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The popular SUV model “X-Trail” equipped with an advanced driving support system. I would especially like to recommend the X-Trail to those who want an SUV that looks a little stylish but can also drive on rough roads, those who are looking for a hybrid SUV, and those who want to experience the world of self-driving “entrance”.

Grade selection is important when choosing a car model. Even with the same model, slight differences in specifications can result in large differences in ride comfort, ease of use, and price. Check out the features and differences of each grade and consider which grade is right for you. Here, we will introduce the grade of Nissan “X-Trail”.

  • X-Trail has many options
  • “20S” is only for 4WD vehicles
  • The 3rd row seat can be selected “20Xi”

X-TRAIL grade composition

The grade of X-TRAIL is roughly divided into two types, “20S” and “20Xi” , and gasoline cars and hybrid cars are prepared for each.

“20S” is a 4WD-only grade, and “20Xi” has 2WD and 4WD settings, but in November 2020, the name of the 4WD gasoline vehicle was changed to “V Selection” for all grades .

In addition to the 2-row seats, the 20Xi also has a 3-row seat option. There is also a “leather edition” that uses leather for the interior .

In addition, the X-TRAIL “AUTECH” with exclusive blue color for the exterior and interior, the “NISMO Performance Package” that utilizes the racing know-how in motor sports, and the special edition “Xtremer X” that aims for the ultimate presence. Special specification cars and customized cars are also available.

Equipment details for each X-Trail grade

From here, let’s take a look at the characteristics of each X-TRAIL grade.

The most basic “20S” grade

The most basic "20S" gradeSource: Nissan “X-Trail” price/grade

20S is the most basic grade of X-TRAIL Although it is the most reasonably priced grade of the X-Trail and is only available in 4WD, it is still equipped with functions that allow you to realize the charm of the X-Trail, which runs at the top of the middle class SUV.

Nice specifications for outdoor use

A waterproof sheet and a waterproof floor are standard equipment, so you can put items that get wet or dirty during leisure activities or outdoors without worrying about it, and it is easy to clean even if you ride with wet shoes.

Equipped with advanced equipment

Equipped with advanced safety technologies such as “Pedal Misstep Prevention Assist”, “Intelligent Emergency Braking”, and “Lane Departure Warning” The “Intelligent Ride Control” that suppresses vibrations even on bumpy roads, and the “Intelligent Engine Brake” that makes cornering and braking easier, and other advanced technologies provide comfortable driving that supports both everyday and extraordinary situations. I guess.

A steering switch that allows you to operate audio and hands-free phone without taking your hands off the steering wheel is also standard equipment.

There is a difference in equipment content between gasoline and hybrid vehicles

Gasoline cars do not have an intelligent key system that allows you to lock and unlock the doors without key operation, and the air conditioner is a manual air conditioner. The difference is that it is equipped with an automatic air conditioner with an independent temperature control function


“20Xi” grade with improved safety and comfort

"20Xi" grade with improved safety and comfortSource: Nissan “X-Trail” price/grade

The 20Xi , which is located in the upper grade of the 20S, is equipped with various advanced safety technologies in addition to the equipment of the 20S, and is characterized by greatly improving safety.

Equipped with “ProPILOT”

With Nissan’s state-of-the-art driving support technology, the system assists steering, accelerator, and brake operations on highways to greatly reduce the driver’s driving load . There is also a function that detects approaching vehicles and supports safe lane changes, so you can enjoy long drives more safely and securely.

Fully equipped to enhance operability and comfort

In addition , the use of an electric parking brake is a point that can be evaluated to improve operability. There is also an “auto brake hold” that keeps the car stopped even if you take your foot off the brake while the car is stopped .

In addition, from this grade, regardless of whether it is a gasoline car or a hybrid car, an intelligent key, a push engine starter, and an automatic air conditioner with an independent temperature control function for the driver’s and passenger’s seats are standard equipment.

In addition, the headlamps are now LED, improving visibility and visibility at night, and the addition of an advanced essence to the look is also noteworthy. In addition, roof rails are standard equipment, and it can be said that this is a grade that allows you to enjoy a more SUV-like style. Roof rails can also be selected with less specifications.

In addition, it is also worth noting that the 3-row seat model is only available as a gasoline model of this grade .


“20Xi Leather Edition” equipped with genuine leather seats

"20Xi leather edition" equipped with genuine leather seats_01Source: Nissan “X-Trail” price/grade

The “20Xi Leather Edition” , which was newly added in January 2020 with some improvements, is a grade that features a luxurious interior with genuine leather seats as standard equipment .

"20Xi Leather Edition" equipped with genuine leather seats2Source: Nissan Motor Newsroom

It can be said that it is a nice specification for those who do not feel the need for waterproof seats and floors, which is one of the attractions of the X-TRAIL, and who seek high quality and luxury in a car. Equipment contents other than seat and interior materials conform to “20Xi”.


Also, in November 2020, it became possible to select black genuine leather seats as an option

“20Xi” which can be used hard and does not choose a driver is recommended

You can fully enjoy the spaciousness and toughness of the interior space that can carry large and heavy luggage, and the powerful driving that can run off-road steadily in any grade, but the burden on the driver will increase, such as driving for a long time or driving on rough roads. Considering that it is a small SUV, we recommend the 20Xi, which is equipped with various advanced technologies that minimize the driver’s operational burden.

Grasping the characteristics of the grade is also very useful for choosing a car. The equipment and functions of the X-Trail differ considerably depending on the grade, so understand the characteristics and differences of each and carefully consider which grade is best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the grade composition of X-TRAIL?

A: The grade of X-TRAIL is roughly divided into “20S” and “20Xi”. The “20S” is 4WD only and does not have a 2WD setting. Each has a hybrid car and a gasoline car setting, and the 3rd row seat can be selected for the gasoline car of “20Xi”. The X-TRAIL gasoline 4WD model is called “V Selection”.

Q2: Does the X-Trail have a special edition model?

A: Yes, X-Trail has several types of special and customized cars. There are AUTECH, which has a special blue color for the exterior and interior, NISMO Performance Package, which makes full use of technology honed through motor sports, and Extremer X, which aims for the ultimate presence with a powerful design. .

Q3: What is the recommended grade of X-TRAIL?

A: In addition to the “ProPILOT” system, which greatly reduces the driver’s workload by assisting steering, accelerator, and brake operations on highways that Nissan is proud of, the “Electric Parking Brake” that can operate the parking brake with a switch, We recommend the “20Xi”, which has functions such as “auto brake hold” that maintains the stop even if you take your foot off the brake.


*The content of the article is written based on information as of March 2021.

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