Subaru legacy outback review and specs in Kenya


Subaru legacy outback review and specs in Kenya

Subaru legacy outback review and specs in Kenya

It is said that there are more than a few people who, even if they put a lot of effort into choosing a car model, they do not know the difference, so they make a haphazard decision because it is troublesome when it comes to choosing a grade. However, since the equipment content differs depending on the grade of the car, it can be said that one of the points to get a highly satisfying car life is to check carefully and get the grade that is suitable for you.

Here, we will introduce the grades of the Subaru “Legacy Outback”.

  • There are three grades: “B-SPORT”, “X-BREAK” and “Limited”
  • “X-BREAK” has a different personality from the other two grades
  • The recommended grade is “B-SPORT”

Legacy Outback grade configuration

There are three grades of the Legacy Outback, “B-SPORT”, “X-BREAK” and “Limited” , and the price increases in order from “B-SPORT”. It can be said that the number of grades is a relatively small model.

The powertrain of the Legacy Outback is 2.5L horizontally opposed gasoline engine + Lineartronic, 4WD only, and there is no difference in driving performance and fuel efficiency depending on the grade.

Equipment details for each Legacy Outback grade

From here, let’s take a look at the equipment content for each grade of the Legacy Outback. In addition, the interior and safety performance are introduced in detail in a separate article.

Learn more about the interior of the Legacy Outback

“B-SPORT” with attractive equipment content

"B-SPORT" with attractive equipment contentSource: Subaru “Legacy Outback” grade and price

Since the Legacy Outback is Subaru’s best crossover model, even the cheapest “B-SPORT” is fully equipped.

Sporty and fearless looks

Sporty and fearless looks_01Source: Exterior of Subaru “Legacy Outback”

The “B-SPORT” is characterized by the use of dark plating on the front grille and ornaments, giving it a fearless and sporty look.

Sporty and fearless looks_02Source: Exterior of Subaru “Legacy Outback”

The 18-inch aluminum wheels are machined with a dark gray metallic finish. The sharpness of the wheel shape is emphasized.

Fully equipped to support a comfortable drive

The Legacy Outback is also well equipped for a comfortable drive.

Fully equipped to support a comfortable drive_01Source: Subaru “Legacy Outback” driving equipment

If you carry an access key, you can unlock or lock the door just by touching the sensor on the door handle, and the keyless access and push start that can start the engine by operating a switch are standard equipment. It also has a PIN key function that allows you to unlock the door even if you do not have the key at hand.

Fully equipped to support a comfortable drive_02Source: Subaru “Legacy Outback” driving equipment

An electric parking brake that can operate the parking brake with a switch, which has been increasingly installed in new models in recent years, is also used. Since the parking brake is released when stepping on the accelerator when starting, there is no need to forget to release it. In addition, there is also an auto vehicle hold that maintains the stopped state even if you take your foot off the brake pedal when stopping, so the driver’s driving load will be reduced when waiting for traffic lights or in traffic jams.

Fully equipped to support a comfortable drive_03Source: Subaru “Legacy Outback” driving equipment

Since the fully automatic air conditioner has independent left and right temperature control functions, the temperature can be adjusted separately for the driver and front passenger seats. In addition, the front seats are equipped with seat heaters that allow you to adjust the temperature in three stages, so you can enjoy driving comfortably in cold weather.

“X-BREAK” with an active atmosphere

"X-BREAK" with an active atmosphereSource: Subaru “Legacy Outback” grade and price

“X-BREAK” is a model that appeared as a special model for Subaru’s 60th anniversary in September 2018, and is a grade that combines the high quality of Legacy Outback with the fashion and functionality of outdoor sports .

Yellow green is used as an accent color

Using yellow green as an accent color_01Source: Exterior of Subaru “Legacy Outback”

The X-BREAK has a yellow-green accent accent on the front grille, which is finished in black with different textures of piano black and luster black . I am making it compatible.

Using yellow green as an accent color_02Source: Exterior of Subaru “Legacy Outback”

For the aluminum wheels, the B-SPORT adopts a dark metallic paint that gives a different impression from the B-SPORT A design that emphasizes straight lines makes its presence stand out.

Large crossbar built-in type roof rail that enhances SUV-likeness

Yellow-green is used as an accent color Large crossbar built-in type roof rail that enhances SUV-likenessSource: Exterior of Subaru “Legacy Outback”

Roof rails are standard equipment on all Legacy Outback models, but while other grades are low mount type, only this “X-BREAK” has a large crossbar built-in type roof rail with a built-in movable crossbar . adopted . It creates a more SUV-like tough atmosphere.

A power rear gate is standard equipment.

The X-BREAK and higher grades are equipped with a power rear gate that can be electrically operated to open and close the back door . It will come in handy when your hands are full or when it rains. It also has a memory function that allows you to set the opening of the back door at any position.

In addition, the addition of seat heaters on the left and right of the rear seats eliminates the difference in comfort between seats, which is a nice point.

Highest grade “Limited” with a dignified presence

Highest grade "Limited" with a dignified presence

Source: Subaru “Legacy Outback” grade and price

The highest grade, “Limited,” is a model with enhanced equipment content of the “B-SPORT.” “X-BREAK” is a version of the Legacy Outback that adds a more casual and active feel, and the direction is slightly different . The front grill is plated + gunmetal paint.

Equipped with front and rear bumper guards

Equipped with front and rear bumper guardsSource: Subaru “Legacy Outback” grade and price

The “Limited” version adds front and rear bumper guards to enhance its presence. The aluminum wheels have the same design as the “B-SPORT”, but the paint color is changed, and it is a dark metallic paint.

The roof rails are the same low-mounted type as the B-SPORT, but while the B-SPORT is painted black, the Limited has a brighter finish to create a more luxurious look. The exterior has a presence that befits the highest grade.

Other equipment includes seat heaters on the left and right of the rear seats, a steering heater, and a power rear gate to the contents of the “B-SPORT” .

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