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RX is the best-selling Lexus in the world. The roomy interior and driving performance, as well as the interior and exterior finish with a premium feel, will surely satisfy those who want a premium SUV. Let’s re-introduce the appeal of the Lexus RX, which added a 3-row seat model last year in 2017.

Premium SUV that supports Lexus

Lexus, Toyota’s premium brand, was introduced to the Japanese market in 2005. Initially, the upper-middle sedan GS and the 4-seater open car SC. There were three models of the sporty sedan IS, but now there are 10 models on sale, from the 5-door hatchback CT to the specialty car LC.

The SUV RX is recording strong sales among the Lexus. The average monthly sales volume in Japan in 2017 was about 1,100 units, which is exactly the model that supports the brand’s backbone, but above all, the popularity in the North American market is tremendous, and if you say the car that truly represents Lexus, the RX is undoubtedly.

Currently, the Lexus RX, which can be purchased as a new car, is the second generation in the Japanese market, and appeared in October 2015. The first model of Lexus RX was announced in January 2009, RX350 equipped with 3.5LV6 engine and RX270 equipped with 2.7L straight 4 engine. And there were 3 grades of RX450h equipped with a hybrid system of 3.5L gasoline engine + motor. The Lexus RX, which underwent its first full model change (in Japan) in 2015, was developed with the concept of “exceeding the RX while still being an RX”, and evolved with a focus on sophisticated exterior design and comfortable maneuverability.

The 3-row seat model is even larger


The current Lexus RX adopts an exterior design that combines the “strength” of a premium SUV with the intelligent “adult sex appeal”. The body measures 4890mm long, 1890mm wide and 1710mm high, which is 120mm longer, 5mm wider and 20mm taller than the previous model.

The front mask, which has a particularly unusual impression, adopts the Lexus icon spindle grille. The high position of the spindle grille’s turning position expresses sharpness and strength through the contrast between the thin and sharp upper section and the imposing lower section. Previously, the RX was set only for 2 rows of seats for 5 people, but at the same time as a partial change in December 2017, a 7-seat long version 450h L that adopted an electric retractable third seat was added. The body size has been extended by 110mm to 5000mm. The overall height has been increased by 15 mm to 1,725 ​​mm, and the interior length has been extended by 545 mm.

Partial improvement made with the addition of RX450h L ①

Partial improvement made with the addition of RX450h L ②

Partial improvement made with the addition of RX450h L ③

Some improvements made with the addition of RX450h L ④

Some improvements made with the addition of RX450h L ⑤

Along with the addition of the RX450h L, some improvements have been made to the 18-inch aluminum wheels, which have been repainted, security has been enhanced, and the name of the grade previously called RX200t has been changed to RX300. The installed powertrain is the RX200t revised RX300, which has a maximum output of 175kW (238ps) and a maximum torque of 350Nm. The RX450h/RX450h L is equipped with a 3.5LV 6-cylinder engine + motor hybrid system that generates a total system output of 230kW (313ps). The drive system is RX300, RX450h is FF (front wheel drive) and 4WD. RX450h L is 4WD only.

Good fuel economy of the hybrid

Good fuel economy of glowing hybrid, poor fuel economy of less 4WD

JC08 mode fuel economy is 11.2~11.8km/L for RX300. The RX450h is 18.2-18.8km/L, and the RX450h L is 17.8km/L. Although the hybrid has excellent fuel efficiency, the difference in fuel efficiency due to the drive system is very small. The 4WD system used varies by model. The RX300 uses Dynamic Torque Control AWD, which automatically controls torque distribution from 100:0 to 50:50 front and rear according to various driving conditions. When turning, it predicts the target line intended by the driver based on the amount of steering wheel steering, and distributes torque optimally, demonstrating stable cornering performance. On the other hand, the RX450h/RX450h L adopts E-FOUR, an electric AWD system that achieves outstanding steering stability. By driving the rear wheels independently from the front motor, it assists in taking off and driving stability on slippery roads.

In addition to this, it seems to be a car model that supports Lexus

In addition to this, various high-tech devices have been introduced into the RX, which seems to be a car model that supports Lexus. Sensing the vibration of the vehicle and finely controlling the torque of the drive motor according to the unevenness of the road surface, and as a result, suppressing the vibration of the vehicle body to realize a smooth and comfortable ride, it is truly the name of a premium SUV. It is content that is not ashamed of.

Sports specifications and luxury specifications are also available

The Lexus RX grade configuration is only one grade for the RX450h L, but the RX300 and RX450h are available in three specifications: standard, F sports, and version L. The F Sport adopts a specially designed spindle grille and front lower bumper molding. It is a specification that pushes sportiness to the front, such as an electric active stabilizer that supports sporty driving, 20-inch specially designed aluminum wheels, and a sports seat dedicated to F sports.

Version L includes semi-Arinine genuine leather seats made of high-quality materials. Comfortable equipment such as a panoramic view monitor that projects the rear view with a camera and a blind spot monitor are available. The “Lexus Safety System +”, which is a driving support system that packages four functions, is of course standard on all models. Collision avoidance support type pre-crash safety system with pedestrian detection function, lane keeping assist to prevent lane departure. The driver is supported by automatic high beams and radar cruise control with all-vehicle tracking function.

There is a model called LX on RX, but this is a hard model based on Land Cruiser. There are no rivals in Japanese cars so far, and it may be the only option for those who want a trendy premium SUV with Japanese cars.


Toyota Lexus RX price in Kenya

The Toyota RX series can cost anywhere froom Kshs 6.5 million to Kshs 10 Million depending on Trim and specifications. Its quite a pricey car but makes up for it with comfort, safety, prestige and reliability

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