Nissan Note Interior


Nissan Note Interior

Nissan Note Interior


The exterior design is the first thing that catches your eye, so most people probably choose it with some degree of commitment. On the other hand, it seems that some people do not care much about the interior because it is not a part that stands out.

However, the interior is one of the important points in choosing a car that affects the comfort of living. To choose a car that you can use comfortably for a long time, choose a model with an easy-to-use interior that suits your sensibility.

Here, we will introduce the interior of the Nissan Note.

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  • Class-leading rear seat knee room and headroom
  • Adopting a meter integrated with the center display to express advancedness
  • Genuine leather seats can be selected as an option for the highest grade “X”

Features of the Nissan Note’s interior space

Since its predecessor, the Note has a reputation for having a spacious rear seat that you wouldn’t expect from a compact car. However, the current model that appeared in December 2020 adopts a newly developed platform and is affected by the shortened overall length and wheelbase, and the interior length is 2,030 mm, which is shorter than the previous model .

Even so, both the knee room and head room are sufficiently spacious, so even if the body size is reduced, it can be said that the note’s good comfort has been carried over to the current model.

Features of the Notebook's interior spaceSource: Nissan “Note” interior

The instrument panel has a shape that expands outward, creating a spacious interior with a sense of openness. In addition, the meter integrated with the center display expresses the innovativeness unique to the Note, and is characterized by its beauty and functionality .

Nissan Note interior

From here, let’s take a look at the interior of each note grade.


“F””S” with partial gray

"F"/"S" with partial graySource: Nissan “Note” interior

The “F” and “S” are characterized by a black base color and a gray part of the seat for a lighter feel . It softens the coolness and sharpness of black and adds friendliness, so it is recommended for families. It is a color that is easy to use regardless of age or gender. Easy-to-handle tricot is used for the seat material.

"F"/"S" with partial gray _02Source: Nissan “Note” interior

Carbon tone decoration is added to the instrument panel. Produce quality beyond class.

"F"/"S" with partial gray _03Source: Nissan “Note” price/grade

The shift uses a newly designed electric shift . In addition to the high functionality that allows you to shift operations simply by moving back and forth, the innovativeness that makes you feel the future is also attractive. The glossy piano black tone decoration enhances the texture and emphasizes its presence.


Highest grade “X” with a choice of genuine leather seats

Highest grade "X" with a choice of genuine leather seats_01Source: Nissan “Note” interior

The highest grade “X” uses tricot with gradation stripes for the standard seat fabric.

Highest grade "X" with a choice of genuine leather seats_02Source: Nissan “Note” interior

By applying a gradation from the back to the seat surface, the interior space is finished with a sporty and stylish feel that is different from the “F” and “S”.

In addition, the inner door handles are plated, and tricot is used for the front door trim.

Highest grade "X" with a choice of genuine leather seats_03Source: Nissan “Note” interior

You can also choose genuine leather seats for the “X” .

Highest grade "X" with a choice of genuine leather seats_04Source: Nissan “Note” interior

It is designed to be non-slip, so it is very comfortable to sit on. This is a great option for those who want to add a touch of luxury to their notes.

A leather-wrapped steering wheel, rear center armrest with two cupholders and Instroa Piano Black-tone finishers add even more comfort and quality when leather seats are selected.

Storage around the Nissan Note’s seat

When driving, you also need space to store your personal items. The usability of the storage around the seat affects the comfort of the drive, so be sure to check it.

Cup holder (2 pieces)

Cup holder (2 pieces)Source: Nissan “Note” luggage and storage

There is one cup holder each in the driver’s and passenger’s seats. It’s a retractable type, so you can keep the car clean when not in use.

Center console box

center console boxSource: Nissan “Note” luggage and storage

The current note is equipped with a large console box in the center of the front seat. It’s large enough to hold a long wallet or a large note, so you can store a variety of things depending on your ingenuity. It is a point that can be appreciated that there is such a large storage in a compact car other than a glove box.

Center console box_02Source: Nissan “Note” interior

In addition, the highest grade “X” is equipped with a synthetic leather armrest on the center console.

Center console lower box & pocket

Center console lower box & pocketSource: Nissan “Note” luggage and storage

The center console also has a lower box and pockets. The lower box is sized to fit a thin tissue box.

Passenger seat back pocket

Passenger seat back pocketSource: Nissan “Note” luggage and storage

This pocket is useful for storing magazines and maps. You can also store your tablet. Not in the driver’s seat back.

Rear door bottle holder

rear door bottle holderSource: Nissan “Note” luggage and storage

There is plenty of room for drinks in the backseat as well.

The Note also comes with a front sun visor with vanity mirror and ticket holder, and a front center tray. If the optional NissanConnect navigation system (built-in terrestrial digital broadcasting) is added, a wireless charger will be installed in the front center tray.

Luggage and seating arrangements for Nissan Note

Notebook Luggage & Seating Arrangement_01Source: Nissan “Note” luggage and storage

The luggage compartment of the note secures a wide opening and width, making it easy to load luggage. Even with five passengers on board, four suitcases of 550mm x 400mm x 250mm size can be loaded, so you can enjoy a short trip.

Notebook Luggage & Seating Arrangement_02Source: Nissan “Note” luggage and storage

The luggage compartment width is wide, so you can load the stroller on its side as shown in the image.


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