New Toyota Sienta launched-A compact body packed with comfort


New Toyota Sienta launched-A compact body packed with comfort

New Toyota Sienta launched-A compact body packed with comfort

  • The “ease of driving a compact car” and “convenience of a minivan” inherited from the first generation have been deepened. Closer to Japanese family life than ever before, supporting a safe and comfortable daily life

  • While maintaining the easy-to-handle 5-number size, the comfort of the second row seats has been further improved. Realizing an interior space where all passengers, from children to the elderly, can relax easily
  • Pursuing a design that blends into the customer’s daily life by embodying a spacious interior space and good maneuverability
  • The latest safety and security equipment such as Toyota Safety Sense and Toyota Team Mate
  • Customise your own car by combining it with various dealer installation options. Supporting the future car life as a car that is close to each customer’s expectations

The Sienta was born in September 2003 as a car that has a compact body size that can be handled with peace of mind, plus a spacious interior and the convenience of a 7-passenger minivan. Successive generations of Sienta have consistently been close to Japanese families since the first generation, and by digging deep into the changes in customer values, they firmly support their lives. It has been loved as a “friendly” car not only by the driver but also by various passengers.


In developing the new Sienta, the development team listened to the voices of many customers again and searched for what they really wanted from the Sienta. And what Toyota  arrived at was the “easy-to-handle 5-number size”, “the latest safety and security equipment”, “low fuel consumption”, and “affordable price”, all while maintaining the “user-friendly interior space” from the first generation. It was about polishing. As a car that fits the lifestyles of our customers more than ever, we have secured an interior space that comfortably accommodates seven adults without changing the overall length and width. 

The second-row seats, which are often used, have been revised to create a spacious rear seat space (foot space and head clearance). In addition, it adopts a powertrain that has been redesigned by TNGA to achieve both low fuel consumption and driving performance, and the latest safety and security equipment that supports family driving. The “kindness” added to these new Sienta will make the whole family smile.

The details of the new Sienta, which is the third generation, are as follows.

1) Exterior

  • Exterior design that embodies spacious interior space and good maneuverability

  • A large cabin with a horizontal beltline. It expresses good visibility and an easy-to-drive luminous window
  • A simple motif “Shikakumaru”. The corners are rounded to make it look compact, which also leads to good handling. Shikakumaru silhouette
  • A large side protection molding that honestly expresses the function as a tool that can be used without hesitation.


  • A total of 7 body colors that blend into your daily life with Sienta. “Urban khaki” and bright “Scarlet”Metallic” 1etc. In addition, the two-tone color combined with the dark gray roof color“Scarlet Metallic”“Grayish Blue”2 colors

  • 2)Interior

  • Interior design that expands the enjoyment of use and creates a comfortable indoor space
    • A simple motif “Shikakumaru”. The door pocket, cup holder, and cash register have been designed with a simple, iconic design in pursuit of a sense of unity.
    • A pictogram that expresses things that can fit in a storage space in a fun way.

    • The instrument panel has a thin, airy horizontal tone using fabric. The seamless connection from the front edge of the upper part to the left and right door belt lines supports the expansion of the interior space and the ease of grasping the vehicle feel.
    • Three interior colors for a comfortable stay. The bright “fromage” and “black” color schemes create a calm space. As a fan tool package  , the familiar earth color “Khaki” is also set as an option.

3) Indoor space

  • The interior height has been increased by 20 mm *3 (compared to the previous model), and the beltline with a low horizontal tone and the side glass are designed to stand up to create a sense of spaciousness. Create indoor space

  • UV cut and IR cut functions that cut infrared rays and ultraviolet rays are adopted for all glass surrounding the room. Optional comfort package to provide a more comfortable space

  • The front and rear couple distances of up to 1,000mm (+80mm compared to the previous model), which is the top level in its class, has been achieved, improving the comfort of the second row. Even for everyday shopping, you can conveniently place the shopping basket at your feet


  • A “Ceiling Circulator” has been set to improve the comfort of the rear seats . The warm/cold air blown out from the air conditioning unit is efficiently circulated to the rear seats. Eliminates uneven temperature distribution between the front and rear seats
  • “Rear-seat sunshade” is installed on the sliding door to block the sun’s rays

  • While maintaining the popular low ground clearance of 330mm and flat floor with no steps, the height of the power sliding door opening has been increased to 1,200mm (an increase of 60mm compared to the previous model), providing excellent access to the rear seats. Easy to get on and off. Consideration so that everyone in the family, from children to the elderly, can get on and off in a comfortable posture

  • “Hands-free dual power sliding door ” is available. If you carry the key with you, the power sliding door will automatically open and close when you put your foot in and out from the bottom of the front door. Convenient when both hands are full of luggage

  • The height of the back door opening has been increased by 15 mm (compared to the conventional model). The height of the luggage compartment has also been increased by 20 mm (compared to the previous model), making it easier to load and unload luggage. When you go out to pick up your child in the sudden rain, you can load a bicycle with 27-inch tires without the handlebars getting caught in the opening


  • The 2-row, 5-seater type has a cargo floor and a tilt-down structure for the second-row seats, which has been revised to lower the seat back height when retracted. . The flat and large-capacity luggage space is useful in active scenes such as outdoors where a lot of luggage is loaded.

-Adopts a fabric seat surface  that has been treated with deodorant, water and oil repellency . Convenient and easy to wipe off spilled food or drink

-Plenty of storage space for easy-to-use ideas

-Driver’s seat armrest hook for hanging shopping bags, etc.


-2 smartphone pockets in the driver’s seat back  <with 2 USB terminals (Type-C) for charging> , etc

Toyota Sienta 2022 seat arrangement

Toyota safety sense

All models are standard equipped with the latest preventive safety package “Toyota Safety Sense” with advanced and improved functions. Supports safer driving by further expanding the types of accidents that can be handled

“Pre-crash safety”

Expands the detection range by adding motorcycles (daytime) to vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists, contributing to collision avoidance or damage mitigation. Expand support at intersections with a high accident rate

“Proactive Driving Assist”

Supports the driver’s driving even in urban roads, by predicting risks according to the driving situation, such as “a pedestrian crossing” or “may jump out”, the driver’s steering/brake operation is controlled so as not to get too close to pedestrians, bicycles, and parked vehicles.

The Advanced Park function of Toyota Teammate advanced driver assistance technology is available . The vehicle supports all operations such as steering, accelerator, brake, and shift change, and a bird’s-eye view image always displays blind spots around the vehicle and the target parking position, realizing safe, secure and smooth parking. In addition to back parking and forward exit, forward parking and back exit are also possible, improving usability when parking




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