Mercedes sprinter in Kenya: Review, cargo space and specifications


It’s so versatile you’ll find just the right one for your hauling job, and it’s good looking enough to stand out. With 4 vehicle lengths, 3 roof heights and a load compartment volume of up to 17 m 3 , the new Sprinter panel van offers impressive variety. Its numerous variants and equipment allow economical entry-level vehicles as well as extensively equipped vehicles.

For example, vehicles with the newly available front-wheel drive have a lower entry-level price, additional payload and a lower loading sill compared to vehicles with rear-wheel drive.

Drivers benefit from the intelligent operating and display concept as well as from the modular storage concept, which, like the selection of multimedia and assistance systems, can be individually tailored to your needs. Of course we kept the tried and tested. For example, many assembly and expansion solutions can continue to be used without major changes.

Thanks to its innovative strength and more than 20 years of experience, the Sprinter is once again setting a milestone as a forward-looking, efficient and reliable mobility solution that will take your company further.

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Product concept

Mercedes Benz


Nice for the eye, even nicer for work

The new Sprinter panel van is already a visual highlight: its design follows the modern Mercedes-Benz design concept of sensual purity. The cockpit has also been redesigned and impresses equally with its high-quality design and excellent functionality. For example with an intelligent, modular storage concept and KEYLESS START.


You can tailor the loading space exactly to your requirements with practical options such as the internal roof rack 1 , a weight-optimized plastic floor and the loadable wheel housings. The optional pallet support in the step of the sliding door stabilizes the load, e.g. B. when cornering, and allows a more effective fixation.


The other advantages include the large range of drive variants: depending on the application profile and the desired driving behavior, you can order your Sprinter panel van with front-wheel, rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. It is shifted either manually via the 6-speed manual transmission or automatically via the 7G-TRONIC PLUS or via the 9G-TRONIC 2 automatic transmission, which is unique in the segment .


Mercedes Benz


Your mobility 4.0

To make work as economical and pleasant as possible, various radios, multimedia systems and connectivity solutions are optionally available for the Sprinter. Depending on requirements, the offer ranges from the smartphone holder to the radio with Bluetooth® interface and hands-free function to the multimedia system with high-resolution touchscreen, fast hard-drive navigation with 3D map display and smartphone integration. Operation is as you would wish it to be: simple. The multimedia systems can be operated, for example, via the high-resolution touchscreen or touch control button on the multifunction steering wheel. All operating and display elements are easily accessible and easy to read.


Since digital solutions are part of the modern world of work, we have equipped the Sprinter with an integrated communication module that forms the technical basis for a constant Internet connection in the vehicle. This enables the use of current and future Mercedes PRO services. Your advantages range from minimized downtimes through predictive maintenance management to the digital logbook that makes paperwork superfluous.


Industry Solutions

Mercedes Benz


Where there is a transport task, there is also a sprinter

The Sprinter panel van makes many things possible: 4 vehicle lengths, 3 roof heights and 4 engines form the basis for an impressive range of variants. This allows you to configure vehicles with a permissible total weight of up to 5,500 kg. With the longest of the 4 vehicle lengths and the highest of the 3 roofs, up to 17 m 3 of cargo space is available in the Sprinter panel van. If necessary, up to 3,500 kg can also be attached.


With more than 600 optional extras, including, for example, special fleet and chassis solutions, the Sprinter panel van can be precisely tailored to your needs. With the options of pallet support, covered wheel housing and internal roof rack, many transport tasks can be solved more easily. For special industry requirements, Mercedes-Benz VanSolution provides you with complete solutions ex works and as part of the partner program “Mercedes-Benz VanPartner” with dual-billing business and conversion solutions in proven quality.



Mercedes Benz


Secures your course for success

The Sprinter is designed for safety through and through. The solid basis for this is its shell, which is particularly stable due to its construction and material composition.


There are also numerous assistance systems. Because even the most experienced driver comes into situations where support can be welcome and helpful. The offer ranges from the standard Crosswind Assist to Active Brake Assist and Lane Keeping Assist – both are standard for vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of over 3,500 kg. 3 camera solutions, from the reversing camera with interior mirror display to the 360° camera, improve the already good overview from the driver’s seat.


 In the dark, the optionally available LED High Performance headlights illuminate the road far and wide.

If the worst comes to the worst, the standard airbag can help protect the driver in the event of a collision. On request, 5 additional airbags are available for the driver and front passenger.



Mercedes Benz

Economical when it matters.

With the Sprinter, you are choosing a vehicle that has impressively proven its economy for more than 20 years. The new Sprinter panel van continues this success story with its proven quality and reliability. You benefit from its economy right from the start: with an attractive entry-level price and numerous configuration options, with which you can order exactly what you really need.


Because we like to make good things even better, we have further optimized our diesel engines for consumption. Additional plus points for the profitability of your company result from around 50 kg more payload 3 . With the 50 liter main tank 4 and the plastic floor covering 5 , which are available as options, you can save even more vehicle weight. The Sprinter panel van also impresses with a further improvement in space 3 and a load compartment floor 3 that is 80 mm lower . This makes it even easier to load and makes it easier to get in.


The Sprinter panel van combines economical fuel consumption and intelligent functionality into an all-round economical mobility solution.


