Mazda CX-5 fuel consumption in Kenya


Mazda CX-5 fuel consumption in Kenya

Mazda CX-5 fuel consumption in Kenya

The fuel efficiency of a car that will be used for a long period of time is an important point when choosing a car that you definitely want to check. Even a slight difference in fuel efficiency can add up to a considerable difference, so it is important to check not only the catalog fuel efficiency but also the actual fuel efficiency.
Here, we will introduce the fuel efficiency of Mazda’s crossover SUV “CX-5”.

What are the fuel efficiency characteristics of the CX-5?

The CX-5 is equipped with a Petrol engine “SKYACTIV-G” and a diesel engine “SKYACTIV-D” that introduce next-generation car manufacturing technology “SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY” that combines Mazda’s proud driving pleasure with environmental and safety performance. A major feature of this model is that it achieves Mazda’s car-making philosophy of “Jinba-ittai driving” while achieving both low fuel consumption.

Furthermore, in order to further improve fuel efficiency, it is equipped with an idling stop mechanism “i-stop” that automatically stops the engine when the brake pedal is operated and instantly restarts the engine when the brake is released. doing.

CX-5 Catalog Fuel Efficiency

The CX-5 has a lineup of four types of powertrains: a 2.0L petrol car, a 2.5L petrol car, a 2.5L turbo car, and a diesel car. There is no difference in fuel efficiency between grades of any powertrain.

Since the CX-5 has obtained driving test approval for the new WLTC mode, Mazda has published the fuel economy of the CX-5 in WLTC mode. WLTC mode fuel efficiency is an international test method that has become mainstream overseas, and in Japan, new models that will be released after October 1, 2018 will be required to display fuel efficiency in WLTC mode. rice field.

WLTC mode fuel consumption is said to be a measurement method with less difference from the actual fuel consumption than the JC08 mode fuel consumption that has been conventionally used in Japan.

The CX-5’s catalog fuel efficiency figures are published for both JC08 mode fuel efficiency and WLTC mode fuel efficiency for 2WD 2.0L Petrol vehicles and 2.5L Petrol vehicles, but other than that, only WLTC mode fuel efficiency figures are available. .

The CX-5’s catalog fuel efficiency is as follows.

・2.0L Petrol car

  WLTC mode JC08 mode
2WD vehicle 14.8km/h 16.0km/h


・2.5L Petrol car

  WLTC mode JC08 mode
2WD vehicle 13.8km/h 14.8km/h
4WD vehicle 13.0km/h


・2.5L turbo car (WLTC mode)

2WD vehicle 12.6km/h
4WD vehicle 12.2km/h


・Diesel model (WLTC mode)

2WD vehicle (AT) 17.4km/h
2WD vehicle (MT) 19.4km/h
4WD vehicle (AT) 16.6km/h
4WD vehicle (MT) 18.8km/h


Comparing the fuel efficiency of the CX-5 with rival vehicles!

Rival cars in the same class as the CX-5 include Toyota Harrier and Subaru Forester. Here, let’s compare the catalog fuel efficiency of the two models and the CX-5.

Toyota “Harrier”

Toyota "Harrier"Source: Toyota Harrier

Toyota’s “Harrier“, which pioneered the genre of luxury crossover SUV and boasts high popularity. The Harrier has a lineup of Petrol, turbo, and hybrid vehicles. JC08 mode fuel consumption is 16.0km/h for Petrol vehicles, 13.0km/h for turbo vehicles, and 21.4km/h for hybrid vehicles. There is no difference in fuel consumption depending on the drive system.

Petrol car is the same value as CX-5. In addition, the fuel consumption measurement mode is different, so a simple comparison cannot be made, but the fuel consumption in WLTC mode tends to be less than 10% lower than in JC08 mode.

Therefore, it can be said that the diesel and hybrid models of the CX-5 have almost the same fuel efficiency.

Subaru “Forester”

Subaru "Forester"
Source: Subaru Forester

All grades are equipped with a horizontally-opposed engine and symmetrical AWD, which can be said to be a symbol of Subaru, and the Subaru “Forester”, which boasts high performance on rough roads, has a lineup of Petrol and hybrid vehicles. WLTC mode fuel consumption is 13.2km/h for Petrol vehicles and 14.0km/h for hybrid vehicles.

All Foresters are 4WD vehicles, but the CX-5’s 2.5L Petrol 4WD vehicle did not reach the Forester’s fuel efficiency. However, the CX-5 is the overwhelming winner in terms of fuel economy for diesel 4WD vehicles.

Actual fuel consumption of CX-5

When checking fuel consumption, be sure to check the actual fuel consumption.
Let’s take a look at the actual fuel consumption of the CX-5 from the e fuel consumption data that collects the owner’s actual fuel consumption data.

・2.0L Petrol car

・2.5L Petrol car

2WD vehicle 11.18km/h
4WD vehicle 11.81km/h


・2.5L turbo car

2WD vehicle 10.06km/h
4WD vehicle 9.60km/h


·Diesel Car

2WD vehicle (AT) 16.64km/h
2WD vehicle (MT) 14.86km/h
4WD vehicle (AT) 14.02km/h
4WD vehicle (MT) 16.60km/h


In the conventional JC08 mode fuel consumption, it was said that the actual fuel consumption is about 30% lower than the catalog fuel consumption, but the WLTC mode fuel consumption is three driving, “city area”, “suburb”, and “highway”. It is said that the difference between the actual fuel consumption is less than the JC08 mode fuel consumption because it is a measurement method composed of modes.

Even with the CX-5, the difference between the catalog fuel consumption and the actual fuel consumption is within 10 to 1.5%, so it can be said that the difference between the catalog fuel consumption and the actual fuel consumption is very small.

I want to check the ride comfort of the CX-5

I want to check the ride comfort of the CX-5Source: Mazda CX-5

The ride comfort of the car is a part that you want to check as well as the fuel efficiency. Let’s check the ride comfort of the CX-5 here.

Suspension system for a comfortable ride

The CX-5 has evolved a wide range of suspension areas that affect the ride comfort of the car, and has been tuned to constantly improve responsiveness even when driving at low speeds in the city or on the highway, making driving fun and comfortable. I am making it compatible.

High quietness is also attractive

The SKYACTIV-BODY, which has improved steering stability and quietness by arranging parts under the floor based on Mazda’s own “aerodynamic guidelines”, and also achieved light weight, high rigidity, and excellent aerodynamic performance, can be used on expressways. However, it achieves a quietness that does not bother wind noise and road noise.


Enjoy life with the CX-5, which has excellent fuel efficiency

The fuel efficiency of the CX-5, especially for diesel vehicles, is astounding. Equipped with excellent fuel efficiency and a quiet and comfortable ride, the CX-5 will surely become a reliable companion for your enjoyable car life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the CX-5’s catalog fuel efficiency?

A: In WLTC mode, the 2.0L Petrol model is 14.8km/L, the 2.5L turbo model is 12.6km/L, and the diesel model is 17.4-19.4km/L. There are some differences between 2WD and 4WD.


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