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The interior of the car, which affects the comfort of living, can be said to be an important point in choosing a car. Be sure to check whether the size of the interior space, coloring, and the texture of the seats match your sensibilities. If you have a clear purpose of use, such as staying in the car, you need to check whether you can use it for that purpose.

Here, we will introduce the interior of the Nissan “NV200 Vanette Wagon” in detail.

  • There is almost no difference in interior design between grades
  • Simple and functional interior
  • High loading capacity greatly exceeds general minivans
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Features of the interior space of the NV200 Vanette Wagon

The NV200 Vanette Wagon, which debuted in 2009, is a passenger version of the commercial van “NV200 Vanette Van.” Since it is premised on carrying a lot of luggage, it can be said that the interior space is wide and can be used in a variety of styles .

The headroom is 142mm , which provides a spacious interior space.

Because it is based on a commercial vehicle, the interior design gives a simple and sturdy impression. Although it does not have the playful elements of recent family-friendly minivans and light super-height wagons, it does have comfortable features not found in commercial vans, such as a fully trimmed interior and the addition of cup holders. is a point that can be evaluated.

Interior of the NV200 Vanette Wagon

From here, let’s take a look at the interior of the NV200 Vanette Wagon. The NV200 Vanette Wagon has two grades, “16X-2R” and “16X-3R”, but there is almost no difference in interior design.

The 16X-2R is a 5-seat, 2-row seat car , and the 16X-3R is a 7-seat, 3-row seat car .

Interior of NV200 Vanette Wagon_01Source: Nissan “NV200 Vanette Wagon” interior

The interior of the NV200 Vanette Wagon uses calm black and gray coloring . Models that are supposed to be used in families such as minivans often adopt colors that give a sense of brightness, such as ivory and light gray, but because they are based on commercial vehicles, they are made tones that make dirt less noticeable. It is considered.

There is almost no use of plating decorations, and it can be said that the simplicity of the interior stands out. The center control finishers and inside handle door finishers in silver are accents.

Interior of NV200 Vanette Wagon_02Source: Nissan “NV200 Vanette Wagon” interior

The seat material is jersey . There are no seat material upgrade options for either grade.

Interior of NV200 Vanette Wagon_03Source: Nissan “NV200 Vanette Wagon” interior

The texture of the interior is the same for the 3-row seat car.

In addition, the NV200 Vanette Wagon is equipped with vertically adjustable headrests as standard on all seats in both 2-row and 3-row seats. In addition , the driver and passenger seats have a seat slide function , and the first and second row seats have a reclining function, so you can enjoy driving in a comfortable posture.

Storage around the seat of the NV200 vanette wagon

The total cockpit storage capacity of the NV200 Vanette Wagon is 36L. Plenty of storage enhances convenience.

Instrument upper tray (center part)

Instrument upper tray (center part)Source: Nissan “NV200 Vanette Wagon” Interior comfort

There is a tray in the center of the instrument panel where files can be stored. Many cars have such storage on the driver’s side or passenger side, but I don’t see many cars in the center. It is easy and convenient to use from both the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat.

Glove box

glove boxSource: Nissan “NV200 Vanette Wagon” Interior comfort

The glove box is a specification that makes it easy to take out the stored items. It has a large capacity, so it can be used not only as a document holder for automobile inspection certificates and automobile liability insurance cards, but also for documents and books used for business.

Convenience store hook

convenience store hookSource: Nissan “NV200 Vanette Wagon” Interior comfort

There is also a hook on the lower right part of the glove box where you can hang a paper bag or plastic bag.

Card holder (right side)

Card holder (right side)Source: Nissan “NV200 Vanette Wagon” Interior comfort

There is also a card holder in the driver’s seat. Ideal for storage areas such as gas station member’s cards.

Ticket holder (driver’s seat/passenger seat)

Ticket holder (driver's seat/passenger seat)Source: Nissan “NV200 Vanette Wagon” Interior comfort

There are ticket holders on the sun visors of the driver’s and passenger’s seats.

Front cup holder

front cup holderSource: Nissan “NV200 Vanette Wagon”

There is one cup holder for the driver’s seat and one for the passenger’s seat. Since it is a digging type, a sense of stability is outstanding. Drinks in square paper packs cannot be stored.

Front door pocket

front door pocketSource: Nissan “NV200 Vanette Wagon” Interior comfort

The left and right front doors have spaces for storing notebooks, tourist guides, tablets, etc. Please note that the PET bottle holder is not included.

Center console tray/rear cup holders

Center console tray/rear cup holder_02Source: Nissan “NV200 Vanette Wagon” Interior comfort

The appeal of the center console tray is that it can be used in a variety of ways depending on your ingenuity.

Source: Nissan “NV200 Vanette Wagon” Interior comfort

You can also use it as a cup holder for the second row seats or store documents upright.

Passenger seat back table

passenger seat back tableSource: Nissan “NV200 Vanette Wagon”

It can be used as a seat back table by folding the backrest of the passenger seat. There are other cars that use seat back tables, but most minivans and light cars have a place to put drinks, etc., assuming that they will be used for meals.

On the other hand, the NV200 Vanette Wagon is a commercial vehicle-based model, so it has a recess for stationery such as ballpoint pens and rulers, and is designed to be used as a desk.

In addition, a center console box (with coin holder) and seat undertray can be added as an option.

NV200 vanette wagon cargo space and seating arrangement

NV200 vanette wagon cargo space and seating arrangementSource: Nissan “NV200 Vanette Wagon” appearance and design

It is no exaggeration to say that the biggest attraction of the NV200 Vanette Wagon is its high loading capacity. It can be said that it is an advantage because it is a commercial vehicle base that was originally developed on the premise of carrying a lot of luggage.

Cars in recent years tend to focus on good comfort and convenience, so any car has a reasonable amount of interior space and luggage space, but the NV200 Vanette Wagon is a rival general It has a load capacity that is unmatched by other minivans .

It is perfect for those who want to enjoy an active car life, such as outdoor activities and marine sports where luggage tends to be large.

In addition, the NV200 Vanette Wagon pursues a low-floor design for the luggage compartment floor, with a floor clearance of 510mm , so it is also attractive that large and heavy luggage can be loaded smoothly.

In addition, the 2nd row seats are 6:4 split type and the 3rd row seats are multi-up type, so you can flexibly arrange the seats according to the amount and size of luggage and the number of passengers. It is also possible to stay overnight in the car.


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