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The current Honda Odyssey, the fifth generation that appeared in October 2013. By merging the model with the high-end model Elysion, the style that was compatible with the multi-storey parking lot of the previous generation was abandoned, and a rear sliding door was adopted for the first time in the series.

In order to adopt a rear sliding door, the platform and powertrain that form the basis of the body have been revamped in this model change. As a result, performance has been improved in all directions, including comfort, driving, fuel efficiency, convenience, and safety performance.

Although the overall height has increased, we adopted an ultra-low floor platform designed not only to raise the ceiling height, but also to lower the floor surface, ensuring a spacious and comfortable interior space that far surpasses the previous model. Thanks to this ultra-low-floor platform, the center of gravity has been kept low, and by revising the suspension structure, we have ensured the Odyssey’s traditional minivan driving performance, such as sporty and stable handling and a supple ride. .

Slightly longer, wider and lower proportions

Slightly longer, wider and lower proportions

The body size of the current Odyssey is 4,840mm long x 1,820mm wide x 1,695mm high (1,685mm for the Absolute, 1,715mm for the 4WD model). It is longer, wider and lower than Noah/Voxy, Serena and Stepwagon. The design concept of the exterior is “Solid Streamline”, and while realizing a spacious interior space by taking advantage of the ultra-low floor, it has elegant and powerful proportions with reduced squareness. On the other hand, the exterior design of the sporty grade Absolute expresses strength and adds a sense of luxury. The plated bars on the front grill are particularly impressive. The lower part of the rear aero bumper and door lower garnish is lined with chrome-like moldings to further emphasize the image of a low center of gravity.

Roomy interior space, high-quality interior

Roomy interior space, high-quality interior

The concept of the interior is “modern suite room”. With the motif of a modern and timeless luxury hotel suite, we aim to create a room that offers the ultimate in relaxation in every seat.

While the Odyssey is lower than its rivals, it has an interior height of 1,325mm (FF car).

The Odyssey has a lower overall height than its rivals, but with an interior height of 1,325mm (FF car). The 2nd and 3rd row head clearance is as comfortable as the large class. By widening the interior width, we have created a comfortable interior space even for a large number of passengers. In addition, by achieving a height of about 30 cm for the second row steps, it boasts excellent ingress and egress, making it easy for everyone from children to the elderly to get on and off.

A new mechanism that lifts the seat cushions to the optimum angle when the seat backs are folded down on the row of seats.

In addition to a new mechanism that lifts the seat cushion to the optimum angle when the seat back is folded down, the second row seat is also equipped with an ottoman and a mechanism that folds the seat back in the middle. This seat, named “Second Row Premium Cradle Seat”, boasts a spacious size and a comfort that envelops you.

2nd row premium cradle seat

The 3rd row seat can also be reclining in the center and left and right with a 3-split reclining mechanism.

The 3rd row seat also has a 3-split reclining mechanism that allows you to change the reclining angle of the center and left and right seats. It has been devised so that three people can sit without touching each other’s shoulders.

Innovative hybrid added to increase appeal

Innovative hybrid added to increase appeal

The installed powertrain is two types of 2.4L in-line 4-cylinder DOHC i-VTEC engines that adopt Honda’s next-generation environmental technology “Earth Dreams Technology”. Despite the regular engine specifications, the Absolute uses a direct injection system to achieve powerful acceleration. The newly developed transmission CVT achieves a linear acceleration feel. The Absolute is also equipped with a 7-speed mode + paddle shift that allows you to enjoy shifting like a manual.

Honda’s innovative hybrid system “Sports Hybrid i-MMD” was installed during partial improvement in February 2016. This hybrid system combines a 2.0L gasoline engine and two motors for driving and power generation, and features the motor as the main player. Choose from three driving modes: EV drive mode, hybrid drive mode, and engine drive mode, to select the mode that best suits your situation. In addition, the EV switch is set to run only with the motor using the power from the battery. This comes in handy when driving in residential areas, such as early in the morning or late at night.

Odyssey’s traditional minivan running away is alive and well

Odyssey's traditional minivan running away is alive and well

The Odyssey runs very differently from a typical minivan. The driver’s line of sight is also low due to the effect of the ultra-low floor platform.

Body sway when turning curves is considerably suppressed, allowing all occupants to move comfortably.

And the rolling of the body when turning a curve is considerably suppressed, allowing all passengers to move comfortably. Another thing worth mentioning is the performance of hybrid vehicles. It demonstrates excellent fuel efficiency exceeding 20.0km/L even on highways and general roads, and since it is mainly used for motor driving, it has the highest level of quietness in its class. As a result, the voice of the third row seat can be clearly heard from the driver’s seat.

The Odyssey’s fuel efficiency is 12.6-14.0km/L for gasoline vehicles and 24.4-26.0km/L for hybrid vehicles. The drive system is FF and 4WD for gasoline vehicles. Hybrid cars are FF only, and the passenger capacity is set to 7 or 8 depending on the grade.

Fully equipped with advanced safe driving support devices

Safety equipment is equipped with Honda’s advanced safe driving support system “Honda Sensing” in January 2015. Seven functions are included in the set, including the shock mitigation brake “CMBS” and the “adaptive cruise control” that follows the vehicle in front. In the minor change in November 2017, the function of Honda Sensing was enhanced and the pedestrian accident reduction steering function was added. A package of eight functions is now standard on all models.

A minivan with a higher level of driving and spaciousness


Speaking of Odyssey’s rivals, it will be Toyota Estima, but the driving performance and safety performance are completely incomparable. As for the hybrid system, Odyssey’s sports hybrid i-MMD can be said to be the best hybrid system for domestic cars. If you buy an Odyssey, it will be more expensive, but a hybrid car will give you more satisfaction after purchase.

*The content of the article was written as of May 2019.

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