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There are many people who are reluctant to buy a used car because they can buy it cheaper than a new car, thinking that there are many disadvantages. However, used cars have many advantages that new cars do not. Therefore, we will explain how to choose a used car while suppressing the disadvantages, along with the advantages and disadvantages of a used car when compared to a new car.

We also introduce how to ride a well-maintained and safe used car with a lot less burden. If you want to know how to do it now, check it out here.


Used car VS new car! Comparing advantages and disadvantages

Used car VS new car!  Comparing advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of buying a used car is the low price, but there are many other advantages. The advantages of a used car become easier to understand by comparing it with a new car, so let’s check it while comparing it with a new car along with the disadvantages.

Vehicle price

● In the case of a used car Since a car is not a cheap purchase, it is natural to focus on the vehicle price. Used cars are generally cheaper, so if you have the same budget, you can buy a car that is one rank higher than a new car . If you want to keep costs down as much as possible, you should look for one of your favorites among used cars.

● In the case of a new car generally, a new car is more expensive than a used car, but it has the advantage of being easier to discount. Since used cars are cheap from the beginning, the amount of money that can be discounted is not large. New cars can be significantly discounted depending on negotiations, so if you have decided on the car you want, it is recommended to choose a new car on the premise of negotiation.

Initial cost

● For used cars

When purchasing a car, in addition to the vehicle price, there are legal expenses such as vehicle tax (classification rate), and compulsory automobile liability insurance premium, as well as miscellaneous expenses such as registration fee and vehicle delivery fee.

If the type of car is the same, the amount charged for both used and new cars is the same, such as automobile tax (classification tax), which varies depending on the displacement of the car, and compulsory automobile liability insurance premiums, which differ between ordinary and light vehicles.

● For new cars
There are taxes that apply only to new cars, such as the Excise Duty. Purchasing a new car with lower cc has a large tax deduction effect, so the initial cost can be reduced accordingly .

Maintenance fee

● For used cars
In order to continue to drive a car, it is necessary to pay maintenance costs such as taxes, insurance premiums, maintenance costs, and fuel costs. Most taxes and insurance premiums are determined by the type of car, so there is no difference in the cost you pay for a used car or a new car.

However, maintenance costs tend to be higher for used cars. This is because the older the vehicle, the more the parts deteriorate and the more frequent maintenance is required.

In addition, used cars often have lower fuel efficiency than new cars, so there is a disadvantage that fuel costs tend to be higher. Even if you buy a used car at a low price , you need to be careful because maintenance costs can increase depending on the condition of the car .

● New car
Even if you drive a new car, regular maintenance is required, but the possibility of it breaking down immediately after purchase is low, and maintenance costs are lower than for a used car . In addition, new cars often have better fuel efficiency than used cars, and fuel costs tend to be cheaper, so it can be said that maintenance costs are cheaper for new cars .

Abundance of choices

● In the case of
used cars One of the big advantages of used cars is the abundance of choices. After setting all the conditions such as car model, grade, body color, etc., you can find your favorite one from the cars released so far . However, whether or not the car you are looking for is in good condition and sold at a more acceptable price may be partly a matter of luck.

● When buying a new car When
you buy a new car, you can ride in the most advanced car with the latest functions, but you can only choose from among the cars that are currently on sale, so the options are not as wide as a used car. In general, cars are made to order, so it is difficult to obtain a car that was released in the past in new condition.

Delivery speed

● In the case of used cars

The short time from purchase to delivery is a big advantage of used cars. Since used cars are cars that already exist, they are generally delivered in a week or two . Even if repairs and inspections take time, most cars are delivered in about a month, so it is recommended for those who want to get a car quickly.

● New cars
New cars are may take longer as they may have to be registered by the relevant authorities and fitting of optional parts. If you value delivery speed, you should choose a used car.

High sense of security

● In the case of
used cars Used cars are not always in the best condition, as the condition of the used car changes depending on how the previous owner used it. Therefore, even if you choose a car carefully, the risk of breakdown will inevitably be higher than a new car. Even used cars may come with a manufacturer’s warranty, but in many cases the warranty period is shorter than new cars, so the sense of security is inferior to that of new cars.

● New
cars Unlike used cars, there is no need to think about how a new car has been used in the past. The risk of breakdown is also lower than that of a used car, and it can be said that the sense of security is high . In addition, the fact that the manufacturer’s warranty is generous and properly prepared for failure will also lead to a high sense of security.

