed2,945kg2,880kg2,850kg3,020kg
Driveall wheel driveall wheel driveall wheel driveall wheel drive

The VW Touareg is available with several engines, all of which have one thing in common: They are unbeatably powerful, accelerate quickly and offer maximum driving pleasure – an SUV that can definitely keep up with the luxury class. The big shortcoming of the combustion engine: Some of the cars with petrol and diesel engines consume a lot of fuel. This makes driving the Touareg an expensive and, unfortunately, less environmentally friendly pleasure.


At almost five meters long and two meters wide, the VW Touareg is quite a large car. This can be a hindrance when parking, but it has enormous advantages in the interior: Because here the passengers benefit from legroom and headroom to an unimagined extent, both at the front and at the rear .

The trunk is also impressive – and loaded: With a trunk volume of up to 1,800 liters with the rear seat bench folded down, a lot can be transported here. The VW Touareg is not only chic, but also incredibly practical.


A total of four equipment variants of the VW Touareg are available: It is available with the basic equipment as well as in the variants Atmosphere , Elegance and R-Line . Differences are mainly small and large details in the equipment. The R-Line offers the most comfort and technical extras .

The variants differ particularly in terms of appearance. The Touareg Atmosphere shines with precious wood trimmings in the interior, while the Elegance package relies on a metallic interior and the R-Line equipment features a sportier design.



With the sporty, elegant front and its beefy dimensions, the VW Touareg is a real eye-catcher in everyday life. The look is rounded off by large aluminum rims at the buyer’s request. Decorative strips and other loving details underline the noble look. These include, among other things:

  • Chrome slats over the entire front end
  • LED headlights with LED daytime running lights
  • Optional: panoramic roof
  • Large selection of alloy wheels


Depending on the year of manufacture, the VW Touareg also scores points on the inside with the most modern equipment and – in any case – very comfortable furnishings. Despite the sporty driving style and the spacious interior, the driver and front passenger do not have to do without anything: the Innovision cockpit offers a perfect overview of everything worth seeing and knowing with two large monitors.

The extras such as massage functions on the front seats or three-way adjustable rear seat backrests optimize the pleasure of driving in what is probably the most comfortable SUV in its price range. Numerous driving assistance systems also ensure greater safety.


Thanks to its size, the occupants are more protected than in other vehicles. Probably one of the reasons why the tested models of the VW Touareg not only performed very well in the ADAC crash test . There were only negative points in city traffic, where driving the SUV is rather confusing and therefore unsafe.


The slightly larger VW Tiguan scores with an even more comfortable, better equipped interior and a more variable rear seat if more storage space is needed in the trunk. The models are about the same in price.

Competitor models in the same price segment include the Audi Q7 or – somewhat more expensive – the Porsche Cayenne . With a similarly well-equipped engine, the VW Touareg lags a little behind the other two models in terms of interior fittings, technology and comfort , but it also costs less.

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