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Following the Toyota Noah/Voxy, the Honda Step Wagon is also a 3-number size, and there are even fewer 5-number size minivans. One of the few 5 number size minivans is the Nissan NV200 Vanette. Some people may not be very familiar with it because it is mainly a commercial model. However, in addition to 2-row seats for 5 people, a passenger wagon model with 3-row seats for 7 people is also available. Let’s take a thorough review of the NV200 Vanette wagon model, which has a large interior space based on a commercial vehicle despite being a 5-number size.


A long-selling product 13 years after its introduction

The current NV200 Vanette appeared in May 2009 and is a long-selling model that has been on sale for 13 years. The body size of the NV200 Vanette is 4,400 mm long, 1,695 mm wide, and 1,850 mm high, making it a 5-number size for both commercial and passenger models.

The passenger capacity of the commercial vehicle is 2-row seats for 5 people and 1-row seats for 2 people, with an emphasis on loading capacity. On the other hand, the passenger model was initially only available as a 16S, a 3-row, 7-seat model, but in October 2010, a 2-row, 5-seat version called the 16X-2R was added. At the same time, the 7-seater 16S has been renamed to 16X-3R.

Exterior design that does not look like a commercial vehicle, open interior

Exterior design that does not look like a commercial vehicle, open interior

All photos are of models after 2020

The exterior design of the NV200 Vanette is characterized by sharpness and dynamism that distinguishes it from conventional commercial vehicles. A dynamic fusion of a large square luggage compartment and a sporty front. It features a wedge-shaped low waistline for excellent visibility from the driver’s seat.

Exterior design that does not look like a commercial vehicle, open interior 2Exterior design that does not look like a commercial vehicle, open interior 3

The interior pursues openness and comfort. The waistline of the windows on both sides is set low to create an open interior space. The upper and lower two-tiered instrument panel expresses a rich texture by combining various surfaces, lines, and materials. In addition, the high eyepoint ensures a wide forward field of vision. The installation angle of the steering has been laid down to achieve a driving posture similar to that of a passenger car.

Running with emphasis on less stress and fatigue

Running with emphasis on less stress and fatigue

Because it is a commercial vehicle that is used every day, emphasis is placed on driving performance with less stress and fatigue. The front suspension uses a ripple control shock absorber that increases rigidity and reduces high-frequency vibrations. In addition, the rear suspension is a newly designed leaf rigid type that contributes to the efficiency of the luggage compartment and has high durability. It achieves both a firm feeling on curves and at high speeds and a comfortable ride that suppresses shock on bumps and rough road surfaces.

The engine installed at the time of its debut is a 1.6L in-line 4-stroke DOHC with variable valve timing. The combined transmission is a 4-speed AT, and achieves 14.0km/L in 10/15 mode fuel efficiency. At the time of its debut, the drive system was only 2WD (FF) for all vehicles (4WD vehicles were set for vans in 2018).

2010 2-seat wagon set

2010 2-seat wagon set

The wagon model was partially improved in 2010, and in response to the needs of users who wanted a wagon with two rows of seats that could be used for both business and private purposes, it had seats that could comfortably seat five people and a spacious luggage space. Set “16X-2R” with two rows of seats. For the 7-passenger 3-row seat model, the conventional 16S has been discontinued and the 16X-3R with improved specifications has been added. In both grades, the interior has been fully trimmed to improve texture, and cup holders and accessory cases have been added to the second and third row seats to create a more comfortable interior space.

In 2012, partial improvements were made to meet the strength requirements for sliding doors that accompany stricter safety regulations on all models. In addition, wagon vehicles have newly adopted a 3-point seat belt in the center of the second seat.

Higher grade “Premium GX” set for wagon in 2014

In 2014, minor changes were made, and all wagon models were equipped with VDC as standard in response to stricter safety regulations. In addition, the high grade “Premium GX”, which was set only for vans, is newly set for wagons. You can choose between a 5-seater and a 7-seater.

The “Premium GX” adopts a special front bumper, front grille, hood top molding, etc., and adopts a luxurious and stylish exterior design. In addition, there is an intelligent key that allows you to unlock the doors and start the engine without taking out the key just by carrying it, privacy glass that protects the privacy of the vehicle interior from the outside and has a heat insulating effect, and a slide that allows ventilation in the second row. Popular items such as side windows are standard equipment.

Expand advanced safety equipment in 2020

Expand advanced safety equipment in 2020

In the partial improvement in 2020, we are working to expand advanced safety equipment. Intelligent emergency braking (collision mitigation braking), which reduces collision damage and assists in avoidance of rear-end collisions, uses a front camera and a front radar with high nighttime detection capabilities to provide greater peace of mind even at night. Improved functions to drive. In addition, advanced safety technologies such as “High Beam Assist” and “LDW (Lane Departure Warning)” are also adopted. In addition, the “sign detection function” detects a vehicle entry prohibition sign in front and alerts the driver with a warning display and warning sound, as well as a speed limit sign and a stop sign ahead and displays them on the display. (no entry sign detection, speed limit sign detection, stop sign detection)”. At the same time, we are sorting out the grades, and the wagon has two grades, 16X-2R and 16X-3R.

In 2021, CVT is finally adopted to improve fuel efficiency

In the partial improvement of 2021, we have improved the engine and improved the fuel efficiency of all cars. The combined transmission has finally been changed to a CVT, and by adding an idling stop function, fuel efficiency has been further improved. It achieves 13.6km/L in WLTC mode.

NV200 is more suitable for customization such as sleeping in the car

NV200 is more suitable for customization such as sleeping in the car

Although it is called a wagon model, it is attractive because of its spacious interior space based on a commercial vehicle. The equipment is simple, but it has the fun of finishing it according to the user’s taste. For those who stay in the car, it can be said that the NV200, which has a simpler interior space, is easier to arrange than a minivan such as Serena.

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