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We are now in an era in which the fuel efficiency of a car affects not only the cost of fuel but also the taxes related to the car. Automobile tax and automobile weight tax are reduced for models that meet certain fuel efficiency standards, so be sure to check fuel efficiency when choosing a car.
Here, we will introduce the fuel efficiency of Subaru Levorg.


Levorg’s fuel efficiency characteristics

The Levorg has a 1.6L horizontally opposed direct injection turbo engine “1.6L Intelligent DIT” that combines Subaru’s unique driving performance and environmental performance, and a 2.0L horizontally opposed direct injection turbo engine “2.0L High Performance” with sporty and powerful driving performance. DIT” has two types of engines.

The 1.6L intelligent DIT is a downsized turbo engine that can be said to be the crystallization of Subaru’s technology, and it achieves power that does not make you feel that it is a small displacement and fuel efficiency that overturns the concept of a turbo.

In addition, the 2.0L high-performance DIT is characterized by sporty power performance due to the high compression ratio and increased intake and exhaust volume unique to direct injection engines. In addition, by adopting precise fuel injection control technology, etc., we have also achieved excellent environmental performance that matches the times.

Let’s take a look at Levorg’s catalog fuel economy from here.

Levorg Catalog Fuel Efficiency

The Levorg has two types of gasoline engines introduced earlier, and the 1.6L engine is tuned exclusively for the Levorg and adopts the CVT “Lineartronic” that realizes a linear acceleration feel.

The 2.0L engine is equipped with a CVT “Sports Lineartronic” that supports the high output of the engine and allows you to enjoy sporty acceleration and direct shifting.

The drive system is only 4WD called Symmetrical AWD in Subaru. The 1.6L engine adopts a new generation active torque split AWD system that emphasizes stability to make it easy for all drivers to drive.

The 2.0L engine increases torque distribution to the rear wheels to achieve smooth handling during cornering, and is equipped with VTD-AWD (variable and variable torque distribution electronic control AWD) that supports aggressive sports driving. The best AWD system that matches the characteristics of the engine is combined.

Levorg’s JC08 mode catalog fuel efficiency is as follows. There is no difference in fuel consumption between grades.

1.6L engine 16.0km/L
2.0L engine 13.2km/L


Compare the catalog fuel economy of Levorg and rival cars

Rival cars of Levorg include Mazda “MAZDA6” and Honda “Jade”. Here, let’s compare the catalog fuel efficiency of these two models and the Levorg.

Mazda “MAZDA6”

Mazda "MAZDA6"Source: Mazda “MAZDA6”

In August 2019, when the Mazda “Atenza Wagon” underwent a minor change, this model, which was renamed to the same name as the global MAZDA6, is an urban station that gives an elegant impression with the relaxed and elegant form unique to Mazda. It’s a wagon. There are gasoline cars and clean diesel cars.

WLTC mode is adopted for the fuel consumption of MAZDA6, and the WLTC mode catalog fuel consumption of MAZDA6 is 12.4-15.0km/L for gasoline vehicles (2WD only), 17.8-19.6km/L for clean diesel 2WD vehicles, and 17.0-17.0km/L for 4WD vehicles. 18.8km/liter.

A simple comparison is not possible due to differences in measurement modes, but considering that the WLTC mode fuel efficiency is generally closer to the actual fuel efficiency than the JC08 mode fuel efficiency, the figures in the catalog specs are said to be lower. , It can be said that Levorg’s fuel efficiency performance is far behind MAZDA6.

Honda “Jade”

Honda "Jade"Source: Honda “Jade” design color

The Jade, which has a low overall height and sporty styling similar to that of a sedan, is equipped with Honda’s safe driving system “Honda SENSING” as standard on all cars, and is characterized by its high safety performance certified as a support car S wide.

Jade has a lineup of hybrid vehicles in addition to gasoline vehicles, but there is no 4WD and only 2WD.

Jade’s JC08 mode catalog fuel efficiency is 17.6-18.0km/L for gasoline vehicles and 24.2km/L for hybrid vehicles.

Although the Jade has a 2WD drive system and the Levorg has a 4WD drive system, if we compare only the fuel consumption figures, it can be said that the Jade has advantages not only in hybrid vehicles but also in gasoline vehicles.

Actual fuel consumption of Levorg

According to the site “e fuel consumption”, which collects the actual fuel consumption data of owners riding Levorg, the actual fuel consumption of Levorg is currently 10.60km / L for the 1.6L engine and 10.18km / L for the 2.0L engine. increase.

JC08 mode catalog fuel economy is measured under certain conditions on a flat, straight road without using lights or air conditioners, and is used as an indicator. However, in daily life, driving in various places such as slopes and unpaved roads creates a difference between the catalog fuel consumption and the actual fuel consumption of any car.

Actual fuel consumption varies depending on road conditions and driving methods, but in the case of JC08 mode, it is said that the actual fuel consumption is 30% higher than the actual fuel consumption, so the difference between the Levorg’s catalog fuel consumption and the actual fuel consumption is roughly the average value for a 2.0L engine. However, it can be said that the difference is slightly larger than the average value for the 1.6L engine.

Driving performance of Levorg

Driving performance of LevorgSource: Subaru “Revorg” photo gallery

Let’s also check the driving performance and driving comfort of the Levorg, which was developed with the concept of “innovative sports tourer”.

Exhilarating acceleration feeling unique to the next-generation transmission “Lineartronic”

Lineartronic, a horizontal chain-type continuously variable transmission (CVT), continuously selects the optimal gear ratio according to the driving environment, realizing a smooth and comfortable ride with no shift shock, and an exhilarating, stress-free ride. Thoroughly tuned exclusively for Levorg to provide acceleration feel.

The Sport Lineartronic installed in the 2.0L engine further raises the shifting speed in manual mode, and is finished so that the engine and meters react at the moment of shift operation, giving it a sporty characteristic.

Ensures a high level of quietness

Levorg ensures excellent quietness by effectively using sound-absorbing and sound-insulating materials. A sound-insulating interlayer is used for the front window to reduce noise when the windshield wipers are operating, and a damping material is placed at the tip of the instrument panel. In addition, the seals on each door are reinforced, soundproofing material is used on each pillar, and the thickness of the glass is optimized to provide a quiet and high-quality interior environment for all seats.

Levorg boasts sporty driving

The Levorg is a little behind its rivals in terms of fuel efficiency, perhaps due to the fact that it is particular about driving, but it is a linear that has been specially tuned for the combination of Subaru’s traditional horizontally opposed engine + symmetrical AWD. With the adoption of the Tronic/Sports Lineartronic, it can be said that this model has excellent driving performance not found in rival vehicles.


*The content of the article is based on information as of September 2019.

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