Toyota harrier review kenya


Toyota harrier review kenya

Toyota harrier review kenya

Premium SUV “Harrier” featuring a stylish exterior design like a coupe. I would especially like to recommend the Harrier to those who are looking for a stylish and premium SUV, those who think that the value of an SUV is not the driving performance but the differentiation, and those who want the latest safety equipment and driving support equipment.


Research Harrier Grades!

Grade selection is something that cannot be avoided when choosing a car. Just because you don’t understand the difference between grades, if you only focus on the price, or if you choose the one recommended by the person in charge without checking the details, it will not be easy to use later, and on the contrary, it will be a waste of equipment. It could also be that there were too many.

Grade selection is a very important point for a satisfying car life. Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of each Harrier grade

Harrier grades are roughly divided into three

Harrier, Toyota’s popular luxury SUV, has various grades, but it can be roughly divided into three grades.
They are “ELEGANCE”, “PREMIUM” and “PROGRESS”. The Harrier has three powertrains: petrol, turbo and hybrid, but all powertrains have settings for all grades.

In addition, “PREMIUM” and “PROGRESS” other than “ELEGANCE” have a setting of “Metal and Leather Package” where metal decoration is used for leather seats and interior, and “RROGRESS” has a special specification car “PROGRESS”. Style BLUEISH”” has been added.
In addition, the “ELEGANCE” gasoline and turbo cars are available as a sports model “GR SPORT” that has been modified not only for the interior and exterior, but also for the suspension and brakes.

In order to find the best grade for you from a wide range of choices, it is important to grasp the characteristics of each.

Basic grade “ELEGANCE”

Basic grade "ELEGANCE"Source: Toyota “Harrier”

The body size of Harrier is common to all grades, but only this grade has a smaller wheel size of 17 inches. Also, in this grade, the headlamps are halogen headlamps.

On the other hand, even the basic grade has basic functions such as smart entry, electrostatic heater control, and anti-theft system, so it can be said that it is a grade with good cost performance.
Even though it is a basic grade, the interior with a combination of fabric and synthetic leather, a three-piece leather-wrapped steering wheel, and a shift panel with black wood grain and geometric patterns is attractive.

It is also worth noting that the Harrier’s basic grade “ELEGANCE” is also equipped with Toyota’s preventive safety package “Toyota Safety Sense”.

Higher-grade “PREMIUM”

Higher-grade "PREMIUM"Source: Toyota “Harrier”

This grade, which is one rank up from the “ELEGANCE”, has 18-inch wheels and a more powerful exterior. Gasoline and hybrid vehicles are painted with super chrome metallic paint, while turbo vehicles are painted with bright cutting + dark gray metallic paint, creating a different atmosphere for each.

The headlamps are plated LED lamps with an auto-leveling function, and are also equipped with LED sequential turn lamps and LED daylights. Along with this, an adaptive high beam system has been added to “Toyota Safety Sense”, contributing to safe driving at night.

The smart entry is now equipped with a card key, a pinch prevention function, a stop position memory function, a power back door with a reservation lock function, and “nanoe”, etc. are installed to enhance comfort functions. In addition, interior illumination has been added to the interior.

Advanced model “PROGRESS”

Advanced model "PROGRESS"Source: Toyota “Harrier”

This grade is further enhanced by the addition of Intelligent Clearance Sonar, which suppresses erroneous starts and sudden acceleration when the pedal is pressed incorrectly, and Panoramic View Monitor, which supports safe driving in scenes where there are likely to be blind spots such as intersections and when parking in reverse. It is equipped with safety equipment.

In addition, it is equipped with a 9.2-inch wide touch display, a T-Connect SD navigation system with Wi-Fi connection function and voice recognition, and JBL’s premium sound system as standard equipment. It can be said that


Special edition car “PROGRESS “Style BLUEISH””

Special edition car “PROGRESS “Style BLUEISH””Source: Toyota “Harrier”

A special edition car beautifully coordinated in black and blue, that is “PROGRESS ‘Style BLUEISH'”. The base is the advanced grade “PROGRESS”. The body color can be selected from exclusive black mica and optional sparkling black pearl crystal shine.

The exterior features specially-designed 18-inch aluminum wheels, black for turbo cars, headlamps with smoke-like decoration for gasoline and hybrid cars, and jet-black plating on the hood molding and side protection moldings. It has been.

In addition, the seats are two-tone blue and black, and the door switch base and shift panel are also in blue wood grain, and blue stitching is applied to the instrument panel, door trim, seats, steering wheel, etc.
It can be said that it is a powerful yet elegant finish.

