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Compact SUVs are gaining popularity in Kenya, but middle-class SUVs are attracting attention worldwide. Mazda CX-5 and Nissan X-Trail compete in such a world. Which is the best choice, the CX-5, which just switched to the second generation in February this year, or the much-talked-about X-Trail that adopted the autonomous driving support technology “ProPILOT” in June?

Middle-class SUVs are popular around the world

The body type that is gaining popularity among new cars is the SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle). Not only outdoor enthusiasts, but also people who mainly ride in the city have been choosing it recently because of its good visibility and coolness. In Japan, the compact SUV that Honda Vezel competes with the Toyota C-HR, which has suddenly become a best-seller, is attracting attention. Applicable domestic vehicles include Nissan X-Trail and Mazda CX-5.

These two are global strategic vehicles, but they are also popular in Japan. Looking at the number of new car sales in the first half of 2017 (January to June), among compact cars and minivans, the Nissan X-Trail ranked 18th with 29,383 units, and the Mazda CX-5 ranked 24th with 22,844 units. I know you are doing well.

This time, the CX-5, which has just undergone a full model change in February this year, and the X-Trail, which also has the same-lane highway automatic driving technology “ProPILOT” in June, are two popular models of this middle-sized SUV. , Let’s introduce which one to buy.

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Trendy styling and 3-row seats

The trendy style and 3-row seats are weapons ①

The trendy style and three-row seats are weapons ②

The first is the Nissan X-Trail. The current X-TRAIL is the third generation. The current model is characterized by a change from the linear and tool-like exterior design of its predecessor to a modern design that uses many curves in line with the trends of other companies’ SUVs. In addition, it is also an appealing point that the current model has a 3-row seat for 7 people, which was previously only a 2-row seat for 5 people.

Weapon 3: Trendy style and 3-row seats

There are two types of engines installed: a 2L in-line 4-cylinder gasoline engine that generates a maximum output of 147ps and a maximum torque of 297Nm, and a hybrid that combines the engine with a motor that generates a maximum output of 41ps and a maximum torque of 160Nm. Both the 2L engine and the hybrid have both high output and excellent fuel efficiency performance, and the JC08 mode fuel efficiency is 15.6 to 16.4km/L for the 2L gasoline vehicle and 20.0 to 20.8km/L for the hybrid vehicle.

Since the transmission is a CVT, it is smooth in urban areas, but when you step on it, the particularly weak 2L engine gives the impression that it lacks directness.

The popular 4WD system has been updated to the latest version

The popular 4WD system has been updated to the latest version

In terms of driving performance, the adoption of the latest electronic control system is a topic. In particular, “Intelligent Ride Control”, which controls engine output and other factors to suppress vertical movement regardless of road surface conditions, makes us feel that it contributes to improving ride comfort, which was previously considered a weak point of the X-TRAIL. In addition, the “intelligent engine brake”, which shifts the CVT and activates the engine brake during cornering and braking, is certainly effective in reducing the driver’s operation load.

The well-established 4WD system is equipped with a computer that instantly switches the front and rear torque distribution from 100:0 to about 50:50 according to the driving conditions, demonstrating high stability even on slippery roads. 4×4i” has evolved. Like the latest system, it is also lightweight and minimizes the deterioration of fuel efficiency.

“Tough gear” is alive and well in the interior

"Tough gear" is alive and well in the interior ①

"Tough gear" is alive and well in the interior ②

"Tough gear" is alive and well in the interior ③

"Tough gear" is alive and well in the interior ④

"Tough gear" is alive and well in the interior ⑤

"Tough gear" is alive and well in the interior ⑥

The interior uses waterproof specifications for all seats, floors, and luggage. The X-TRAIL tradition of tough gear has been firmly inherited. In addition, minor changes were made in June 2017, and the interior and exterior designs were changed. A remote-controlled automatic back door with a hands-free function has been added, allowing the back door to be opened and closed simply by putting one’s foot under the rear bumper and pulling it.

Adopted the much-talked-about “ProPILOT” following Serena

Adopted the much-talked-about “ProPILOT” following Serena

However, the biggest news is that it is equipped with “ProPILOT”, a highway same-lane automatic driving technology that automatically controls all acceleration, braking, and steering on highways and supports the driver, which was adopted by Serena and became a hot topic. I would have done it. By installing this ProPILOT, the tough gear feeling of the conventional X-TRAIL has been added to the on-road advancedness and comfort. ProPILOT is also a “support technology”, so it is not completely “automated driving”, but it is attractive to be able to experience the world of “entrance”.

