Subaru outback legacy interior 2022


Subaru outback legacy interior 2022

Subaru outback legacy interior 2022

The “Legacy Outback” boasts a full range of equipment and high functionality typical of Subaru’s domestic flagship model, such as excellent driving performance and the adoption of the latest advanced safety technology. The Legacy Outback is available in two different grades, each with a different interior atmosphere.

Here’s a closer look at the interior of the Legacy Outback.

  • Secures a more spacious living space than the previous model
  • Nappa leather seats can be selected in “Limited EX”
  • With a luggage compartment capacity of 561 liters (including a sub-trunk), it achieves the high load capacity expected of a station wagon.

Features of the interior space of the Legacy Outback

By reviewing the body size and body structure, the current Legacy Outback has a more spacious interior space and luggage capacity than the previous model . We have further refined the comfort that can only be achieved by a large model, such as a sufficient distance between the left and right seats and ample legroom.

In addition to adopting seats that allow you to spend a comfortable time without feeling fatigue even on long drives, the driver’s seat, passenger seat, and the left and right rear seats are equipped with seat heaters that can adjust the temperature. . In addition, the rear seats are equipped with a ventilation function, so you can enjoy driving comfortably no matter where you sit .

The interior design combines the upper area, which expresses a sense of openness with a relaxed continuous molding, and the lower area, which creates a sense of envelopment, creating an interior space with a sense of security and quality. In addition, the cockpit features a large display and liquid crystal meters to express the cutting edge of a domestic flagship model that is equipped with many cutting-edge functions.

In addition, the “Harman Kardon Sound System” can be added as a factory option to all Legacy Outback models. We have adopted several of the latest technologies from the world-famous high-end audio manufacturer “HARMAN”, and you can enjoy high-quality, realistic stereo sound.

Interior of the Legacy Outback

From here, let’s take a look at the interior of each Legacy Outback grade.

“X-BREAK EX” with enhanced SUV elements

"X-BREAK EX" with enhanced SUV elementsSource: Subaru “Legacy Outback” grade and price

The “X-BREAK EX” has a tough SUV-like atmosphere with black everywhere on the exterior, and the interior is also characterized by pursuing the functionality of an SUV.

Water-repellent polyurethane is used for the seat cover. It is resistant to water and dirt and is easy to clean, so it is a great point for those who want to enjoy active outdoor leisure activities. People who often get in the car with small children and pets who often get their seats dirty will appreciate it.

The dark gray and black tones create a calm interior space, but the seats and instrument panel lower trim are accented with energy green stitching, bringing an aggressive atmosphere to the interior.


“Limited EX” with nappa leather seats

"Limited EX" with nappa leather seatsSource: Subaru “Legacy Outback” grade and price

The “Limited EX” pursues flagship-like quality with an exterior that shines with plating. The standard seating of the “Limited EX” is fabric with silver stitching, but you can choose Nappa leather seats as an option .

"Limited EX" 2 with optional Nappa leather seatsSource: Subaru “Legacy Outback” grade and price

"Limited EX" 3 with Nappa leather seatsSource: Subaru “Legacy Outback” grade and price

Nappa leather seats are available in two colors: tan, which gives a soft and luxurious impression, and black, which has a cool atmosphere while enhancing the quality. The tongue has orange stitching and the black has silver stitching.

Legacy Outback pockets

The Legacy Outback is equipped with a user-friendly pocket area so that you can enjoy driving in a neatly organized interior. In addition to the two front seats, cup holders are also provided in the rear seat center armrests, so rear seat occupants will not have trouble finding a place to store their drinks.

Legacy Outback pocketteriaSource: Subaru “Legacy Outback” Packaging & Cargo Room

There is also a side pocket (passenger side) on the floor console, so you can store a tablet etc. upright. In addition, the glove box, which is often used to store documents such as vehicle inspection certificates, is equipped with a light, so it will be easy to find the stored items even when the car is dark, such as at night.

Other features include an overhead console, floor console box, front shift pocket, and passenger tray.

Legacy Outback Pocketteria 2Source: Subaru “Legacy Outback” convenient equipment

In addition, the Legacy Outback is equipped with a total of four USB output power supplies that can charge smartphones, two in the front pocket and two in the rear seat. A USB power supply is one of the equipment that can be said to be an absolute necessity in today’s cars. The Legacy Outback also offers four, so each member of the family can keep their devices charged while on the road.

Legacy Outback Luggage & Seat Arrangement

Legacy Outback Luggage & Seat ArrangementSource: Subaru “Legacy Outback” Photo Gallery

The Legacy Outback has a luggage compartment of 561 liters (including a sub-trunk capacity of 39 liters), and one of its attractions is the high load capacity unique to a station wagon.

Not only does it have a large capacity, but it also has a flat design, so you can load your luggage efficiently without wasting space. In addition, the wide opening makes it easy to load large items of luggage, and the sub-trunk under the floor is useful for storing dirty or wet items. You can see the ingenuity.

In addition, the “Limited EX” comes standard with a “hands-free open power gate” that automatically opens the rear gate just by approaching the rear sensor while wearing the access key It is convenient when both hands are full. It can also be added as an option to “X-BREAK EX”.

Legacy Outback Luggage & Seat Arrangement 2Source: Subaru “Legacy Outback” Packaging & Cargo Room

In addition, the Legacy Outback uses a 6:4 split folding rear seat that can be easily folded forward from the luggage compartment side. With all the rear seats folded down, even if the bike is laid down on its side, there is still plenty of room to spare.

Legacy Outback Luggage & Seat Arrangement 3Source: Subaru “Legacy Outback” Packaging & Cargo Room

In addition, a variety of seat arrangements are possible according to the number of occupants and the size and amount of luggage, such as folding only one side of the rear seat and expanding the cargo space with people on the back seat.

Legacy Outback that achieves a high level of texture and functionality

The Legacy Outback, which is a fusion of a station wagon and an SUV, not only has the high loading capacity unique to a station wagon, but also has functions that enhance convenience, such as a variety of seat arrangements, a convenient pocket area, and a USB output power supply.
In addition, the spacious living space and high-quality interior design and use of materials combine functionality with the quality of a flagship model, so you can enjoy your car life comfortably anytime, regardless of the scene. it might be.

The texture and functionality of the interior of the car are greatly related to the quality of car life, so it is recommended to check the details when choosing a car.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the features of the Legacy Outback’s interior space?

A: The body size and vehicle structure of the current Legacy Outback have been revised to ensure a roomier interior space and load capacity than the previous model. With ample distance between the left and right seats and ample legroom, we have further refined the livability of a large model that allows you to relax in any seat.

Q2: Does the interior of the Legacy Outback differ by grade?

A: The “X-BREAK EX”, which has enhanced SUV elements, uses an easy-to-clean water-repellent polyurethane seat, and has energy green stitching to give it an aggressive look. The “Limited EX” has Nappa leather seats as an option. The standard fabric seats are only available in black, while the nappa leather seats are available in two colors: tan and black.

Q3: Can the Legacy Outback carry a lot of luggage?

A: The luggage compartment capacity including the sub-trunk of the Legacy Outback is 561L. It has a high load capacity unique to a station wagon. In addition, the rear seats can be easily operated from the luggage compartment side by adopting a 60:40 split folding type, so the luggage compartment can be expanded according to the amount and size of luggage.

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