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How you use your car is up to you, but it’s best to make your trip as comfortable as possible. In order to have a comfortable and enjoyable car life, it is important to check in advance the interior of the car, which affects the comfort of driving and the good life. An even more powerfull sister is the Nissan Sylphy.

Here, we will introduce the interior of Nissan “Sylphy”.

  • Secure a spacious knee room
  • Chic and calm interior design
  • The luggage compartment is large enough to hold four 9-inch golf bags.
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Features of Sylphy’s interior space

The second-generation Sylphy, which debuted in December 2012, is characterized by a spacious knee room that rivals that of a higher-grade L-size sedan through optimization of interior packaging. Even the rear seats, which tend to feel cramped in general, are spacious enough to cross your legs, so you can relax while traveling.

In addition, shoulder room has been expanded by 30 mm compared to the previous model, improving comfort on long drives. In addition, the doors are made thicker to give more room to the armrests, and the side portions of the backrests of the rear seats are flattened to improve comfort and ease of getting in and out when three people are sitting in the rear seats. Various considerations can be seen to enhance livability in parts.

Interiors for each Sylphy grade

From here, let’s take a look at the interior of each grade of Sylphy.

“S””X””S Touring” with chic interior

Sylphy’s interior is attractive with its calming chic . As the main target is the silver generation who are familiar with sedans, it is characterized by maintaining good quality without making you feel cheap even if it is a base or intermediate grade.

There are two interior colors, black and feather gray with a beige nuance .

Chic interior "S": "X": "S Touring"Source: Nissan “Sylphy” exterior and interior

Chic interior "S": "X": "S Touring" 2Source: Nissan “Sylphy” exterior and interior

Sheet made of suede-like material that feels good to the touch

Sheet made of suede-like material that feels good to the touchSource: Nissan “Sylphy” exterior and interior

“S” and “X” use a suede-like sheet that is attractive to the touchThe pattern on the seat gives it a higher quality. The interior of the “S” and “X” are almost the same, and the difference is that the “S” has a urethane steering wheel, while the “X” is equipped with a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

In addition, the interior of the special edition “S Touring” , which is equipped with aero parts and has a sporty appeal , conforms to the “X”.


“G” which lets you feel higher quality

"G" which lets you feel higher qualitySource: Nissan “Sylphy” exterior and interior

Wood grain finisher creates quality

The upper grade “G” has a wood-grain finisher on the console and front doors, and the interior is one rank higher than the “S” and “X”.

Wood grain finisher creates qualitySource: Nissan “Sylphy” exterior and interior

The seat material has also been upgraded to a combination of suede and brushed fabric. The interior color can be selected from two colors, black and feather gray, as with “S” and “X” .


Special edition car “G Legrand” with a premium feel that exceeds its class

Special edition car "G Legrand" with a premium feel that exceeds its classSource: Nissan “Sylphy” exterior and interior

Comes standard with genuine leather seats

Comes standard with genuine leather seatsSource: Nissan “Sylphy” exterior and interior

The G Legrand , which is based on the high-grade G , is a special edition car with a premium feel that exceeds its class .

Genuine leather is used luxuriously for the seat material In addition, the exclusive synthetic leather door trim is adopted, and it is attractive that you can relax comfortably in the luxurious interior. In addition, the interior color of “G Legrand” is only black.

Storage around Sylphy’s seat

When choosing a car, it is easy to forget to check the storage around the seat. Be sure to check the location of the small items and drinks you need when driving, as they will affect your comfort. Here, we’ll take a look at the storage around Sylphy’s seat.

Front cup holder

front cup holderSource: Nissan “Sylphy” function and comfort

The front seat cupholders are located in the center console. Since it comes with a shutter, it will also be useful as an accessory case.

Center console box with armrest

Center console box with armrestSource: Nissan “Sylphy” function and comfort

The center console box isn’t that big, but it’s convenient for storing hand towels, coin purses, and other things you need for a drive. If you close the lid that doubles as an armrest, the stored items will not be visible from the outside.

Overhead console & map lamp

Overhead console & map lampSource: Nissan “Sylphy” function and comfort

The overhead console installed in the upper part of the vehicle is ideal for storing sunglasses and eyeglasses. The map lamp uses an LED that illuminates brighter while saving power.

Two-stage glove box (standard on “G” and “G Legrand”)

Two-stage glove box (standard on "G" and "G Legrand")Source: Nissan “Sylphy” function and comfort

The glove box has a partition and has two levels. The glove box is often used to hold documents such as automobile inspection certificates and automobile liability insurance cards, but the partitions keep the inside clean and organized, so you can quickly retrieve the documents you need.

It is also attractive that it is easy to use even if the inside of the car is dark, such as at night, because it is equipped with lighting.

Grades other than “G” and “G Legrand” are equipped with a normal glove box (with lighting) that is not a two-stage type.

Rear armrest (with cup holder)

Rear armrest (with cup holder)Source: Nissan “Sylphy” function and comfort

There are two cup holders in the rear seat armrests. It would be nice to have a place to put drinks firmly in the back seat.

Driver’s seat/passenger seat back pocket

Driver's seat/passenger seat back pocketSource: Nissan “Sylphy” function and comfort

Sylphy has seat back pockets for both the driver and passenger seats. Now that car navigation systems have become commonplace, some people say that the seat back pocket, which was originally used to store maps, is no longer necessary, but it can also be used as a storage space for tablets, magazines, etc. It may be useful depending on the ingenuity.

Sylphy’s cargo room and seating arrangement

Sylphy's cargo room and seating arrangementSource: Nissan “Sylphy” function and comfort

Although the Sylphy is a sedan, it has ample luggage space, and can store four 9-inch golf bags . It can be said that there is enough space to safely load luggage even when golfing or traveling.

Currently, there are sedan models that use split-folding seats for the rear seats, but Sylphy does not use split-folding seats, and the rear seats are not foldable. Seating arrangements cannot be made.


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