Toyota Alphard reviews Kenya. Alphard grades


Toyota Alphard reviews Kenya. Alphard grades

Toyota Alphard reviews Kenya. Alphard grades

A new-age luxury car “Alphard” that boasts a luxurious and comfortable space as the king of domestic luxury minivans. The Alphard is especially recommended for those who want to ride in a luxury minivan with an overwhelming presence, those who want to go out with family and friends in a spacious and comfortable space, and those who want to experience the latest safety equipment and powerful driving. Toyota Alphard is a very popular minivan in Kenya. 

There are differences in equipment content depending on the grade of the car, and comfort and convenience differ. Therefore, when choosing a car, it is important not only to pay attention to the price, but also to check the features of each grade and the options that can be added, and choose one that can realize the car life you are aiming for.

Here, we will introduce the grade of Toyota “Alphard” in detail.

Alphard grade choices are abundant

In addition to the fact that the Alphard has three types of powertrains, there are two types of exterior designs, and it has a very complicated configuration with a large number of grades. It can be said that you can choose from a wide range of options , but there are also voices that it is difficult to understand.

As a point when choosing an Alphard grade, we recommend that you decide on the powertrain and exterior design . There are three options for powertrain: hybrid, 3.5L gasoline, and 2.5L gasoline, and two options for exterior design: standard type and aero type.

Once you have decided on that, the rest will be the difference in seats and comfort equipment.

Characteristics of each grade of Alphard


From here, let’s take a look at the characteristics of the main grades of Alphard. In addition, safety performance and interior will be explained in detail in another article, so here we will mainly introduce the exterior and comfort equipment.


「X」/「HYBRID X」Source: Toyota “Alphard” price/grade

The “X” is a grade that can be said to be an entry model, and it has a 2.5L gasoline car and a hybrid car, and both powertrains can be selected as a 7-seater or an 8-seater. In addition, only the “X” is a standard type with an 8-seater setting .

The “X” is not equipped with the “LED sequential turn lamps,” which are often used in luxury cars and produce a sense of quality and innovation by lighting in a flowing manner.

In addition, the driver’s seat and front passenger’s seat are manual seats, and functions equivalent to seat heaters and equipment that enhances comfort and convenience such as power back doors are omitted compared to the upper grade.

However, there are functions that are installed in standard to high grade cars, such as display audio that works with smartphones, power sliding doors on both sides, smart entry, etc., and it is practical enough, so we are particular about hospitality equipment like a luxury car. It would be a good option if you don’t have any and want to ride an Alphard with the price as low as possible.

“GF””G”F Package”

"GF"/"G"F Package"Source: Toyota “Alphard” price/grade

“GF” and “G”F package” are intermediate grades of the standard type, “GF” is a 3.5L gasoline car, and the hybrid car is a “G”F package”. Is the same.

From this grade , 3-lens LED headlamps with illumination (daylight) function, LED sequential turn lamps, and 17-inch aluminum wheels are standard equipment .

In addition to the windshield glass with UV cut function and IR cut function, the rear seat sunshade, steering heater, comfortable heated seat + ventilation seat (driver’s seat / front passenger seat), microcomputer preset driving position system It is equipped with comfortable equipment unique to luxury cars, such as an 8-way power seat for the driver’s seat.

「Executive Lounge」

Executive LoungeSource: Toyota “Alphard” price/grade

The upper grade “Executive Lounge” is available for 3.5L gasoline and hybrid vehicles. In this grade, the slide door glass has super UV cut + IR cut function with high noise insulation, and the rear quarter and back door glass also have super UV cut function, so the occupants in the second and third row seats are also protected from the sun. You can enjoy driving without worrying about It also improves the quietness inside the car.

In addition, other grades are equipped with optional preventive safety equipment that supports safety confirmation of the rear and sides of the vehicle as standard equipment, which is a notable point that enhances safety.

In addition, one of the main features of the current Alphard is a power ottoman with a retractable mechanism, an executive lounge seat with a retractable table, and a 13.3- inch rear seat entertainment system with a 13.3-inch display that allows you to enjoy powerful images . , is an attractive grade with a higher-grade hospitality equipment.

Aero grade

aero gradeSource: Toyota “Alphard” price/grade

The aero type is equipped with exclusive front and rear bumpers and side mudguards common to all grades, and features an exterior design with a more powerful and aggressive atmosphere .

Aero type grades are “S” “S” C package “” for 2.5L gasoline vehicles, “SC” for 3.5L gasoline vehicles, “SR” C package “” for hybrid vehicles, 3.5L gasoline vehicles and hybrid vehicles common is set to “Executive Lounge S”.

“S” is the standard type “X”, “S”C package”, “SC” is “GF”, “SR”C package”” is “G”F package”, “Executive Lounge S” is “Executive Lounge”, and the equipment other than the interior and exterior design conforms to each base grade. Also, only the “S” is an aero type with an 8-seater option.

In addition, the special use car “S “TYPE GOLD III””, which is more gorgeous and fearless with exclusive smoke plated exterior parts and gold front emblem, is available for 2.5L gasoline and hybrid vehicles. It has been.

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