Nissan Elgrand review and grades in kenya


  • Elgrand has various grade settings
  • “VIP” has a four-seater setting
  • Elgrand’s recommended grade is “250Highway STAR S””350Highway STAR”

Elgrand Grade Composition

For Elgrand, the basic grade “Highway STAR (3.5L car)” or “Highway STAR S (2.5L car)” , the special specification car “Urban CHROME” added at the timing of the minor change in October 2020, the advanced grade 4 types of “Premium” and “Premium Urban CHROME” are set for 2.5L engine and 3.5L engine respectively.

In addition, there is also a setting of “VIP” , which is extremely luxurious, and a customized car “AUTECH” . It can be said that there is a wide variety of grades available.

Features of each Elgrand grade


From here, let’s take a look at equipment by grade.

Base grade “250Highway STAR S””350Highway STAR” (7-seater/8-seater)

Base grade "250Highway STAR S"/"350Highway STAR" (7-seater/8-seater)Source: Nissan “Elgrand” price/grade

The ELGRAND has a minor change in October 2020 with a new front grille design . In addition to quality, it has evolved into a modern front face that gives a sense of strength. The headlamps use LEDs to express advancedness.

The wheels are 18-inch machined bright aluminum wheels. Like a high-end minivan, there is no slip on your feet.

In addition to the driver’s and front passenger’s seats, it is possible to set the temperature independently for each of the rear seats, and there is an automatic air conditioner with an independent temperature adjustment function that performs individual automatic control, an intelligent key and push engine starter , and a roll sunshade. Even in the base grade, the comfortable equipment is quite substantial.

In addition, the one-touch automatic sliding door is standard equipment only on the passenger side of the “250Highway STAR S”, and it is an option on the driver’s side.


Grades other than “250Highway STAR S” are standard equipment on both the passenger side and the driver’s side.

“250Highway STAR S Urban CHROME””350Highway STAR Urban CHROME” (7-seater / 8-seater) with jet-black shine

"250Highway STAR S Urban CHROME" / "350Highway STAR Urban CHROME" (7-seater / 8-seater) with jet-black shineSource: Nissan “Elgrand” price/grade

This grade is based on the equipment of “250Highway STAR S” and “350Highway STAR”, and adopts a jet black front grille and jet black fog lamp finisher, making the exterior more fearless .

The 18-inch graphite-finished wheels and the rear combination lamps are also a clear black type.


The interior is equipped with a genuine leather-wrapped wood grain combination steering wheel and a genuine leather shift knob.

“250 Highway STAR Premium””350 Highway STAR Premium” (7-seater only) with enhanced comfort equipment around the front seats

"250 Highway STAR Premium" / "350 Highway STAR Premium" (7-seater only) with enhanced comfort equipment around the front seatsSource: Nissan “Elgrand” price/grade

In addition to the equipment of “250Highway STAR S” and “350Highway STAR”, this grade has a driving position memory system for the driver’s seat and door mirrors, a sliding function and a reclining function, a power driver’s seat with front and rear independent lifters and a lumbar support function, The passenger seat is equipped with a power seat that slides, reclines, and has an ottoman.


In addition, the front seats are equipped with a quick comfort seater , which is a major feature of this grade that supports a comfortable drive.

Highest grade “250Highway STAR Premium Urban CHROME””350Highway STAR Premium Urban CHROME” (7-seater only)

Highest grade "250Highway STAR Premium Urban CHROME"/"350Highway STAR Premium Urban CHROME" (7-seater only)Source: Nissan “Elgrand” price/grade

In addition to the equipment of “250Highway STAR Premium” and “350Highway STAR Premium”, it is a grade equipped with “Urban CHROME” exterior. It can be said that it is the highest grade that does not make you feel any gaps in the exterior, functionality and comfort 


Everything that the name embodies is the highest grade “VIP” (7-seater / 4-seater)

Everything that the name embodies is the highest grade "VIP" (7-seater / 4-seater)Source: Nissan “Elgrand” price/grade

The biggest feature of the “VIP” is that in addition to the 7-seater, there is also a 4-seater lineup . With a capacity of 4 people in a spacious interior space with a total length of about 5m, it can be said that it is a luxurious specification that lives up to the VIP name.

A twin sunroof, front passenger door and auto-sliding door step are standard equipment, and a reading light and rear seat 100V power supply are also installed as VIP special equipment. In addition, the four-seater is equipped with a VIP-only floor carpet, assist straps, and hanger hooks.


Other equipment conforms to “350Highway STAR Premium”.

Customized car “AUTECH” (7-seater)

Customized car "AUTECH" (7-seater)Source: Nissan “Elgrand” price/grade

The custom car produced by Nissan’s custom car brand “AUTECH” joined the lineup at the timing of the minor change in October 2020.


The dark chrome-plated front grille and special parts with a metallic finish establish a style that makes you feel stately. It has a premium feel and sophisticated atmosphere.

Elgrand’s recommended grade is “250Highway STAR S””350Highway STAR”

The “250Highway STAR S” / “350Highway STAR” are the recommended grades of Elgrand, which have well-balanced equipment such as luxury minivan-like exteriors and LED lights.


It can be said that it is the most well-balanced grade in terms of cost performance as it has the necessary and sufficient equipment while having an exterior with a presence unique to Elgrand.

Elgrand is attractive with abundant choices

Elgrand has a wide variety of grades, so many people may find it difficult to choose a grade. However, it can be said that the number of grades is large and the number of choices is also high, so it is possible to find the one that is perfect for your ideal.

Find the perfect Elgrand by understanding the different characteristics of each grade, such as exterior design and seat materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Elgrand’s grade composition?

A: Elgrand offers a variety of grades. In addition to setting four grades each for 2.5L engine vehicles and 3.5L engine vehicles, there is also the customized car “AUTECH” and the extravagant special specification car “VIP”.

Q: Does the Elgrand have an 8-seater on all grades?

A: No, grades with “Premium” in the grade name do not have an 8-seater setting. In addition to the 7-seater, the “VIP” has a 4-seater setting. Also, “AUTECH” is only for 7 people.

Q3: How to choose Elgrand grade?

ALet’s decide on the powertrain first. On top of that, the grade you choose will change depending on how much comfort you want and whether you want a stylish exterior.

Since Elgrand has a large number of grades, it is important to prioritize the equipment you want, determine what you can give up and what you cannot give up, and choose the grade that has the necessary equipment for your desired car life. .

Q4: What is the recommended grade of Elgrand?

A: Looking at the balance between equipment content and price, we recommend the base grade “250Highway STAR S” and “350Highway STAR”.


*The content of the article is written based on information as of May 2021.

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