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The interior design of the car and the degree of storage are one of the important points when choosing a car that affects the quality of car life. Understand the different parts for each grade and choose the best one.
Here, we will introduce the interior of the Subaru “Levorg”.


Levorg interior features

The interior of the Levorg is a touring wagon with a wide and low body and a front grille with plated decoration that gives a fearless impression. It is an expression.

Equipped with a leather-wrapped D-shaped steering wheel and shift knob, the Levorg interior features a sporty finish that is coordinated with the exterior.

There are three grades of Levorg, “1.6GT EyeSight”, “1.6GT EyeSight Smart Edition” and “1.6GT EyeSight V-SPORT”, and two types of “GT” and “1.6GT-S EyeSight” and “2.0GT-S EyeSight”. There are two types of “STI”: “GT-S”, “1.6STI Sport EyeSight” and “2.0STI Sport EyeSight”.

The interior is different for each of the three types, so let’s take a look at the characteristics of each interior here.

“1.6GT EyeSight””1.6GT EyeSight Smart Edition””1.6GT EyeSight V-SPORT” with a simple and sharp impression

"1.6GT EyeSight" with a simple and sharp impressionSource: Subaru “Revorg” grade and price details

The basic “GT” adopts an instrument panel with piano black tone and chrome plating decoration, and although it is simple, the metallic shine gives a sharp and sophisticated impression.

Equipped with a genuine leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift lever, it produces a high-quality feel. The seat is a standard seat that uses fabric as the main material and tricot for the sides.

Silver stitching is applied to the steering wheel, shift boot, and seat, giving the impression that the chrome plated instrument panel shines.

Sports pedals with aluminum padsSource: Subaru “Revorg” Interior: Design

Grades other than the “1.6GT EyeSight” are equipped with sports pedals with aluminum pads, further emphasizing sportiness.

Interior color is black only. For the 1.6GT EyeSight, an access key compatible driver’s seat position memory function with genuine leather seats is available as an option. Please note that it cannot be selected with “1.6GT EyeSight Smart Edition” and “1.6GT EyeSight V-SPORT”.

“1.6GT-S EyeSight””2.0GT-S EyeSight” where blue was used effectively

"1.6GT-S EyeSight" where blue was used effectivelySource: Subaru “Revorg” grade and price details

The “GT-S” is characterized by the use of blue stitching that enhances the texture of the entire space and gives a sense of sportiness and innovation. The steering wheel, shift boot, seat, instrument panel center visor, floor console lid, etc. are decorated everywhere.

instrument panelSource: Subaru “Revorg” Interior: Design

The instrument panel uses a high-quality aluminum-like decoration with a fine dot pattern, creating a high-quality and detailed driving space that sets it apart from the “GT” series. The front seats also feature side sill plates with the Subaru logo for added luxury.

In the “GT-S” series, the seat will be a sports seat. It provides more support than the standard seat, and is designed so that you won’t get tired even on long trips. The seat material is the same as the standard seat.

The optional genuine leather seat is set for both “1.6GT-S EyeSight” and “2.0GT-S EyeSight”.

“1.6STI Sport EyeSight””2.0STI Sport EyeSight” with bright Bordeaux color

"1.6STI Sport EyeSight" with vivid Bordeaux colorSource: Subaru “Revorg” grade and price details

The “STI” adopts an interior that makes you feel chic and luxurious using the exclusive color Bordeaux.

The seat material is elegant Bordeaux-colored genuine leather.Source: Subaru “Revorg” Interior: Design

The seats are made of elegant Bordeaux-colored genuine leather, and the steering wheel and shift lever are made of highly tactile leather, giving the interior a high-quality atmosphere.

Red stitching is applied everywhere in the car, and the lights of the meters and center tray are also red. The interior of the car, which has been coordinated down to the smallest detail, gives off a sophisticated and mature appeal.

Storage around Levorg seats

The degree of storage and usability is an important part that affects the comfort of the drive. Let’s take a look at the storage around the Levorg seat.

Front cup holder

front cup holderSource: Subaru “Revorg” driving equipment

The Levorg is equipped with two cup holders for the front seats. It comes with a lid, so you can keep the space clean by closing the lid when not in use. There is also a small pocket on the side of the drink holder that is suitable for storing smartphones and notebooks.

Center tray (with USB power supply)

Center tray (with USB power supply)Source: Subaru “Revorg” driving equipment

The center tray has two USB power supplies, so you can store your smartphone while charging it. It has a non-slip mat that is stable and safe to use even while driving. Convenience is also considered with blue lighting.

Floor console box

floor console boxSource: Subaru “Revorg” driving equipment

The floor console box is deep and secures sufficient capacity. It can be said that the high functionality with power sockets is also attractive. The lid slides forward 100mm, so it is convenient to move it to a comfortable position according to the driver.

Rear seat center armrest (with cup holder)

Rear seat center armrest (with cup holder)Source: Subaru “Revorg” driving equipment

The rear seat center armrest is equipped with an easy-to-pull band and has two cup holders. A glossy piano black panel and metallic accents are used for a high-quality finish.

Large front and rear door pockets (with bottle holders)

Large front and rear door pockets (with bottle holders)Source: Subaru “Revorg” driving equipment

In addition to the left and right front doors, the rear doors are also equipped with bottle holders that can hold 500ml PET bottles and convenient pockets for storing notebooks, maps, etc. The image is the front door.

It also has an illuminated glove box.

Levorg Luggage & Seating Arrangement

Levorg Luggage & Seating ArrangementSource: Subaru “Revorg” Packaging & Cargo Room

The Levorg has a large luggage compartment of 522L. It is also characterized by realizing a flat space so that the capacity can be used efficiently and fully. The wide opening is of course secured, and it is designed to have few steps, so loading and unloading of luggage can be done smoothly. It can be said that the luggage compartment is a condensed version of the wagon-building know-how that Subaru has cultivated over many years.

Equipped with a functional sub-trunkSource: Subaru “Revorg” Packaging & Cargo Room

In addition, it is equipped with a functional sub-trunk, and it is also attractive that it has the flexibility to store tall luggage or smartly store small items depending on the arrangement of the floorboards.

Subaru's first 4:2:4 split folding rear seatSource: Subaru “Revorg” Packaging & Cargo Room

Subaru's first 4:2:4 split folding rear seat 2Source: Subaru “Revorg” Packaging & Cargo Room

In addition, the Levorg adopts a 4:2:4 split folding rear seat, a first for Subaru. If you have a lot of luggage or if you want to store large luggage such as a bicycle, you can store it by folding all the rear seats. It is also possible to store bulky luggage.

The Levorg features a user-friendly large-capacity luggage compartment and a high-quality interior.

The Levorg has a high-quality interior with metallic decorations and genuine leather, as well as a high level of storage capacity required of a station wagon.


Car interiors such as the car’s storage capacity, seating arrangement variations, interior design, etc., are greatly related to the satisfaction of the car life, so it is recommended to check thoroughly in advance.

*The content of the article is based on information as of September 2019.

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