“Metal and Leather Package”

“Metal and Leather Package”Source: Toyota “Harrier”

The Metal and Leather Package is a specification that sticks to the interior that adds metal decoration to the seat using premium nappa genuine leather and the shift panel, door switch base, front console, etc. It is set to “PREMIUM” and “PROGRESS”.

Comfortable heated seats and seat ventilation functions are added to the driver and front passenger seats, making it possible to drive in a comfortable state all year round.

In addition, the driver’s seat is an 8-way power seat with 4-way electric lumbar support, the passenger’s seat is a 4-way power seat, a microcomputer preset driving position system, and the driver’s seat auto slide doorway.


“GR SPORT“Source: Toyota “Harrier”

This is a sports grade available only for ELEGANCE petrol and turbo vehicles. Specially tuned suspension, brake calipers with special white paint, etc. are used, and rigidity-up parts and spot welding points are added everywhere, so you can enjoy a dynamic and sporty ride.

The exterior is equipped with a special back door garnish, a special locker molding, a special muffler, 19-inch aluminum wheels, etc., and expresses the strength suitable for a sports model.


The interior is equipped with sports seats, a special optitron meter, aluminum pedals, etc. In addition, the instrument panel, side register bezels, air conditioner outlets, center cluster panel garnish, etc. are painted in dark silver, making it a sports model that is significantly different from the base model. It has a unique cool atmosphere.

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What does the interior of the Harrier look like?

When choosing a car, you may tend to focus on the exterior and driving performance, but comfort is very important when actually using the car.
The popularity of SUVs has increased, and various types of SUVs have appeared from each manufacturer, but among them, the Harrier is a model that boasts a very high popularity as a luxury SUV that makes you feel luxurious.
The Harrier’s interior retains the sportiness of an SUV, while also giving it a luxurious feel. Introducing the interior of the Harrier, which combines beautiful modeling and ease of use.

Check the interior features of each Harrier grade

Interior features by gradeSource: Toyota “Harrier” interior

Harrier has 14 specifications including special specification vehicles, so there are a lot of choices. Each has different interior specifications and options, so you can find the one that suits your taste only with Harrier, which has so many types.

Let’s take a look at the differences in the interior of each Harrier grade.

“ELEGANCE” that makes you feel luxurious even in basic grade

"ELEGANCE" that makes you feel luxuriousSource: Toyota “Harrier” interior

The seats are combination seats using fabric and synthetic leather for gasoline and hybrid vehicles, and you can choose from two colors: black and dark saddle tongue. The black gives a cool and tight impression, while the dark saddle tongue envelops the interior with a warm and luxurious atmosphere. The turbo car is a combination of high-quality ultra suede and synthetic leather, and the color is black x red. It is a combination that makes you feel sporty.

black wood grainSource: Toyota “Harrier” interior

The interior color is common to the three powertrains, and three colors are available: black, deep bordeaux, and dark saddle tongue.
The shift panel and door switch base with black wood grain and geometric patterns bring a sense of quality, and the illuminated entry enhances the mood when getting into the car. It can be said that even the base grade retains the luxurious feel unique to the Harrier.

Storage is provided with two cup holders in the front console and rear armrests.Source: Toyota “Harrier” interior

As for storage, there are two cup holders on the front console and two on the rear armrest.

“PREMIUM” that makes the feeling of riding a Harrier even more exciting in a small part

"PREMIUM"Source: Toyota “Harrier” interior

This grade is almost the same as the “ELEGANCE” interior, but the door scuff plates with stainless steel ornaments are illuminated and the letters “HARRIER” stand out in blue. It’s a small part, but it’s a heartwarming production that makes you feel like you’re the owner of a Harrier.

Optional premium nappa leather seat materialSource: Toyota “Harrier” interior

In addition, from this grade, premium nappa genuine leather can be set as an option for the seat material.

“PROGRESS” equipped with a safe system

Source: Toyota “Harrier” interior

PROGRESS is equipped with a panoramic view monitor (left and right confirmation support + see-through view function).

“PROGRESS ‘Style BLUEISH'” with a beautiful contrast between black and blue

"PROGRESS 'Style BLUEISH'"Source: Toyota “Harrier” interior

Based on the equipment of the PROGRESS, the interior color is unified with black and deep blue, and the special edition car PROGRESS “Style BLUEISH” has an elegant atmosphere. The seat is a special combination of black and blue, and the door switch base and shift panel are also in blue wood grain. Blue stitching is also applied to the console, door panels, and instrument panel.


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