Latest types of Toyota cars in kenya (Part 1)


Latest types of Toyota cars in kenya (Part 1)

Latest types of Toyota cars in kenya (Part 1)

Toyota, one of Japan’s leading automobile manufacturers, offers a wide range of vehicle models, from compact cars to SUVs , minivans , and sports cars. In recent years, they are also focusing on joint development with many manufacturers.


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1) Toyota Rise

toyota rise


Toyota Rise is an OEM of Daihatsu Rocky . It is a 5-number size compact SUV and is the first Toyota vehicle to use DNGA. The overall length is less than 4,000mm while maintaining a spacious interior. The powertrain is a 1.0L turbo engine and a D- CVT (dual mode CVT). The 4WD model is equipped with “Dynamic Torque Control 4WD,” which distributes appropriate torque to the rear wheels according to road conditions.


2) Full-size minivan “Granace” debuted in December 2019


The Toyota Granace is a completely new full-size wagon that was launched on December 16, 2019. There are two grades: “Premium” with 3-row seats for 6 people and “G” with 4-row seats for 8 people. The interior, which is particular about being “high quality” and “glamorous”, uses wood grain interiors and leather seats. The engine is equipped with the same 2.8-liter clean diesel engine as the Hiace. Display audio and DCM are standard equipment, and it is possible to link with smartphones.



3) Toyota aqua

Toyota Aqua 2019


Aqua is Toyota’s compact hybrid car. Equipped with a 1.5L hybrid engine in a small body, it continues to be popular as a fuel-saving city commuter that is cheaper than the Prius and has excellent handling. The lowered roofline reduces air resistance and achieves sporty styling, making it popular among young people. Although it was introduced in 2011, it is a little old, but it has been improved with minor minor changes, and it still has high overall performance today.


4) Toyota yaris

The Yaris is Toyota’s basic compact car. The Japanese sales name was “Vitz”, but from the 4th generation it was unified to the global sales name “Yaris”. The first Vitz, which appeared in 1999, was a hit for its interior space and design that overturned the conventional wisdom of compact cars. The greatest feature is the good balance with driving performance and interior dimensions that match everyday use. A hybrid model was added to the third generation, and fuel efficiency performance was dramatically improved. The straightforward driving characteristics are popular not only for general use but also for motor sports.


5) Toyota Corolla Sport

Toyota Corolla Sport 2019


The Toyota Corolla Sport is the latest version of the popular sports hatchback Corolla in Europe. Equipped with a fuel-saving 1.8L hybrid engine and a sporty 1.2L turbo engine, the new platform reduces weight and lowers the center of gravity to achieve high maneuverability. A 6-speed MT is also available for the gasoline engine. In addition to the sporty interior and exterior, it is equipped with a connected system and the latest equipment that allows you to use various services and Internet content provided by Toyota.


6) Toyota spade

toyota spade 2019


The Toyota Spade is a compact wagon with an electric sliding door on one side. The Porte is a brother car with many common parts, and the Spade features a neat front face with an acute angle design. Only the front passenger seat has a sliding door, and a hinged door is used on the driver’s side to ensure body rigidity. The roomy interior height and high utility with Toyota’s proud long slide seat are attractive. Although the engine is only a 1.5L gasoline engine, it boasts high fuel efficiency of JC08 mode fuel consumption 21.8km / L.


7) Toyota tank

toyota tank 2019


The Toyota Tank is a compact car that pursues usability for families. Daihatsu Thor standard model will be sold by Toyota receiving OEM supply. A 1.0-liter engine with well-balanced power performance and fuel efficiency is installed in a body that is the same size as a light vehicle, which is easy to handle, eliminating the dissatisfaction that tends to occur in light vehicles. The interior of the car is equipped with necessary and sufficient space while condensing convenient functions, and has been developed as the most convenient car for families raising children. Another point is that it has been adjusted to make it easier for women to drive.


8) Toyota passo

Toyota Passo 2019


The Toyota Passo is Toyota’s smallest 5-door compact car. It was jointly developed with Daihatsu as a city commuter that maintained the body size of the first Vitz, and the twin cars Toyota Passo and Daihatsu Boon were born. The current 3rd generation has a lineup of two types of bodies: the standard model with a straight line, and the stylish “MODA” with teardrop-shaped headlights and colorful interior trim. Equipped with a minimum turning radius of only 4.6m and a refined 1.0L engine, it demonstrates high mobility in urban areas.


9) Toyota porte

Toyota Porte 2019

The Toyota Porte is a compact wagon featuring an electric sliding door on one side. On the driver’sseat side. On the driver’s seat side, the asymmetrical design that adopts a normal hinged door is unusual, and Toyota’s challenging spirit can be seen in this car. It has a round and gentle front face like the first generation for the spade of the brother car. The interior height of the car is 1,380 mm, and the passenger seat slide mechanism of about 700 mm allows for a variety of uses. It is easy to use with plenty of storage and hooks that make effective use of the limited space.


10) Toyota roomy

Toyota Roomy 2019


Toyota Roomy is a compact car developed targeting families raising children. Daihatsu Tall Custom Emblem is changed, OEM supply car sold by Toyota. Not only is it easy to drive with the size of a light car, but it also features steering and CVT controls that make it easy for women to drive. Equipped with a 1.0L engine that aims to reduce maintenance costs including fuel efficiency and easy-to-handle power performance, it is a car that is friendly to households and families.


11) Toyota alphard

Toyota Alphard 2019


The Toyota Alphard is a luxury L-size minivan. The first generation appeared in 2002 to compete with the rival Nissan Elgrand. With each successive generation, it has become more luxurious and luxurious, and the current 3rd generation has a style that can be said to be a luxury car in the shape of a minivan. It is highly supported not only by families but also by business owners and politicians for its open mobility space that cannot be achieved by luxury sedans Despite its high price, it shines as the leading model of Toyota minivans along with its brother Vellfire.


