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The global middle-sized SUV “CR-V” features a versatile lineup that combines high quality and toughness. The CR-V is especially recommended for those who want to drive an SUV with a hybrid system, those who have a lifestyle that allows them to carry six or more people in the car, and those who want an SUV that is somewhere between a passenger car and a full-fledged cross-country.

The interior of a car, such as the size of the room, the design, color, and the comfort of the seat, is greatly related to comfort. It seems that many people don’t care that much because it’s a part that can’t be seen from the outside, but no matter how good the driving performance is or how stylish the exterior is, if it’s not comfortable when you get in it, your satisfaction with your car life will go down. you’ll end up

Therefore, it is very important to check whether the interior is comfortable for passengers without feeling inconvenient. Here, we will introduce the interior of the Honda “CR-V”.

One of Honda’s car-making philosophies is to “minimize the space for mechanics and maximize the space for people.” The interior space of the CR-V reflects this concept, and excellent packaging technology has achieved top-level spatial efficiency in its class . A comfortable living space is ensured while maintaining a body size that is easy to handle.

The legroom in the rear seats has been expanded by 50 mm compared to the previous model, making it more comfortable to relax , and the seat cushions and seat backs have been extended to improve comfort.


CR-V interior


From here, let’s take a look at the interior of each CR-V grade.

“EX” that makes you feel the sportiness of an SUV

"EX" that makes you feel the sportiness of an SUVSource: Honda “CR-V” type, price, equipment

The base grade “EX” has a functional and sporty interior that is typical of an SUV based on black The seat upholstery is not genuine leather, but it has a unique luster and deep color woven fabric combined with a nice touch Prime Smooth to enhance the texture.

"EX" that makes you feel the sportiness of an SUV_02Source: Honda “CR-V” design color

The instrument panel, door garnish, and sides of the center console are accented with wood-grain panels to eliminate the inorganic coldness of black and add a sense of luxury. The interior space is comfortable and relaxing.


“EX・Masterpiece” where seat color can be selected

"EX・Masterpiece" with a choice of seat colors_01Source: Honda “CR-V” type, price, equipment

The EX-Masterpiece grade, which is one rank higher , uses genuine leather for the seat material, which is characterized by its high quality. Instead of adding decorations, we switched to high-quality materials to create a sense of luxury.

In addition, in the “EX Masterpiece”, the seat color can be selected from two colors, black and brown .

"EX・Masterpiece" where seat color can be selected_02Source: Honda “CR-V” type, price, equipment

Brown enhances the texture of genuine leather. It’s a nice point that two colors with different personalities are available: black with a tight and sharp impression, and brown with a soft and luxurious look.

In addition, only “EX Masterpiece” can choose the seat color in CR-V.


Highest grade “EX BLACK EDITION” with sophisticated exclusive interior

Highest grade "EX・BLACK EDITION" with sophisticated exclusive interior _01Source: Honda “CR-V” type, price, equipment

“EX・BLACK EDITION” is the highest grade with a sporty and mature sophisticated atmosphere by effectively decorating the interior and exterior with black.

Highest grade "EX・BLACK EDITION" with sophisticated exclusive interior _02Source: Honda “CR-V” BLACK EDITION

The seat material is genuine leather, which is the same as the EX-Masterpiece, but the EX-BLACK EDITION logo is added to the back.

Highest grade "EX・BLACK EDITION" with sophisticated exclusive interior _03Source: Honda “CR-V” BLACK EDITION

The woodgrain panel adopts black . In addition, the steering wheel, meter visor, door ornament panels, and other parts are decorated with beautiful glossy piano black accents, and the combination of black with different textures brings not only a sporty look but also a restrained beauty and sophisticated atmosphere to the interior. I’m here.

It can be said that the interior has a quality suitable for the highest grade.

Storage around the CR-V seat

The degree of pocketteria is also one of the important points when choosing a car. Let’s check what kind of pocketteria the CR-V has.

Center console box

center console boxSource: Honda “CR-V” luggage compartment / storage

The center console has two cupholders and a movable tray and box. Slide the tray that holds a large 5.5-inch smartphone to access the box underneath. Also, when the tray is put away, the capacity of the box increases.

Center console box_02Source: Honda “CR-V” luggage compartment / storage

Additionally, the center console has three USB jacks. There is one in the front for the front seats and two in the rear for the rear seats, so you can conveniently charge your smartphone while driving.

2nd row center armrest

center console boxSource: Honda “CR-V” luggage compartment / storage

There are two cup holders in the armrests of the second row seats.

Front door pocket

front door pocketSource: Honda “CR-V” luggage compartment / storage

The front door pocket has a large capacity that can hold not only plastic bottles but also folding umbrellas. You can also store small makeup pouches.

Rear door pocket

rear door pocketSource: Honda “CR-V” luggage compartment / storage

There is also a large capacity pocket in the rear door.

CR-V Luggage & Seating Arrangement

CR-V Luggage & Seating ArrangementSource: Honda “CR-V” luggage compartment / storage

The CR-V has the massive cargo space you’d expect from an SUV. In addition to the large capacity, it is also important to consider the smooth loading and unloading of luggage by making the luggage compartment flat and designing the opening low.

In addition, grades other than the “EX” adopt the “hands-free access power tailgate” that allows you to open and close the tailgate simply by holding your foot under the rear bumper This is a nice feature that allows you to easily open and close the tailgate without having to unload your luggage even when your hands are full.

5-seater 2-row seat car

5-seater 2-row seat carSource: Honda “CR-V” luggage compartment / storage

The 5-passenger 2-row seat car comes with a tonneau cover that blocks the line of sight to the luggage compartment from the outside and ensures privacy.

5-seater 2-row seat car_02Source: Honda “CR-V” interior space

The second-row seats can be easily operated with one action by folding or returning them. In addition, a 6:4 split dive-down seat is adopted , and the left and right seats can be folded down separately, so the cargo space can be expanded even with people on the second row seats.


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