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The Nissan “Skyline”, which is synonymous with domestic sports sedans and took the world by storm during the bubble period. Now, the body size has increased, and it has evolved into a model with not only sportiness but also luxury. Although it is not a model that pursues low fuel consumption, it is a place where you want to check fuel efficiency in order to know the guideline of maintenance cost.
Here, let’s introduce the fuel efficiency performance of the Skyline.


✔ Click here for WLTC mode catalog fuel consumption and actual fuel consumption by power source and drive system

  Drive system Catalog fuel efficiency (km/L) Actual fuel consumption (km/L)
hybrid car 2WD 12.4 11.2
4WD 10.8 10.6
petrol car 2WD Ten 7.7


✔ Inferior to the fuel efficiency of rival cars Lexus “IS” and Toyota “Crown”
✔ Equipped with the world’s first (July 2019, Nissan research) Direct Adaptive Steering

Features of Skyline’s fuel economy performance

The current Skyline has a 1-motor 2-clutch intelligent dual clutch control that improves fuel efficiency by separating the stopped engine during motor driving, and Nissan’s unique hybrid system equipped with a high-output lithium-ion battery. adopted to achieve both high power performance and environmental performance. The petrol model is equipped with a 3.0LV6 twin-turbo engine with
sharp response and power This engine, which realizes the dynamic acceleration and overwhelming driving performance unique to the Skyline, incorporates many of the latest technologies such as direct fuel injection in the cylinder, an intake-side electric VTC system (variable valve system), and a water-cooled intercooler. It is characterized by having fuel efficiency that matches the times.

Skyline Catalog Fuel Efficiency

The Skyline sedan has two types of powertrain settings: a 3.5LV6 engine + motor hybrid system and a 3.0LV6 twin-turbo engine. The special specification car “400R” is a high-performance model equipped with a more powerful 3.0LV6 twin-turbo engine, but the fuel consumption is the same as a normal 3.0LV6 twin-turbo engine.

Skyline’s WLTC mode catalog fuel efficiency is as follows.

Hybrid car

grade Drive system Fuel consumption (km/L)
GT 2WD 12.4
4WD 10.8
GT Type P 2WD 12.4
4WD 10.8
GT Type SP 2WD 12.4
4WD 10.8


Petrol car

grade Drive system Fuel consumption (km/L)
GT 2WD Ten
GT Type P 2WD Ten
GT Type SP 2WD Ten


Skyline’s actual fuel consumption

According to the site “e fuel consumption” that collects the actual fuel consumption data of owners riding the Skyline, the actual fuel consumption of the Skyline (as of April 25, 2021) is as follows.

  Drive system Fuel consumption (km/L)
hybrid car 2WD 11.2
4WD 10.6
petrol car 2WD 7.7


WLTC mode fuel economy is an average of three modes: city mode, which is affected by traffic lights and traffic jams, suburban mode, which is less affected by traffic lights and traffic jams, and highway mode, which assumes driving on highways. It consists of usage time allocation, and is a fuel consumption measurement method used not only in Japan but also internationally. As a catalog spec, it tends to be lower than the JC08 mode fuel consumption that has been used in Japan so far.

WLTC mode fuel consumption is measured by a method that is closer to the actual usage environment of the car, but it does not mean that there is no difference from the actual fuel consumption. seems to come out often. Considering that point, the difference between the skyline’s catalog fuel efficiency and the actual fuel efficiency is small for hybrid vehicles, but it can be said that it is larger than the average value for petrol vehicles.

Driving performance and ride comfort of Skyline

The current Skyline adopts the world’s first (July 2019, Nissan research) Direct Adaptive Steering, which replaces steering movement with electric signals to achieve sharp, light, smooth handling and overwhelming steering stability. I’m here.

In the minor change in September 2019, the performance of the direct adaptive steering has been improved, and the line traceability has been improved and the responsiveness to steering operation has been improved.

direct adaptive steeringSource: Nissan “Skyline” driving performance


Furthermore, the intelligent dynamic suspension, which automatically controls the damping force precisely according to the driving situation, is newly installed , realizing “surprising handling and impressive ride comfort”.

Always check your fuel consumption

I don’t think there are many people who want low fuel consumption in a model that has a V6 engine like the Skyline and has a strong driving style. However, it is also important to understand how much maintenance costs are necessary to live a car life with peace of mind.

Especially with leasing, not only tax and compulsory automobile liability insurance premiums, but also maintenance costs can be fixed by adding an optional plan, but fuel costs must be prepared separately. Therefore, be sure to check the fuel efficiency of any vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the catalog fuel efficiency of Skyline?

A: The Skyline has two types of powertrain settings: a 3.5LV6 engine + motor hybrid system and a 3.0LV6 twin-turbo engine. WLTC mode catalog fuel consumption is 12.4km/L for hybrid 2WD vehicles, 10.8km/L for 4WD vehicles, and 10.0km/L for petrol 2WD vehicles. The high-performance model “400R” is equipped with a 3.0LV6 twin-turbo engine with increased power, but the catalog fuel efficiency does not change.

Q2: How do you compare the fuel efficiency of the Skyline and rival cars?

A: Skyline’s rival cars include Lexus “IS” and Toyota “Crown”. Comparing the catalog fuel efficiency of these two models and the Skyline, the Skyline’s fuel efficiency is behind both.

Q3: What is the driving performance and ride comfort of the Skyline?

A: The current Skyline uses Direct Adaptive Steering, which replaces steering movements with electrical signals. In September 2019, minor changes were made to improve the performance of the direct adaptive steering and to newly install the intelligent dynamic suspension that precisely controls the damping force according to the situation, realizing overwhelming handling performance and a comfortable ride. doing.


*The content of the article is written based on information as of April 2021.

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