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There are many points that you want to check when choosing a car, but one of the things you want to pay particular attention to is fuel efficiency. Of course, fuel efficiency varies from car to car, and it also affects fuel costs, which account for a large percentage of maintenance costs.

  • Sylphy’s JC08 mode catalog fuel consumption is 15.6km/L, actual fuel consumption is 12.0km/L
  • Sylphy has one type of powertrain
  • Sylphy’s fuel efficiency performance is almost the same as that of its rival Toyota “Allion”, but not as good as Mazda “Mazda 3 sedan”
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Sylphy’s fuel efficiency characteristics

The current Sylphy, the second-generation model that appeared in December 2012, adopts a newly developed 1.8L in-line 4-cylinder engine that thoroughly improves combustion efficiency by extending the stroke, reduces friction, and improves intake and exhaust efficiency. In addition, the combination of a new-generation XTRONIC CVT with an auxiliary gearbox that is compact, lightweight, and highly efficient has improved fuel efficiency compared to conventional models.

Catalog mileage of Sylphy

The powertrain adopted for the Sylphy is one type of 1.8L in-line 4-cylinder petrol engine, and the drive system is 2WD only.

Sylphy’s JC08 mode catalog fuel efficiency is as follows.

grade Fuel consumption (km/L)
S. 15.6
X 15.6
G. 15.6
G Legrand 15.6
S-touring no official data


Sylphy’s actual fuel consumption

According to the site ” e Fuel Economy ” that collects the actual fuel consumption data of owners currently riding Sylphy, the actual fuel consumption of Sylphy is 12.0km/L for all grades.

JC08 mode fuel efficiency is measured under certain conditions on a flat, straight road without using lights or air conditioners, so it has a strong meaning as a numerical value used as an index. However, in our daily life, we drive in various places, usually use electrical equipment such as air conditioners and navigation systems, and load heavy luggage, so it is common that there is a difference between the catalog fuel consumption and the actual fuel consumption. is.

The actual fuel consumption varies depending on the road surface conditions and driving method, but it is said that the actual fuel consumption is about 30% lower on average. Considering that point, the difference between Sylphy’s catalog fuel consumption and actual fuel consumption is less than the average value, and it can be said that it is excellent .

Sylphy’s driving performance and ride comfort

Sylphy's driving performance and ride comfortSource: Nissan “Sylphy” exterior and interior

The Sylphy employs a highly rigid body to suppress vibration, and the optimal placement of sound insulation/damping and sound absorbing materials ensures a quiet and comfortable interior space suitable for a high-quality sedan in all driving situations. doing.

In addition, the body shape has been devised to reduce aerodynamic resistance , and the front spoiler has been enlarged and the tire deflectors have been placed to optimize the air flow under the floor, improving stability at high speeds. It is also worth mentioning that you can enjoy stress-free driving with peace of mind even on highways .

Check your car’s fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency varies greatly depending on the model. The Sylphy, which has a longer model life, does not use the fuel efficiency improvement technology of recent years, so it does not have outstanding fuel efficiency, but it has enough fuel efficiency to be used on a daily basis without anxiety.

Fuel costs account for a large part of the maintenance costs of a car, so it is recommended that you carefully check the fuel efficiency before choosing a car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Sylphy’s catalog fuel efficiency?

A: The powertrain used in the Sylphy is a 1.8L in-line 4-cylinder petrol engine, and the drive system is 2WD only. JC08 mode catalog fuel economy is 15.6km/L for all grades.

Q2: How much difference is Sylphy’s actual fuel efficiency from catalog fuel efficiency?

A: Sylphy’s actual fuel consumption is 12.0km/L. The JC08 mode fuel efficiency used by Sylphy is a numerical value that can be said to be an index measured by driving on a flat and straight road under certain conditions such as not using electrical equipment. In reality, driving on slopes and unpaved roads and using electrical equipment generally results in a difference of about 30% between catalog fuel consumption and actual fuel consumption. Considering that point, the difference between Sylphy’s catalog fuel consumption and actual fuel consumption can be said to be within the average range.

Q3: What about Sylphy’s driving performance and ride comfort?

A: In addition to adopting a highly rigid body, the Sylphy achieves a quiet and comfortable ride with little vibration through the optimal placement of sound insulation/damping materials and sound absorbing materials. It also features a body shape with less air resistance, a larger front spoiler, and the installation of a tire deflector to improve stability at high speeds.


*The content of the article is written with information as of February 2021.

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