Nissan Note fuel consumption in Kenya


Nissan Note fuel consumption in Kenya

Nissan Note fuel consumption in Kenya


The best-selling compact car “Note” has been revamped with a new-generation Nissan design and all-car e-POWER driving. I would especially like to recommend the Note to those who are looking for an advanced and practical compact car, those who prefer cutting-edge modes instead of the Honda Fit, and those who want cutting-edge fuel efficiency and safety performance. 

Fuel efficiency is an important factor when choosing a car, as it affects the fuel cost of the car. Car technology has evolved year by year, and fuel efficiency performance has improved dramatically compared to cars from a decade ago, but the current situation is that there is still a difference in fuel efficiency depending on the model. Therefore, it is important to check the fuel efficiency when choosing a car.

Here, we will introduce the fuel efficiency performance of the Nissan Note.


Nissan note


Note fuel economy characteristics

The current model of the notebook is the second generation model that appeared in September 2012. Originally, the line-up consisted of only a gasoline engine, but in November 2016, the “e-POWER” was added, equipped with an innovative hybrid system that uses an engine for power generation and uses the power to drive the vehicle. rice field.

“e-POWER”, which allows 100% motor driving, boasts excellent fuel efficiency and has evolved the Note into a big hit model. In addition, the Note is equipped with technologies that improve actual fuel efficiency, such as an idling stop system, an ECO mode that supports eco-driving, and a Nissan eco-meter to improve fuel efficiency.

Note catalog fuel efficiency

The notebook has two types of gasoline engines: a 1.2L in-line 3-cylinder NA engine that produces 79ps and a 1.2L in-line 3-cylinder supercharged engine that produces 98ps. I have.

Note’s JC08 mode catalog fuel efficiency is as follows.

・NA gasoline car (2WD)

grade fuel consumption
S 23.4km/L
X 23.4km/L
X DIG-S (engine with supercharger) 26.2km/L


・NA gasoline car (4WD)

grade fuel consumption
X FOUR 18.2km/L


・e-POWER car (2WD)

grade fuel consumption
e-POWER S 37.2km/L
e-POWER X 34.0km/L


・e-POWER car (4WD)

grade fuel consumption
e-POWER X FOUR 28.8km/L


Compare the catalog fuel economy of Note and rival cars

Note’s rival cars include Toyota “Aqua” and Honda “Fit”. Here, let’s compare the catalog fuel efficiency of these two models and the Note.

Toyota “Aqua”

Toyota "Aqua"Source: Exterior of Toyota “Aqua”

Aqua is Toyota’s hybrid-only compact car, which has a reputation for hybrid technology. It is a hit model that is popular with a wide range of people, as well as excellent fuel efficiency, but it is also highly evaluated for its high practicality.

Aqua’s JC08 mode catalog fuel efficiency is 34.4-38.0km/L, and the drive system is 2WD only. It can be said that the e-POWER 2WD vehicles of Aqua and Note have almost the same fuel efficiency.

Honda “Fit”

Honda "Fit"Source: Honda “Fit” design color

Fit, which is the most compact among Honda cars, uses Honda’s unique technology “center tank layout” that stores the fuel tank under the floor of the front seat, ensuring a large interior space and luggage space. It is a model with a reputation for good livability.

Fit’s JC08 mode catalog fuel efficiency is 19.2-24.6km/L for gasoline 2WD vehicles, 19.4-20.2km/L for 4WD vehicles, 37.2km/L for hybrid 2WD vehicles, and 29.4km/L for 4WD vehicles.

The Fit’s hybrid 2WD car and the Note’s e-POWER 2WD car have the same fuel efficiency, but the Fit’s fuel consumption figures are superior in the 4WD car. As for gasoline vehicles, the Note has merit depending on the grade in 2WD vehicles, but the result is that the Fit has excellent fuel efficiency in 4WD vehicles.

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Note’s actual fuel consumption

Currently, according to the site “e fuel consumption” that collects the actual fuel consumption data of the owner who is riding the notebook, the actual fuel consumption of the notebook is 14.09 to 17.13km / L for the gasoline 2WD vehicle, and 21.11km / for the e-POWER 2WD vehicle. 20.14km/L for L and 4WD vehicles. There was no data for gasoline 4WD vehicles.

JC08 mode catalog fuel economy is measured under certain conditions on a flat, straight road without using lights or air conditioners, and is used as an indicator. However, since we drive in various places in our daily life, there is a discrepancy between the cataloged fuel efficiency and the actual fuel efficiency of any vehicle.

The actual fuel consumption varies depending on the road surface condition and driving method, but it is said that the actual fuel consumption is about 30% lower on average. The difference between the notebook’s catalog fuel consumption and the actual fuel consumption can be said to be about the average value for e-POWER 4WD vehicles, but it can be said that the difference is larger than the average values ​​for other powertrains.

Notebook’s driving performance and ride comfort

Let’s take a look at the parts related to the running performance and ride comfort of the Note.

“e-POWER Drive” that allows you to experience the driving sensation of the future

"e-POWER Drive" that allows you to experience the driving sensation of the futureSource: Nissan “Note” driving performance

Note’s e-POWER car runs on a motor without using an engine, so it is characterized by the feeling of driving like an electric car.

“e-POWER Drive”, which can accelerate and decelerate simply by operating the accelerator pedal, decelerates more strongly than usual just by releasing the accelerator pedal. In situations that require frequent acceleration and deceleration, such as in traffic jams or on mountain roads with many corners, this reduces the need to change the pedal position, realizing an unprecedented one-pedal driving experience.

Quiet and comfortable interior space

One of the attractions of the e-POWER vehicle is that it realizes quietness while running that gasoline vehicles do not have by stopping the power generation engine and running the motor.

In addition, careful sound insulation measures have been taken on the body to further improve quietness by suppressing the intrusion of road noise and engine noise.

Note e-POWER equipped with an innovative hybrid system is a model that achieves low fuel consumption and quiet driving

In Note, the e-POWER car, which runs on a motor instead of a gasoline engine, has excellent fuel efficiency, and the futuristic driving feeling and quietness inside the car are also attractive.

The e-POWER, which has made the notebook a hit model, has received a lot of attention and is expected to continue to be popular in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How much is the notebook’s catalog fuel economy?

A: Fuel consumption in the JC08 mode catalog of the Note is 23.4-26.2km/L for gasoline 2WD vehicles, 18.2km/L for 4WD vehicles, and 34.0 for e-POWER 2WD vehicles equipped with a revolutionary hybrid system and capable of 100% motor driving. ~37.2km/L, 28.8km/L for 4WD vehicles. Note that e-POWER vehicles have very high fuel efficiency regardless of the drive system.

Q2: What is the actual fuel consumption of the Note?

A: The actual fuel consumption of the Note is 14.09 to 17.13km/L for gasoline 2WD vehicles, 21.1km/L for e-POWER 2WD vehicles, and 20.1km/L for 4WD vehicles. In the JC08 mode catalog fuel consumption, it is generally said that there is a difference of about 30% between the catalog fuel consumption and the actual fuel consumption. there is a big difference.

Q3: How is the notebook running and riding comfort?


A: Note’s e-POWER car is characterized by a one-pedal driving feeling like an electric car, and a futuristic driving feeling. In addition, the engine for power generation is stopped and the motor runs, achieving a quietness not found in gasoline vehicles. In addition, the body is carefully sound-insulated to prevent road noise and engine noise from entering.


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