Subaru forester fuel consumption kenya


Subaru forester fuel consumption kenya

Subaru forester fuel consumption kenya

The Forester is a mid-class SUV that is unrivaled by its rivals with outstanding safety and driving performance. The Forester is especially recommended for those who want to ride an SUV with high safety performance, and those who do not compromise on the quality of driving even in an SUV.

Fuel costs are one of the largest costs of vehicle maintenance. Cars are generally used for a long period of time, so even a slight difference in fuel efficiency performance can lead to a large difference when accumulated.

Here, let’s introduce the fuel consumption of Subaru “Forrester”.


  Catalog fuel efficiency (km/L) Actual fuel consumption (km/L)
1.8L turbo engine 13.6 11.2
e-BOXER 14.0 12.3


✔ The difference between Forester’s catalog fuel consumption and actual fuel consumption is small
✔ Forester’s fuel consumption exceeds Nissan’s “X-Trail” 4WD vehicle, but it lags behind Mitsubishi “Outlander”

Forester powertrain

The Forester is a midsize crossover SUV that debuted in 1997. In recent years, the popularity of SUVs has increased not only in Japan but also around the world, and the Forester has shown its presence globally as Subaru’s global strategic vehicle.

The current model is the 5th generation model that appeared in July 2018. At the beginning of its debut, a newly developed 2.5L horizontally opposed gasoline engine was adopted, and in September 2018, a grade equipped with the hybrid system “e-BOXER” was added .

However, the 2.5L engine was discontinued in October 2020, and a new 1.8L direct injection turbo engine appeared . The turbo engine is installed only in the highest grade “SPORT”.

Forester Catalog Fuel Efficiency

Forester’s WLTC mode catalog fuel efficiency is as follows.

grade Drive system Catalog fuel efficiency (km/L)
Touring/ X-BREAK/ Advance 4WD 14.0


Forester’s actual fuel consumption

According to the site ” e fuel consumption “, which collects the actual fuel consumption data of the owners of the Forester, the actual fuel consumption of the Forester (as of November 26, 2021) is as follows.

grade Drive system Actual fuel consumption (km/L)
Touring/ X-BREAK/ Advance 4WD 12.3


Actual fuel consumption varies depending on road conditions and driving methods, but in WLTC mode, the actual fuel consumption is generally 10 to 1.5% lower.

Forester can be said that the difference between catalog fuel consumption and actual fuel consumption is small in any grade.


Compare the catalog fuel efficiency of Forester and rival cars

The mid-size SUV that the Forester is classified into is extremely competitive, and rivals are squeezing each other. Among them, let’s compare the catalog fuel efficiency of Nissan “X -Trail” , Mitsubishi “Outlander” and Forester, which have a strong presence .


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Nissan “X-Trail”

Nissan "X-Trail"Source: Nissan “X-Trail” appearance and design

Nissan “X-TRAIL” boasts high popularity with its powerful and tough exterior and excellent performance on rough roads . The current model is equipped with advanced driver assistance technology “ProPILOT” that automatically controls the accelerator, brakes, and steering on expressways, and has a high level of safety.

X-TRAIL’s WLTC mode catalog fuel economy is as follows.

grade Drive system Catalog fuel efficiency (km/L)
20Xi Leather Edition 2WD 13.2
20Xi Leather Edition V Selection 4WD 12.6
20Xi 2WD 12.8~13.2
20Xi V Selection 4WD 12.2-12.6
20S V Selection 4WD 13.2
20Xi HYBRID Leather Edition
2WD 15.0
4WD 13.8
20S HYBRID 4WD 13.8


Comparing the fuel efficiency of the X-Trail 4WD vehicle and the Forester, the Forester slightly exceeds the fuel efficiency of the X-Trail.

Mitsubishi “Outlander”

Mitsubishi "Outlander"Source: External view of Mitsubishi Outlander

The gasoline model of the Mitsubishi Outlander will be discontinued in 2020, and after that, only PHEV (plug-in hybrid) will be available. Therefore, it has high performance and environmental performance.

Outlander’s WLTC mode catalog fuel efficiency is as follows.

grade Drive system Catalog fuel efficiency (km/L)
M. 4WD 16.6
G/Ps 4WD 16.2


A comparison of the Outlander and the Forester shows that the Outlander is more fuel efficient.

Let’s check the comfort of the Forester

Let's check the comfort of the ForesterSource: Subaru Forester Design Gallery

Fuel efficiency is an important point when choosing a car, but don’t forget to check the ride comfort to realize a comfortable car life. Here, we will introduce the comfort of the Forester.

Comfortable ride provided by the new platform

The “Subaru Global Platform” newly adopted in the current Forester has achieved excellent steering stability and accuracy in steering operation by thoroughly increasing rigidity and lowering the center of gravity .
Furthermore, we have succeeded in reducing vibration and noise, realizing a stable, quiet and comfortable ride at all times regardless of the road surface environment.


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