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Fuel efficiency, which represents the distance traveled per liter of gasoline, is an important point when choosing a car. We thoroughly investigated the fuel efficiency of the X-TRAIL, a popular middle-class SUV that achieves low fuel consumption while having both off-road toughness and stylish design, along with verification in actual driving.

✔ Click here for WLTC mode catalog fuel consumption and actual fuel consumption by power source / drive system

  Drive system Catalog fuel efficiency (km/L) Actual fuel consumption (km/L)
gasoline car 2WD 12.8~13.2 11.0
4WD 12.2-13.2 10.8
hybrid car 2WD 15.0 12.6
4WD 13.8 11.9


✔ It lags behind the fuel efficiency of rival cars Toyota “Harrier” and Mazda “CX-5”
✔ Except for hybrid 4WD vehicles, the difference between catalog fuel efficiency and actual fuel efficiency is about average

Fuel economy characteristics of the X-TRAIL

The X-TRAIL gasoline model is equipped with a direct-injection MR20DD engine that achieves high-torque, powerful driving while achieving low fuel consumption by increasing thermal efficiency through direct injection of fuel into the cylinder. In addition, the hybrid vehicle achieves overwhelming high power and low fuel consumption in combination with the RM31 motor .

In addition, the “ECO mode” suppresses unnecessary engine speed fluctuations with a single switch, switches the CVT response and shift schedule to a fuel-efficient mode, and fuel-efficient tires that reduce rolling resistance to the maximum while driving . It is equipped with various features that maximize fuel efficiency.

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X-trail catalog fuel economy

The X-TRAIL has a 2.0L in-line 4-cylinder gasoline engine with a maximum output of 147ps and a hybrid vehicle with the same gasoline engine + motor, and you can choose 2WD or 4WD for each.

X-TRAIL’s WLTC mode catalog fuel efficiency is as follows.

Gasoline car

grade Drive system Fuel consumption (km/L)
20S V Selection 4WD 13.2
20Xi 2WD 12.8~13.2
20Xi V Selection 4WD 12.2-12.6
20Xi Leather Edition 2WD 13.2
20Xi Leather Edition V Selection 4WD 12.6


Hybrid car

grade Drive system Fuel consumption (km/L)
20S HYBRID 4WD 13.8
20Xi HYBRID 2WD 15.0
4WD 13.8
20Xi HYBRID Leather Edition 2WD 15.0
4WD 13.8


Actual fuel consumption of X-TRAIL

According to the site ” e fuel consumption “, which collects the actual fuel consumption data of owners currently riding X-Trail, the actual fuel consumption of X-Trail (as of March 21, 2021) is as follows.

  Drive system Fuel consumption (km/L)
gasoline car 2WD 11.0
4WD 10.8
hybrid car 2WD 12.6
4WD 11.9


The JC08 mode, which has traditionally been used in Japan, is measured by driving on a flat road under certain conditions, but the newly adopted WLTC mode is based on the actual usage environment such as “urban area”, “suburb”, and “highway”. Since it is measured in close conditions, the difference between the JC08 mode catalog fuel efficiency and the actual fuel efficiency is said to be about 30%, while the difference between the WLTC mode and the actual fuel efficiency is said to be about 10-1.50%.

The difference between the X-TRAIL’s catalog fuel consumption and actual fuel consumption is slightly larger for hybrid 4WD vehicles, but other than that, it can be said that it is about average.


Compare the catalog fuel economy of X-Trail’s rival cars

Speaking of middle-class SUVs, Toyota’s “Harrier” and Mazda’s “CX-5” are popular alongside the X-Trail . How is the fuel efficiency compared to the X-Trail? Let’s compare each catalog fuel economy.

Toyota “Harrier”

Toyota "Harrier"Source: Toyota “Harrier” Gallery

Toyota “Harrier” is attractive with a stylish exterior design full of luxury A full model change in June 2020, it is a model that boasts immovable popularity as a premium SUV with higher safety performance and advanced technology.

Harrier’s WLTC mode catalog fuel efficiency is as follows.

  Drive system Fuel consumption (km/L)
hybrid car 2WD 22.3
4WD 21.6
gasoline car 2WD 15.4
4WD 14.7


The Harrier has a larger body than the X-Trail, but both hybrid and gasoline vehicles have better fuel efficiency than the X-Trail.

Mazda “CX-5”

Mazda "CX-5"Source: Features of Mazda “CX-5” CX-5

The Mazda “CX-5” is characterized by driving at the driver’s will and a high-quality exterior design. This is the first model of Mazda’s new generation technology group “Sky Active Technology”.

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