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What are the points to check when choosing a car? Exterior design, variety of seating arrangements, size of luggage room, driving performance, etc., I think different people emphasize different things.

Among them, fuel efficiency should be checked.

It may not make much sense when you look at the fuel consumption figures in the catalog, but fuel costs are an expense that cannot be omitted when using a car. Cars are meant to be used for long periods of time. Even a slight difference in fuel consumption can add up to a considerable amount of money. Soaring petrol prices can have a direct impact on household budgets.

In order not to regret later, don’t forget to check the fuel efficiency when choosing a car.

What is the fuel efficiency of Toyota’s compact car Vitz, which has a reputation for fuel efficiency?

Toyota’s compact car, Vitz, was born in 1999. It is a long-selling model that will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2019.

Boasting high popularity from the beginning of its release, in 2018 sales volume exceeded that of Toyota’s representative model, the Corolla sedan, which is a globally popular model.

The current model is the third generation that appeared in 2010. There are rumors of a model change soon, but it has undergone minor changes in 2014 and 2017. Especially in 2017, a hybrid model was added to the lineup, and it has evolved into a model that can be expected to have considerable fuel efficiency. .

Vitz Catalog Fuel Efficiency

First, let’s check the Vitz’s catalog fuel efficiency.

The Vitz has a lineup of 1.0L and 1.3L gasoline models and a 1.5L hybrid model. The 1.3L gasoline model has a 4WD vehicle setting, but the 1.0L gasoline model and hybrid model have a 2WD vehicle setting only.

The catalog fuel consumption is JC08 mode fuel consumption of 17.4 km/L to 25.0 km/L for the 2WD gasoline model, and 18.0 km/L for the 4WD model. The hybrid model is 34.4km/L.

It cannot be denied that there is a wide range in fuel efficiency performance within the model, but the figures for hybrid models in the catalog fuel efficiency are reliable, and it can be said that Toyota has a good reputation for hybrids.

However, fuel consumption performance should not be judged only by catalog fuel consumption. In particular, it is well known that the difference between JC08 mode fuel consumption and actual fuel consumption is large. Don’t forget to check the actual fuel consumption when checking the fuel consumption performance.

Actual fuel consumption of Vitz

Actual fuel consumption of Vitz

Let’s compare the actual fuel consumption of the Vitz with the e fuel consumption data.

2WD gasoline model is 14.09km/L~15.67km/L. 4WD vehicle is 14.13km/L. The hybrid model has a figure of 21.79 km/L.

The gasoline model lags behind rival vehicles such as the Suzuki Swift equipped with an idling stop, but the hybrid model still exceeds 20km/L. It has the best fuel efficiency in its class.

The results clearly show that the fuel efficiency of Toyota’s hybrid system is excellent.

How is the long-selling model Vitz, driving performance and ride comfort?

How is the long-selling model Vitz, driving performance and ride comfort?

Vitz which has passed 20 years since its appearance. In the meantime, full model changes and minor changes have been repeated, but what about driving performance and ride comfort? Technological progress in the automobile industry today is remarkable, but I think it is a matter of concern whether it is reflected in the long-selling model Vitz.

The improved body rigidity and the adoption of a new structure shock absorber are probably effective, and it demonstrates a truly straightforward cornering performance in response to steering wheel operation. For a compact car of 195/50R16, it is equipped with large and thin tires. However, it not only softens the impact from the road surface, but also minimizes the tilt of the car when turning a curve. Vitz was released in January 2017. At the time of the minor change, a newly developed shock absorber was adopted a newly developed shock absorber and increased the rigidity of the body.


As a result, nimble driving was obtained and handling that are at the mercy of a lively driver. Vitz was pointed out to be cheap when it first appeared, but it seems that the results of repeated improvements are appearing.

Vitz evolving with the times

Vitz evolving with the times

The actual fuel efficiency of the gasoline model is not the number one in the class, but the actual fuel efficiency of the hybrid model is like a hybrid Toyota. In addition, the Vitz gained comfortable cornering and stable running. Even if it celebrates its 20th anniversary, it is a model that can still be used today.

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