Lower and wider second-generation CX-5

Lower and wider second-generation CX-5 (1)

Lower and wider second-generation CX-5②

On the other hand, the Mazda CX-5, which debuted in 2012, attracted a lot of attention as the first model fully equipped with Mazda’s new generation technology group, “Sky Active Technology”. And in February 2017, it underwent a full model change and just became the second generation. The body size is 4545mm long x 1840mm wide x 1690mm wide, almost unchanged from the popular predecessor model. The CX-5 is only a 5-seater, 2-row seat vehicle, so compared to the X-Trail, which has a 7-seater, the overall length is 145mm shorter, but the overall width is 20mm wider and the overall height is 50mm lower, giving it a wide and low stylish appearance. is characteristic.

High-quality interior incorporating the latest trends

High-quality interior that incorporates the latest trends ①

High-quality interior that incorporates the latest trends ②

High-quality interior that incorporates the latest trends ③

High-quality interior that incorporates the latest trends ④

Another evolution of the second-generation CX-5 is the texture of the interior. Incorporating the latest trend to create a horizontal line in the lower position of the dashboard, and using soft materials for the parts that touch the hand, I have the impression that it is closer to the European premium brands.

Steady improvements to the mainstay diesel engine

Steady improvements to the mainstay diesel engine

There are three types of engines installed in the CX-5. The main engine is a 2.2L in-line 4-cylinder diesel turbo that achieves both high output and low fuel consumption with a maximum output of 175ps and JC08 mode fuel consumption of 17.2-18.0km/L. The 2.5L in-line 4-cylinder gasoline engine achieves a well-balanced maximum output of 190ps (184ps for 4WD) and JC08 mode fuel economy of 14.6-14.8km/L. A 2L in-line 4 gasoline engine that is installed only in FF vehicles and achieves a maximum output of 155ps and a JC08 mode fuel efficiency of 16.0km/L is also available.

All engines are highly efficient, but the 2.2L diesel turbo engine has “DE precision supercharging control” that improves the response to accelerator operation and the knocking sound that is unique to diesel engines. Quietness is enhanced by the “Natural Sound Smoother” that reduces noise.

All engines are paired with a 6-speed AT. Considering the European market, it is a torque converter AT instead of a CVT, which is a point that will be highly evaluated by those who like driving.

4WD system that has evolved at once, Mazda’s unique vehicle control is also attractive

The drive system is available in 2WD and 4WD depending on the engine. 4WD is equipped with a system called “i-ACTIV 4WD”. Real-time monitoring of tire slip, which is so slight that the driver cannot perceive it, and active automatic control of driving force provides excellent driving stability. Until then, Mazda’s 4WD was unremarkable, but this “i-ACTIV 4WD” is an excellent product that is said to have entered the leading group at once.

In addition, the CX-5 also uses Mazda’s unique vehicle attitude control called “G-Vectoring”. This is a control function that suppresses the tilt of the car on curves without the driver being aware of it, realizing a comfortable ride with little shaking. To put it more simply, even if you get in the passenger seat of a person who is not good at driving, such as suddenly turning the steering wheel at a corner, the car will cover you, so it has the advantage of preventing sickness. People who are not good at driving are not aware of it (?), so it is difficult to appeal to them, but this is also an excellent technology.

Plenty of advanced safe driving support devices

Plenty of advanced safe driving support devices

The safety equipment is also equipped with an advanced safety technology group called “i-AVTIVESENSE”. Starting with “adaptive LED headlights” that change the irradiation range according to driving conditions, “Mazda radar cruise control with all speed tracking function” that accelerates and brakes according to the preceding vehicle between 0km / h and a set speed, We have adopted the “Advanced Smart City Brake Support” shock reduction braking system.

Two units of equal strength, same price

Driving performance regardless of ON/OFF and excellent fuel efficiency. In terms of advanced safety equipment, the X-Trail and the CX-5 can be said to be on par with each other. In terms of driving assistance systems, the X-Trail is ahead in that it is equipped with “ProPilot”, which corrects the steering wheel while driving on the highway and drives in the middle of the lane. However, while the X-Trail has advanced driver assistance systems such as ProPILOT as an option, the CX-5 is equipped with proactive and L package as standard equipment.

The recommended grade is the X-Trail 20X 7-seater equipped with a 2L gasoline engine. The 2L gasoline engine has high fuel efficiency in actual driving, and the price difference between hybrid cars should be invested in enhanced safety equipment. Moreover, the 3-row 7-seater is a point that can only be selected for the X-TRAIL.

On the other hand, for the CX-5, we recommend the diesel XD Proactive for those who drive a lot of mileage per year. And users who live in the city center who mainly ride in the city and rarely go on snowy roads will be highly satisfied with the 20S Proactive equipped with a 2L gasoline engine. Although it is a popular SUV, it is important to choose the engine type and drive system that match the usage.

CX-5 if you want to use the original SUV

CX-5 if you want to use the original SUV


Well, let’s draw a conclusion about these two cars that are on par with each other. Given the way SUVs are supposed to be used for long trips, I recommend the CX-5, which has a clever six-speed automatic transmission paired with a powerful diesel engine. However, both cars are capable cars developed with the global market in mind, so I think you will be very satisfied with either car.


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