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The mini vehicle Suzuki Every Wagon became a catalog model in 1999, about 21 years ago, when the standards for mini vehicles were changed. Until then, Every was a full cab design called 1BOX type, but when this standard was changed, it was changed to a semi-cab design with a front nose for the reason of improving safety. The current third-generation Every Wagon was introduced in 2015. It is a semi-cab over vehicle equipped with the latest safety equipment, such as the first collision mitigation brake in the light cab wagon class. Let’s thoroughly review the popular model, Every Wagon, which is currently supplied to Nissan as NV100 Clipper Rio, Mazda Scrum Wagon, and Mitsubishi as a town box.


Third-generation model introduced in 2015, also supplied to Nissan, Mazda, and Mitsubishi on an OEM basis

In February 2015, the Suzuki Every Wagon underwent a full model change for the first time in about nine and a half years, switching to the third generation. All grades are available with a standard roof height of 1815mm and a high roof height of 1910mm. In addition to the class-leading 1420mm high-roof vehicle, the Every Wagon is characterized by its spacious interior space that takes advantage of its height. The interior length is 2240mm, which is the top of a mini passenger car. The distance between the front and rear occupants is 1080mm, which is the best in its class, thanks to the long wheelbase and the increased sliding distance of the rear seats.

Pursuing the ultimate in spaciousness while sticking to the texture



Taken in 2015, the details are different from the latest model. Also, the color of the photo is not currently set (same below)

Although the exterior design is a kei car with limited body size, it adopts styling that pursues the maximum width and size. A sharp and high-quality front mask, a stable side view, and a smart rear view create a high-quality feel.

Spacious and versatile seat arrangement, expandable interior

Spacious and versatile seat arrangement, expandable interior1

Spacious and versatile seat arrangement, expandable interior 2

The interior adopts an instrument panel layout that emphasizes functionality. The interior color is based on beige and finished with a high quality finish, expressing a sense of security that envelops you and an interior space that is spacious and full of openness. The rear seat can be split left and right, and the front passenger seat can be folded forward for a variety of seat arrangements. By combining the utility nuts and luggage board stays that are available at dealers, it is possible to customize the interior space according to your hobbies and leisure activities.

Tough combination of turbo engine and 4AT

Tough combination of turbo engine and 4AT

The engine installed under the front seat is only a 660cc in-line 3-cylinder DOHC turbo that generates a maximum output of 64ps ​​and a maximum torque of 95Nm, and the transmission is combined with a highly durable 4AT instead of a CVT. 2WD (FR) and 4WD drive systems can be selected, and JC08 mode fuel efficiency is 14.6-16.2km/L. In terms of safety equipment, all models are equipped with advanced safety technology as standard, such as ESP for anti-skid function, collision damage mitigation brake called “radar brake support” and erroneous start prevention function.

Safety equipment updated in 2019 is the latest version that also supports the rear

Safety equipment updated in 2019 is the latest version that also supports the rear

The Every Wagon underwent some improvements in June 2019 to enhance safety equipment. Conventionally, it was equipped with a radar brake support that detects vehicles in front by laser radar and automatically activates the brakes if it is determined that a collision cannot be avoided, but with this partial improvement, it is installed inside the front window. Updated to dual camera brake support with stereo camera. In addition to the conventional functions, it is equipped with lane departure warning, sway warning function, preceding vehicle start notification function, high beam assist, brake support when reversing, rear erroneous start suppression function, and rear parking sensor. Preventive safety when reversing is also improved. This dual-camera brake-assist equipped vehicle falls under Support Car S Wide, and seniors aged 65 and over can receive a support car subsidy if they purchase it.

Interior space longer and taller than super height wagon

Interior space longer and taller than super height wagon

There is a category called light super height wagon that is currently mainstream in light cars. Suzuki’s Spacia is applicable, but it looks very similar to this Every Wagon. What is the difference? Spacia’s engine is laid out in front of the driver’s seat, but Every Wagon is a semi-cab type that is laid out under the driver’s seat. This is because the Every Wagon was originally based on the Every commercial vehicle, and the front nose was shortened to make the interior space as wide as possible, and the engine was laid out under the driver’s seat. As a result, the Every Wagon boasts top-level interior length among mini passenger cars, and the high-roof vehicle achieves an interior height of 1420mm, surpassing that of the super-height wagon.

Every wagon that pursues usability rather than luxury

Every wagon 1 that pursues usability rather than luxury

On the other hand, the recent super height wagon pursues luxury, but this everyday wagon is characterized by being extremely simple and having a very wide range of areas that can be arranged according to the user’s usage. The super height wagon is made with a focus on carrying people such as family members, and this Every wagon is made with an emphasis on carrying hobby items.

Every wagon 2 that pursues usability rather than luxury

Even if they look the same, they are very different in terms of convenience, and the setting is a little stiffer for carrying luggage. Since the engine is located under the driver’s seat, compared to the Super Height Wagon, the degree of engine noise entering the vehicle is a little higher. Nonetheless, the large interior space that can be freely customized is attractive, and the top grade PZ Turbo Special cannot be overlooked for its high level of hospitality, such as the electric auto step installed on the left rear door.

Every Wagon 3 pursues usability rather than luxury


Body colors include Cool Khaki Pearl Metallic, Moonlight Violet Pearl Metallic, Bluish Black Pearl 3, Pearl White and Silky Silver Metallic.

*The content of the article is based on information as of April 2020.

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