Toyota harrier fuel consumption in kenya


Toyota harrier fuel consumption in kenya

Toyota harrier fuel consumption in kenya

Gasoline is a constant necessity among car maintenance costs, but the steep rise in the amount is often talked about, and it is one of the costs that can easily become a burden on household budgets. For this reason, checking fuel economy performance has become an indispensable point in choosing a car, along with design and driving performance.

Here, we will introduce the fuel efficiency performance of Toyota’s crossover SUV “Harrier”, which has been very popular since its introduction in 1997.

Harrier, the original luxury crossover SUV

Harrier, the original luxury crossover SUV

The Harrier, which debuted in 1997, was a car that pioneered the genre of “luxury crossover SUV”, which was novel at the time. After undergoing a full model change for the second and third generations, the downsized 2.0L engine is now equipped with an idling stop system as standard, and by combining a CVT with the transmission, it is an SUV while improving fuel efficiency. It has grown into a car model that realizes a suitable and powerful run.

How does Harrier’s catalog fuel economy compare to rival cars?

The Harrier has a lineup of three powertrains: a gasoline engine, a turbo engine, and a hybrid. There are four grades, PROGRESS “Style BLUEISH”, PROGRESS, PREMIUM, and ELEGANCE, which are common to all powertrains, and ELEGANCE “GR SPORT” with gasoline and turbo engines. In addition, there is no difference in fuel efficiency between grades.

Harrier’s Catalog Fuel Efficiency

First, let’s take a look at the fuel consumption of Harrier’s JC08 mode.

gasoline car 16.0km/L
turbo car 13.0km/L
hybrid car 21.4km/L


Compare Harrier’s rival car and catalog fuel efficiency

Next, let’s compare fuel efficiency with Harrier’s rivals. Nissan “X-Trail” and Lexus “NX” are listed as rival cars of Toyota “Harrier”. Those who are worried about choosing a model with these SUVs should pay particular attention.

・Nissan “X-Trail”

Nissan "X-Trail"Source: Nissan “X-Trail”

The Nissan X-Trail, which is popular for its ability to run on rough roads, has a lineup of gasoline and hybrid vehicles. JC08 fuel efficiency is 16.0-16.4km/L for gasoline vehicles and 20.0km/L for hybrid vehicles, and there is no difference in fuel efficiency between grades like Harrier. In gasoline vehicles, the X-Trail is more fuel efficient than the Harrier, but in the hybrid vehicle, the Harrier has the opposite result.

・Lexus “NX”

Lexus "NX"Source: Lexus “NX”

Lexus “NX”, a luxury brand developed by Toyota, is a model with a brother car relationship that uses a common platform with Harrier. There are turbo cars and hybrid cars, but the figures are 13.0km/L for turbo cars and 19.8 to 21.0km/L for hybrid cars. Both the Harrier and the NX have exactly the same figures for the turbo car, but in the hybrid car, the Harrier’s fuel efficiency surpasses the NX, giving the Harrier the edge.

What is the actual fuel consumption of the Harrier?

Actual fuel consumption is fuel consumption when used under various conditions such as in daily life. On the other hand, catalog fuel consumption is a numerical value obtained by driving on a flat, straight road under certain conditions without using lights or air conditioners. born. In addition, since actual fuel consumption varies depending on road conditions and driving methods, it is said that actual fuel consumption is about 30% lower than catalog fuel consumption.

According to e-fuel consumption, which collects fuel consumption information from Harrier users, the average actual fuel consumption of the Harrier is 11.7km/L for gasoline vehicles, 10.4km/L for turbo vehicles, and 14.5km/L for hybrid vehicles. . Comparing the catalog fuel consumption with the actual fuel consumption based on this information, it can be said that the difference between the catalog fuel consumption and the actual fuel consumption of the Harrier is generally within the range of the average value between the gasoline engine and the turbo engine. However, with hybrid vehicles, the difference between the catalog fuel efficiency and the actual fuel efficiency has increased.



What is the ride comfort of the Harrier you care about?

What is the ride comfort of the Harrier you care about?Source: Toyota “Harrier”

I learned that the Harrier is a car model with fuel efficiency that meets the expectations of the owner, but when using the car on a daily basis, ride comfort is an important factor for a comfortable car life. Let’s take a look at the ride comfort of the Harrier.

Superior ride comfort with high quietness

By increasing the body rigidity of the Harrier, we have ensured stability in cornering and straight-line maneuvering. In addition, both the front and rear seats are equipped with performance dampers that absorb and attenuate vibrations during driving, and sprung mass damping control has been adopted to achieve a quiet, high-quality ride. increase.

Perfect driving assist function

The Harrier is equipped with LED cornering lamps that light up in conjunction with turn signal operation when the headlamps are on, ensuring visibility of obstacles and pedestrians when driving at night.

In addition, driving assistance functions such as a panoramic view monitor that supports driving in places where blind spots such as parking lots and intersections are likely to occur are adopted. Improving visibility reduces sudden braking, etc., and contributes to the realization of a smooth and comfortable ride.

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Toyota’s proud hybrid! Harrier with excellent fuel efficiency

Toyota's proud hybrid!  Harrier with excellent fuel efficiencySource: Toyota “Harrier”

Cars are generally used for long periods of time. Therefore, even a slight difference in fuel efficiency can add up to a large difference in money. In recent years, many new models have focused on improving fuel efficiency and environmental performance, but there are still differences in fuel efficiency depending on the model. Among Harrier’s three types of powertrains, the fuel efficiency performance of the hybrid vehicle can be said to be excellent compared to rival vehicles.

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