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The hot compact hatchback “Swift Sport” is equipped with a turbo engine for exhilarating driving and enhanced safety functions. The Swift Sport is especially recommended for those who are looking for a compact car that can enjoy sporty driving, those who want to enjoy driving a manual car easily, and those who want not only driving performance but also practicality and safety performance. You can also check Suzuki swift review in Kenya

The interior of your car plays a major role in driving comfort. Therefore, when choosing a car, it can be said that it is important to check the interior design of the car and whether it has enough storage capacity in order to have a satisfying car life.

Here, we will introduce the interior of Suzuki “Swift Sport”.


Features of the interior of the Swift Sport

The Swift Sport is a mono grade, and the power train has two combinations of a 6-speed MT and a 6-speed AT with a 1.4L direct injection turbo engine, but there is no difference in the interior due to the difference in transmission.

Equipped with a newly developed booster jet engine, the interior of the Swift Sport, which has been thoroughly focused on driving performance by specially designing the exhaust system, intake system, cooling system, suspension system, etc., is a sporty feeling of high quality driving. The design is characteristic.

The front seats are specially designed for the Swift Sport. The side supports are reinforced, and are devised to firmly support the body even during sports driving that repeats sudden acceleration and intense cornering. Seat color is black. It has red stitching and a dedicated Sport logo.

The interior color is black, and the ceiling color and pillars are also unified in black, giving a tight and fearless atmosphere that is typical of a sports model.

The instrument panel is decorated with red ornaments, and the contrast between black and red brings a sense of dynamism. The meter uses red for the tachometer and dark silver for the speedometer for a finish that gives a strong impact with a vivid contrast.

In the center is a high-definition 4.2-inch large color dot liquid crystal multi-information display. In addition to functions such as fuel consumption, cruising range, average vehicle speed and clock, the multi-information display has added oil temperature gauge and boost gauge functions to support sports driving. It can be said that it is a function unique to Swift Sports, which allows full-fledged sports driving.

In addition, the pedals are equipped with a stainless steel pedal plate that gives a sporty feel and has excellent operability.

The steering wheel uses a D-shaped steering wheel wrapped in exclusive genuine leather with a dimpled surface for improved grip. The D-shaped steering wheel is a steering wheel with a horizontally cut bottom that is used in formula cars and racing cars, bringing a racing atmosphere to the car. Red stitching and piano black decoration are added as accents.

Exclusive door armrest ornaments, instrument panel ornaments, and console ornaments are painted in a gradation from red to black, which expresses the exciting driving that the Swift Sport realizes and creates a stylish look.

Cloth is used for the front door trim, and the inside door handle has a high-quality interior with a plated finish and attention to detail.

Storage around the seat of the Swift Sport

Even if it is a full-fledged sports model, if it is a car that is used on a daily basis, storage around the seats is a concern, which is related to driving comfort. Let’s take a look at the storage around the seat of the Swift Sport.

Passenger glove box

passenger glove boxSource: Suzuki “Swift Sport” storage space

A glove box is installed in front of the passenger seat. A glove box is often used as a storage for documents such as automobile inspection certificates, automobile liability insurance cards, and instruction manuals. The Swift Sport glove box is large enough to hold documents, but it is difficult to store documents and tissue boxes together.

This glove box is the largest storage space around the seat of the Swift Sport.

Center console tray

center console traySource: Suzuki “Swift Sport” storage space

The center console is equipped with a tray of a size that can store smartphones etc. If you add the omnidirectional monitor camera package option, this part will be equipped with a USB socket, so you can conveniently store your smartphone while charging it.

Center console drink holder

center console drink holderSource: Suzuki “Swift Sport” storage space

There are two drink holders at the rear of the center console. It is deep enough to securely hold your drink, so you can rest assured even when driving. It is located in a position that is easy to pick up from both the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat, and has been devised for ease of use.

Front door pocket

front door pocketSource: Suzuki “Swift Sport” storage space

The left and right front doors have drink holders and pockets that can store notebooks, etc.

Combined with the drink holders in the front door pockets and the drink holders in the center console, the front seats of the Swift Sport have four drink storage spaces.

Rear drink holder

rear drink holderSource: Suzuki “Swift Sport” storage space

Rear seat drink holders are located behind the center console. Since it is within reach from the front seat, it can also be used as a pocket to store gum bottles when not using it as a drink holder.

Rear door plastic bottle holder

rear door plastic bottle holderSource: Suzuki “Swift Sport” storage space

The left and right rear doors are also equipped with PET bottle holders. Unlike the front door, there is no pocket for storing small items.

Passenger seat back pocket

The seat back of the front passenger seat comes standard with a seat back pocket that can store a tablet, tourist guide, etc. It is not equipped with the seat back of the driver’s seat.

The Swift Sport does not have a large storage space other than the glove box, but it can be said that it has standard storage around the seats for a compact car, such as a drink holder in all seats.

Swift Sport Luggage Storage

Swift Sport Luggage StorageSource: Suzuki “Swift Sport” storage space

The luggage compartment capacity of the Swift Sport is 265L with five passengers. It’s not that big, but it’s big enough for your daily shopping needs.


The rear seats are 60/40 split folding, so you can arrange them according to the size, amount, and length of your luggage.

Swift Sport combines a sporty interior design with practical storage

The Swift Sport has a storage space that takes daily practicality into consideration in addition to an interior that is conscious of sporty driving. Among sports models that specialize in driving performance, there are many that are not considered for everyday usability, but this is a point that can be evaluated.


It can be said that the Swift Sport is a well-balanced model that is a sports model with high driving performance, but also equipped with equipment for a car that is used on a daily basis.

*The content of the article is based on information as of September 2019.

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