1) The internal roof rack is currently not available.

2) Only i. V. w. front-wheel drive.

3) In conjunction with front-wheel drive, compared to rear-wheel drive.

4) The 50 liter main tank is optional for the Sprinter panel van i. Available with front-wheel drive.

5) The plastic floor covering is optionally available for the Sprinter panel van.


More volume, more payload

With the longest of the 4 vehicle lengths and the highest of the 3 roofs, the Sprinter panel van has a load capacity of up to 17 m³. The maximum payload in the weight variant with 5,500 kg is 3,122 kg. Vehicles with front-wheel drive impress with additional load compartment volume and a load floor that is 80 mm lower compared to vehicles with rear-wheel drive. 


They also transport 50 kg more payload than the vehicles with rear-wheel drive in the previous series. A variety of clever solutions optimizes and facilitates the use of the spacious cargo area.


Mercedes Benz


Makes heavy work easier

The cockpit, with its excellent all-round visibility, is designed to make everyday driving as pleasant as possible. There are 5 different driver’s seats to choose from, with which different comfort requirements can be satisfied. 


These also include seats that meet the criteria of the “Healthy Back Campaign” AGR e. v. The modern control and display concept is characterized, among other things, by the fact that smartphones can be integrated and the optional multimedia systems can be operated via touchscreens and the multifunction steering wheel.


 The modular stowage concept with easily accessible stowage compartments – with a cover if required – and a clever multifunction box, on which paperwork can be conveniently done in the vehicle, ensure order in the driver’s compartment.


Individually adjustable seating comfort for the driver

Mercedes Benz

Seat with 5 adjustment options (10-way).


The comfort driver’s seat can be manually adjusted in position, height and inclination using levers and dials, and can thus be adapted to the individual comfort needs of the driver. Thanks to its wide range of adjustment options, even long journeys can be comfortably managed.


 The longitudinal position of the seat, the inclination of the backrest, the seat height and the inclination and depth of the seat cushion can be adjusted manually. In addition, the height of the headrest can be individually adjusted. If the comfort seat is equipped with 4-way lumbar support, the criteria of the Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR) e. V. fulfilled.


Multimedia artist

Mercedes Benz

Multi-talented multimedia system.


The MBUX multimedia system with a 26 cm (10.25 inch) touchscreen leaves nothing to be desired in terms of infotainment, navigation and communication in the vehicle. Particularly innovative: operation via the high-resolution touchscreen with a 26 cm (10.25 inch) screen diagonal or via the touch control buttons on the multifunction steering wheel. 


The fast hard disk navigation with high-quality topographical 3D map display takes into account Live Traffic Information 1 (traffic information in real time, country-specific) and thus enables dynamic route guidance, with the help of which traffic jams can be avoided and journey times reduced. Other highlights include smartphone integrationvia Android Auto, Apple CarPlay or Mirrorlink as well as the Bluetooth® interface with hands-free function for telephoning while driving with as little distraction as possible.


1) Live Traffic Information (traffic information in real time, country-specific) only i. Together with Mercedes PRO.


Just drop and charge

Mercedes Benz

Charging function without cable or bracket.


Easy charging without a plug connection: Thanks to the wireless charging system, mobile devices can be easily charged. The prerequisite for this is that the devices support the Qi standard 1.2 or can be retrofitted for it. 


The loading area is integrated into the upper center shelf of the instrument panel and accommodates mobile phones with a screen diagonal of up to 17 cm (6.7 inches). After putting it down, a fast connection between the multimedia system and the mobile phone takes place via Near Field Communication (NFC). Telephone calls are then automatically made via the Bluetooth® hands-free system.


Convenient drive authorization system

Mercedes Benz

Engine start and stop at the push of a button.


Simply start the engine at the push of a button: The KEYLESS START drive authorization system enables the engine to be started simply by pressing the start/stop button and depressing the clutch or brake pedal. All you need to do is carry the electronic key that contains the information about driving authorization. 


This function makes life easier for the driver, especially when getting in and out of the car frequently, as he does not have to pick up the key and insert it in the ignition every time.


High quality covered

Mercedes Benz

2 practical storage compartments with lids in the front of the driver’s compartment.


The two storage compartments with practical hinged lids on the left and right of the instrument panel are designed to accommodate personal items, documents such as B. shipping documents, and of mobile devices. These are well stowed away during the journey and can be reached quickly if necessary.


 Both compartments are equipped with anti-slip mats, the lids can be opened and closed again with a light press of a button. The hinged covers enable a completely closed instrument panel and thus visually enhance the cockpit.


Constantly pleasant feel-good climate in the interior

Mercedes Benz

Always at a comfortable temperature and with a high level of climate comfort on the move


The THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control automatically ensures a constant feel-good climate in the driver’s compartment, even in direct sunlight or when the outside temperature is very high or very cold. The temperature, the ventilation intensity and the air distribution are controlled via sensors according to the presettings and constantly adapted to the current conditions. 


The integrated dehumidification offers reliable protection against fogged windows. All main functions are preset via the control element on the center console, the selected settings are shown on the display and, if equipped, on the touchscreen. An integrated particle filter forms a barrier against pollen and dust.

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