High resale value

● Used cars
Used cars are cars that have been owned by more than one person. Therefore, even if you buy it and want to let it go in a few years, it is unlikely that it will sell at a high price. If it is a popular model that meets the conditions, it may sell at a high price even after several years, but in the case of other models, even if you try to sell it a few years after purchase, there is a possibility that the price will not be high. You should be careful.

●New car If you purchase a
new car and sell it in a few years, it will likely sell for a high price . However, resale value is determined by the demand in the used car market. Even if the car is in good condition after being purchased for only a few years, if it is not popular in the used car market, its resale value will be low and it may not sell at a high price.

Which one would you recommend for a used car or a new car?

Which one would you recommend for a used car or a new car?

Considering the advantages and disadvantages introduced so far, those who are suitable for used cars and those who are suitable for new cars can be summarized as follows.

People who recommend used cars

Used cars are suitable for those who want to reduce initial costs . You have to pay legal fees and commissions when purchasing, but even with that in mind, the fact that the price of the vehicle itself is cheap can be said to be a big attraction of used cars.

In addition, used cars are recommended for those who want to find the car they like from a wide range of choices without being particular about the latest features . In addition, used cars take less time to be delivered, so they are also suitable for those who want a car as soon as possible.

New car recommended

New cars are suitable for those who want to pursue their own favorite car, paying attention to both the exterior and interior . The new car can be customized to your liking from the order stage, so you can ride the one you are particular about. In addition, new cars often have the latest features that used cars do not have, so it is also suitable for those who want to try out convenient functions as soon as possible.

Where to buy a used car

If you want to buy a used car, you will have to buy it from a manufacturer-affiliated dealer or a used car dealer who sells used cars. Let’s check the characteristics of each and the points to choose from among the many used car dealers.


Dealers carry the manufacturer’s name on their backs, so it’s attractive that they are highly reliable. It is easy to buy a high-quality used car, and it tends to be full of warranties and after-sales service. The used cars that dealers deal with basically have proper maintenance records, so you can ride with peace of mind.

However, due to the high reliability, the price of used cars is slightly higher than that of used car dealers . Also, since we mainly deal with used cars of our own manufacturers, if you want to consider models of multiple manufacturers, you will have to visit several dealers. For those who are wondering which manufacturer’s car to buy and want to compare and consider, it will take time and effort not to be able to do it in one place.

Used car dealer

General used car dealers handle a variety of models regardless of manufacturer, so it is attractive to be able to compare multiple cars at once . In addition, used car prices tend to be cheaper than dealers , so it is recommended for those who want to keep costs down as much as possible and ride a car.

However, warranty details and after-sales service vary greatly depending on the store, so be sure to check before purchasing. Also, if the store does not have its own garage, there are cases where it will not respond to failures after purchase even when they offer warranty, so be careful.

Furthermore, recently, it is possible to purchase a car from a distant second-hand car dealer or auction site on the Internet, but there is a possibility that the car may be hit by an accident without being able to check the actual car. When buying a used car online, it is important to take measures such as using a company that has a proven track record and is reliable.

Tips for choosing a used car while minimizing the disadvantages

Tips for choosing a used car while minimizing the disadvantages

Many of the disadvantages of used cars can be covered by preparing in advance. Let’s check what you need to prepare when choosing a used car and the disadvantages that can be solved by it.

Know the market price and lower the risk of buying an accident car

Before going to a used car store or dealer, check the selling price of used cars on the Internet to get a sense of the market. A used car that is clearly cheaper than the market price may have some hidden problems. Be aware that there are risks such as having a history of repairs, flooded vehicles, and tampered meters .

If you get a sense of the used car market in advance, you will be able to reduce the risk of being sold an accident car without jumping on a car that is obviously cheap.

Check the condition of the car by asking questions and checking the maintenance record book

If you ask the dealer about the condition of the used car and they don’t give you an answer, there may be a hidden problem with the car. Be sure to ask questions until you are satisfied.

Also, when checking the mileage and maintenance history, it is recommended to check the inspection and maintenance record book . In the inspection and maintenance record book, you can check the past inspection and maintenance records and the replacement timing of consumable parts, so you can immediately see whether maintenance has been performed correctly.

It is difficult to accurately grasp the condition of a used car without an inspection and maintenance record book, so it is better to avoid choosing it to avoid risk.

Confirm the purchase price and warranty details in writing before deciding

When buying a used car, even if the price of the car itself is cheap, there are cases where expensive options are attached and the final cost to be paid is high. In order to avoid losing money due to the price you see from the beginning , check the breakdown before signing the contract and have unnecessary options removed

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