Toyota Rav4 review kenya


Toyota Rav4 review kenya

Toyota Rav4 review kenya

The middle-sized SUV “RAV4” appeared in the Kenyan domestic market with excellent fuel efficiency and driving performance. I would especially like to recommend the RAV4 to those who are looking for a middle-class SUV that can go not only on city streets but also on mountains and rough roads, those who want to use their cars hard for their hobbies, hybrids, advanced safety devices, and those who are interested in the latest technology such as cars.


Fuel consumption of RAV4!

Advances in automobile technology are remarkable, and driving support technology, driving performance, and fuel efficiency have greatly improved compared to a decade ago. Even so, there are differences in fuel efficiency performance depending on the model, so it can be said that fuel efficiency performance is an important checkpoint that is indispensable when choosing a vehicle.

Here, we will introduce the fuel efficiency of Toyota “RAV4”.


  Drive system Catalog fuel efficiency (km/L) Actual fuel consumption (km/L)
gasoline car 2WD 15.8 14.3
4WD 15.2 12.3
hybrid car 2WD 21.4 18.4
E-Four 20.3-20.6 17.7

RAV4 fuel economy characteristics

The current model RAV4, which appeared in April 2019, is a gasoline vehicle with a 2.0L dynamic force engine that combines powerful and agile acceleration and improved fuel efficiency, which is the first Toyota brand domestic installation (April 2019, Toyota Motor Corporation) . We are hiring.

This engine employs an intake-side continuously variable valve timing mechanism (VVT-iE) that optimizes the opening and closing timing of the intake valves to improve response, while the multi-hole direct-injection injector and longer stroke speed up combustion. change. Furthermore, by reducing energy loss during exhaust, cooling, mechanical operation, etc., the maximum thermal efficiency reaches 40%, achieving both powerful acceleration and improved fuel efficiency.

In addition, the new 2.5L hybrid system equipped with a 2.5L dynamic force engine achieves excellent power performance and high fuel efficiency unique to a hybrid vehicle by reducing the size and weight of the system and adopting high-efficiency technology .


Is the interior surprisingly simple? Take a look inside the RAV4

Driving performance, exterior design, and fuel efficiency may come first when it comes to choosing a car. But the interior of the car is also important. Interior design and usability of storage are related to livability, so let’s check it out.

Here, we will introduce the interior of Toyota’s middle-sized SUV “RAV4”.

  • Adequate space is provided between the front and rear seats to ensure sufficient space around the knees in the rear seats, which tend to be narrow.
  • The interior color that can be selected varies depending on the grade
  • The luggage compartment of the RAV4 boasts a large capacity of 580L, which is the top level in its class.

RAV4 interior features

The current RAV4, which appeared in April 2019, is a model that pursues the original charm of an SUV with an exterior that has a tougher gear atmosphere than its predecessor model.

The cockpit has an advanced and functional design. The instrument panel is set low and the wipers are hidden from view from inside the cabin to ensure a wide field of view and create an interior space with a sense of openness .

In order to ensure a comfortable ride even on long drives, the seat material and shape of the seat have been carefully selected so that any seat will not cause fatigue. Even in the rear seats, which tend to be cramped, there is enough space between the front and rear seats to ensure ample space around the knees, and the leg space under the front seats has been expanded to make it possible to stretch out and relax. is.

Interior features of each grade of RAV4

Let’s take a look at the interior of each grade of RAV4 from here.

“X””HYBRID X” with a simple interior that emphasizes practicality

"X" with a simple interior that emphasizes practicality: "HYBRID X"Source: Toyota “RAV4” price/grade

Simplicity is the hallmark

The base grade “X” uses casual fabric seats. The interior does not use metal decorations or silver paint, and the interior is characterized by its practical simplicity. It may be said that it makes you feel the ruggedness of an SUV.

Interior color is black only . The cockpit is equipped with a 4.2-inch TFT color multi-information display + analog meter. Despite its small size, it is highly visible.

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“G””HYBRID G””G ‘Z package'” that add genuine leather and decorations to add a sense of luxury

"G": "HYBRID G": "G 'Z package'" that adds a sense of luxury with the addition of genuine leather and decorationsSource: Toyota “RAV4” price/grade

Add decoration

The “G” features plated register knobs and high-brightness silver paint on the instrument panel center cluster, giving the interior a luxurious feel .

Two interior colors to choose from

The steering wheel and shift knob are also wrapped in genuine leather and satin-plated.
The seat material is synthetic leather with stitching, which brings calmness and elegance to the interior. There are two interior color choices, black and light gray .

The “G ‘Z package'” is a grade that adds Dynamic Torque Vectoring AWD and Downhill Assist Control to improve the off-road performance of the “G”, but the interior is almost the same as the “G”.


“Adventure” equipped with a dedicated synthetic leather seat

"Adventure" equipped with a dedicated synthetic leather seatSource: Toyota “RAV4” price/grade

Standard equipped with synthetic leather seats that bring a sense of quality

Equipped with a powerful exclusive exterior that makes you feel that it is a tough gear, this “Adventure” has almost the same contents as the “X”, but the seats and the interior colors that can be selected are different. The seats are made of synthetic leather with specially designed stitching, and the point is that they bring a high quality feel to the interior.

Available in chic orchid brown

In addition to black, the interior color can be selected from two colors: chic and stylish orchid brown .

Special edition “Adventure ‘OFFROAD package'” with enhanced aggressive appeal

Special edition "Adventure 'OFFROAD package'" with enhanced aggressive appealSource: Toyota “RAV4” price/grade

The special specification car “Adventure “OFFROAD package”” added in October 2020 is equipped with special matte black painted aluminum wheels and bridge-type roof rails, and is a special specification that is attractive with an aggressive look that has increased toughness. It’s a car.

The interior specifications are almost the same as the base grade “Adventure”, but in addition to being equipped with specially designed seats, red is used as an accent color. In addition, the interior color is only black, and the orchid brown set in “Adventure” cannot be selected.

Storage around the RAV4 seat

How is the storage that affects the comfort of the drive? Let’s introduce the storage around the seat of RAV4.

Driver’s seat open tray

There is a tray for small items on the right side of the steering wheel. It’s a small space, so it’s perfect for storing coins, gum, etc.

Card holder

The driver’s seat is also equipped with a card holder. While there are many car models that do not have storage around the driver’s seat, it is a nice point to have such small storage.

Passenger seat open tray

Passenger seat open traySource: Toyota “RAV4” Features

Equipped with a tray that is perfect for storing frequently used items such as smartphones, handkerchiefs, and glasses. It is also a good impression that the tray is devised so that it does not slip.

Glove box

glove boxSource: Toyota “RAV4” Features

Of course, it is also equipped with a standard glove box as a document holder such as vehicle inspection certificate.

Center open tray

center open traySource: Toyota “RAV4” Features

Accessory sockets are located in the tray in front of the center console. It is also possible to charge smartphones etc.

Front cup holder

front cup holder

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