12) Toyota Vellfire

Toyota Vellfire 2019


The Vellfire is the sister car of Toyota’s luxury minivan Alphard. Born at the same time as the second-generation Alphard, it features a more aggressive exterior design than the Alphard. The powertrain and interior are the same as the Alphard, with sufficient power performance and a gorgeous interior. Not only is it comfortable, but the long seat rails provide a variety of seat arrangements. With the 2nd row seat at the back, it is a special seat where even an adult male can stretch his legs.


13) Toyota voxy

Toyota Voxy 2019


Voxy is a brother car of Toyota’s standard minivan Noah. Although many parts are common, the front face has a challenging design with a Vellfire motif to differentiate it from Noah. The powertrain and interior are the same as the Noah, a 7/8-passenger minivan with excellent fuel efficiency and comfortable second row seats with long slide rails. However, there are two types of interior colors, black and red, which match the sporty appearance.


14) Toyota esquire

Toyota Esquire 2019


Based on Noah, Toyota Esquire is a luxury minivan with luxurious interior and exterior. The elegant front face and plated trim that resembles the Alphard give it a luxurious look. The interior has a special trim with a calming color, and a high-quality synthetic leather seat can be selected. Since the basic part is common with Noah, it has sufficient usability and functionality. A family minivan that is one class higher than Toyota’s new proposal, with a concept similar to the Alphard/Vellfire.


15) Toyota estima

Toyota Estima 2019


The Toyota Estima is a 7/8-seat minivan with a round egg-shaped body. The first generation appeared in 1990. Instead of the mainstream FF, it boasted a spacious interior despite the disadvantageous structure of placing the engine under the floor, and it suddenly became a popular model of Toyota. From the second generation onwards, the interior space has been further expanded with FF. The current 3rd generation that appeared in 2006 will be discontinued at the end of October 2019. In addition, a hybrid model is also available as Toyota’s first hybrid minivan. The hybrid system of the first generation Prius was diverted to the second generation Estima, adopting a 4WD system that drives the rear wheels with a motor. It has been produced since 2006 and will be discontinued along with the Estima at the end of October 2019.

16) Toyota Sienta

Toyota Sienta 2019


Sienta is Toyota’s smallest minivan with a total length of about 4.2m. It features a small body equipped with electric sliding doors and 3-row seats for 6/7 people, making it easy to use. The current 2nd generation has a funny exterior design that imitates sneakers, and is particularly popular with families raising children. It is also a point that it is equipped with a 1.5L engine and keeps maintenance costs down. The hybrid model offers sufficient power performance while further reducing fuel costs. A 5-seater version is also available to make effective use of luggage space.


17) Toyota noah

Toyota Noah 2019


Noah is Toyota’s M size minivan. The Voxy and Esquire are siblings that share a common body. It features an easy-to-drive body size and a large interior space created by the interior height of 1,400mm and the long slide seat of 810mm. The engine is equipped with Toyota’s fuel-saving engine and hybrid engine, which contributes to reducing fuel costs. Toyota’s standard minivan that is well-balanced so that the whole family can easily handle everything from picking up children to long-distance travel.


18) Toyota hiace wagon

Toyota Hiace Wagon 2019


The Hiace is Toyota’s passenger and commercial 1BOX car, and a longtime rival to the Caravan. Compared to the commercial Hiace van, the Hiace wagon for private use is equipped with sound insulation materials and comfort equipment, giving consideration to ride comfort. The current 5th generation is available in a 10-seater “Wagon” and a 14-seater “Commuter”, with a total of 4 body types combining two types of body length and roof height. Preventive safety equipment is installed as standard with a minor change in 2017.


19) Toyota allion

Toyota Allion 2019


Toyota Allion is a 5 number size premium sedan. It is the successor to Toyota’s sports compact sedan Carina. It has a more youthful design than its brother Premio, which has a common body, and targets the younger generation. The second generation of the current model features a high level of utility unlike a sedan, and is equipped with a rear seat that can be reclined and a trunk through. Major improvements were made in 2016 with a minor change, the interior and exterior were changed to a more luxurious interior, and driving support equipment was added.

20) Toyota camry

Toyota Camry 2019


Toyota Camry is a FF upper middle sedan exclusively for hybrids. The main target is the overseas market, so the interior dimensions are wide, and the sporty wide-low body has a high level of comfort that cannot be imagined. It specializes in cruising performance and fuel efficiency in the high speed range with a smooth blowing 2.5L hybrid engine and thoroughly reduced air resistance. Toyota’s sedan boasts the highest popularity overseas, featuring high safety performance with a highly rated collision safe body and driving support equipment.


21) Toyota corolla

Toyota Corolla 2019


Corolla is a compact sedan that can be called a symbol of Toyota. Pre-sold overseas, the 12th generation Corolla was launched in Japan in September 2019. Although the body size has expanded to number 3 , consideration has been given to reducing the body width exclusively for Japan. Compared to its predecessor, which was a mass-market car, the new model has changed the interior and exterior to give it a more premium sporty feel. In addition to 1.8L gasoline and hybrid engines, a total of 3 types of 1.2L turbo engine + 6MT are available.


22) Toyota corolla axio

Toyota Corolla Axio 2019


Toyota Corolla Axio is the 11th generation Corolla. The name “Axio” was added because it uses a platform different from the overseas sales model. A compact sedan that can be said to be a representative of Japan and Toyota. Although the 12th generation Corolla has appeared, the new model and the old model are sold together as a special case because the driving environment due to the easy-to-handle body size and the cheap price are attractive to Corolla fans and the elderly compared to the large and expensive new model.



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