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The superlative large minivan “Vellfire”, which is popular for its cheeky face. The Vellfire is especially recommended for those who want to comfortably carry a lot of people and luggage, those who want status and presence in a minivan, and those who want to move safely in a more luxurious space than their living room.

Choosing a car doesn’t end when you decide on a model. Since the equipment installed in a car differs depending on the grade, determining the priority of the equipment you want and choosing the most suitable grade will lead to a highly satisfying car life. Therefore, when choosing a car, it is important to check the grade composition of the car model and the different specifications for each grade.

Here, we will introduce the grade and equipment contents of Toyota “Vellfire” in detail.

  • Vellfire’s grade is “GOLDEN EYES II” only
  • There are two types of powertrains: a 2.5L in-line 4-cylinder gasoline engine and a 2.5L engine + motor hybrid vehicle.
  • Equipped with comfortable equipment unique to luxury minivans

VELLFIRE grade composition

Vellfire is a large luxury minivan “Alphard” that started selling in 2002, and the “Alphard V” sold at the Toyota Vista store (later Netz store) will shift to the second generation in 2008. There is a history that it was split from the Alphard and appeared as a different model Vellfire.

Therefore, the Alphard and Vellfire have different interior and exterior characters, but they are siblings that share the same basic components.

It is no exaggeration to say that Alphard and Vellfire represent the domestic large minivan market, and both models had abundant grades, but Toyota abolished the sales channel system in April 2019, and all stores. Now handles all car models. As a result, Vellfire was subject to grade adjustment, and now it is a mono grade only for “GOLDEN EYES II” .

In addition, the powertrain has also been organized, and the 3.5LV6 engine that was previously set has been abolished, and the lineup has a 2.5L in-line 4-cylinder gasoline engine and a hybrid car with a 2.5L gasoline engine + motor .

Equipment for Vellfire

Here, let’s take a look at what equipment is installed in the Vellfire. In Vellfire, there is not much difference in equipment between gasoline and hybrid vehicles.


In addition, we will introduce the interior and safety performance in detail in a separate article.


The exterior of the Vellfire is characterized by expressing strength and innovation , while its sister car, the Alphard, pursues sophistication and luxury .

Exterior/SuspensionSource: Toyota “Vellfire” price/grade

The headlamps are divided into upper and lower parts, which has been inherited from the first model, creating a sharp atmosphere. In addition to adopting a three-lens type, the current model incorporates a sequential type that lights up in a flowing manner for the turn lamps, highlighting its innovativeness .

The front grille, bonnet hood molding, and LED front fog lamp molding are coated with jet black plating , creating a masculine and powerful front face that is completely different from the Alphard.

Exterior/SuspensionSource: Toyota “Vellfire” price/grade

The suspension is different between hybrid and gasoline vehicles, and hybrid vehicles have 17-inch aluminum wheels with hyper chrome metallic paint.

Exterior/SuspensionSource: Toyota “Vellfire” price/grade

Gasoline cars are equipped with 18-inch aluminum wheels with high-brightness paint, which are an inch higher than hybrid cars.

In addition, gasoline 2WD vehicles can be changed to the same type as hybrid vehicles, and 4WD vehicles can be changed to 16-inch aluminum wheels.


Comfort equipment

Vellfire is equipped with a variety of comfortable equipment like a luxury minivan. Of course, it is equipped with a smart entry + push start system that can unlock and lock the doors and start the engine without key operation . The smart key is decorated with gold plating.

comfort equipmentSource: Toyota “Vellfire” Features

In addition, dual power sliding doors with a one-touch switch that automatically opens the door by simply touching the switch on the door handle are equipped as standard if the smart key is worn . Equipped with an anti-pinch function and an easy closer that automatically closes the door when the door is partially closed .

In addition, if you make a reservation with a smart key in advance, the “welcome power sliding door function” that automatically opens the door just by approaching the sliding door, and if you touch the sensor on the door handle before the sliding door is completely closed, the door will be locked . There is also a function that can be reserved , so there is no need to wait for the door to be fully closed.

comfort equipmentSource: Toyota “Vellfire” Features

In addition to the fully automatic air conditioning system, it also comes equipped with a function to freshen the air inside the car with a weakly acidic “nanoe” that is gentle on the skin and hair. Nanoe air outlets are installed not only in the front seats, but also in the rear seats, so you will be comfortable wherever you sit.

comfort equipmentSource: Toyota “Vellfire” Features

In the central part of the instrument panel, a display audio equipped with an audio function and a smartphone link function is installed It is an excellent product that allows you to operate the familiar apps that you always use on your smartphone on the display.

comfort equipmentSource: Toyota “Vellfire” Features

As an option, it is also possible to upgrade to “T-Connect SD navigation system + JBL premium sound system” . It is a multifunctional navigation system that can use not only audio functions and smartphone link functions, but also SD navigation systems, ETC 2.0 units, and connected services.


A 17-speaker JBL premium sound system is also installed, making it a great option for those who want to enjoy music in the car. Vellfire can also add a rear seat entertainment system with a 13.3-inch display .

Vellfire’s grade is “GOLDEN EYES II” only

VELLFIRE’s grade is only “GOLDEN EYES II”, so all you have to do is choose the powertrain and drive system. If you want to pursue the luxury of a luxury car, you should consider adding options.

Choose the most suitable VELLFIRE considering the balance between fuel consumption and price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is VELLFIRE’s grade structure?

A: The Vellfire is a sister car derived from Toyota’s very popular luxury minivan “Alphard”. The grades have been organized, and now it is a mono grade only for “GOLDEN EYES II”.

Q2: What about the exterior of the Vellfire?

A: The exterior of the Vellfire expresses strength and innovation, and adopts a headlamp design that is divided into two parts, a tri-lens LED headlamp, and sequential turn lamps. In addition, the front grille and bonnet hood molding are treated with jet black plating, which emphasizes sharpness.

Q3: What are Vellfire’s comfortable equipment?


A: Equipped with “nanoe” with air outlets in the front and rear seats and display audio with smartphone link function. In addition, display audio can be upgraded to “T-Connect SD navigation system + JBL premium sound system”.

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