Toyota fielder kenya review


Toyota fielder kenya review

Toyota fielder kenya review

The Toyota corolla Fielder is especially recommended for those who want a compact 5-number station wagon, those who want a standard wagon, and those who want a car that can be used for both work and private life.

The choice of car grade is an important point that affects the satisfaction of the subsequent car life. Therefore, it is important to understand the characteristics of each grade and choose the grade that suits you.
Here we will introduce the grades of Toyota’s station wagon “Corolla Fielder”.


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Corolla Fielder grade configuration

When choosing a car grade, first understand the grade configuration. Toyota’s station wagon “Corolla Fielder” is a hybrid car equipped with a THS-II hybrid system with a reduction mechanism that achieves both low fuel consumption and excellent driving, the same as Toyota’s popular model Aqua and the third-generation Prius, and a gasoline engine. I have a car.

Hybrid cars are 2WD only and the transmission combined is one type of electric continuously variable transmission, but gasoline cars have two types of drive systems, 2WD and 4WD. There are two types of transmission, CVT and MT for 2WD, and only CVT for 4WD.

The Corolla Fielder grade is one hybrid and one gasoline model, and only “EX” is available. It’s a very simple grade configuration, so you won’t get lost in the equipment content. When choosing the grade of the Corolla Fielder, first decide whether it is a hybrid car or a gasoline car, and if it is a gasoline car, you will select the drive system and transmission.

Contents of the Corolla Fielder

Contents of the Corolla FielderSource: Toyota “Corolla Fielder” specs and equipment comparison

Let’s take a look at what the Corolla Fielder is equipped with.

Exterior, Underbody, Mechanism, Visibility

The Corolla Fielder is equipped with a plated front upper grill and a black front lower grill, expressing the sportiness and style of a station wagon.

The suspension adopts a steel wheel with a 15-inch resin full cap. No option for aluminum wheels.

An idling stop device will be installed on hybrid vehicles and gasoline 2WD CVT vehicles.

Headlights are projector type halogen headlamps with manual leveling function. LED front fog lamps and rear fog lamps (embedded bumper, right side only) can be added as options.

The front door glass, rear door glass, rear quarter glass, and back door glass are standard equipped with UV cut function, but privacy glass with UV cut function is also available as an option.

Operation system/meters/comfort equipment

The Corolla Fielder comes standard with a push-button start system and smart key, as well as a tilt and telescopic steering wheel that can be adjusted in height and fore-and-aft position to suit the physique of the driver.

The steering wheel of the hybrid car is painted with a high-brightness silver paint, and the design is conscious of advancedness, which subtly differentiates it from the gasoline-powered car.

In addition, the hybrid vehicle is equipped with a DISP steering switch, which allows you to switch the display without taking your hands off the steering wheel for convenience.

Gauges are equipped with a twin-lens meter with a tachometer and a TFT multi-information display for hybrid vehicles, and a single-lens meter with a drive monitor for gasoline vehicles. A meter and tachometer can be added as a package option with Intelligent Clearance Sonar.

As for the air conditioner, the hybrid car is equipped with an automatic air conditioner and push-type heater control panel with a pollen removal mode function with nanoe, while the gasoline car has a manual air conditioner and a dial-type heater control panel.

In the Corolla Fielder, it can be said that the difference between the hybrid car and the gasoline car is noticeable in the specifications of the meters, multi-information display, and air conditioner.

Safety performance

Corolla Fielder is equipped with Toyota’s active safety technology package “Toyota Safety Sense” as standard equipment for both hybrid and gasoline vehicles. Toyota Safety Sense includes pre-crash safety, lane departure alert and automatic high beams.

In addition to this, the hybrid vehicle is equipped with a vehicle approaching alarm system, and the gasoline 2WD CVT vehicle is equipped with a drive start control that suppresses sudden acceleration and sudden acceleration due to a shift operation error.

In addition, hybrid vehicles and gasoline CVT vehicles are optionally set with intelligent clearance sonar [parking support brake (stationary object)]. This is a function equivalent to an acceleration suppression device for pedal misapplication, which helps avoid or reduce damage from collisions caused by sudden acceleration or sudden acceleration when the accelerator or brake pedal is depressed incorrectly. It’s an option I’d love to add.


Note that gasoline MT vehicles do not have an option setting for intelligent clearance sonar [parking support brake (stationary object)].

What does the Corolla Fielder interior look like? Digging deep into comfort and interior!


What does the Corolla Fielder interior look like?  Digging deep into comfort and interior

In order to spend a comfortable time without feeling stress while driving, it is important to pay attention to the interior as well as a comfortable ride with little shaking and quietness inside the car. Let’s check the usability in advance, such as the interior design, the comfort of the seat, the storage around the seat and the luggage compartment.

Here, we will introduce the interior of the Toyota “Corolla Fielder”.

Corolla Fielder interior features

Corolla Fielder has a lineup of hybrid cars and gasoline cars, but each grade has one type of “HYBRID EX” and “EX”, making it a very simple grade composition.

The same interior is used for the “HYBRID EX” and “EX”, so there is no big difference in the interior depending on the powertrain. There are also no interior options available, so don’t expect seats or anything like that.

Currently, there are many models that allow you to select genuine leather seats as an option, but the Corolla Fielder gives the impression of being a stoic model without such settings.

The interior color of the Corolla Fielder is based on black, and the seat color is also unified to black. Four exterior colors are available: Super White, Silver Metallic, Black Mica, and Blue Metallic, but all body colors are combined with this black interior color.

The black interior, which is coordinated with the black front lower grille, gives a sporty and toned impression typical of a station wagon.

Fabric is used for the seat material. In addition, the seat shape with protruding side supports firmly supports the body, and is devised so that the body can maintain a stable posture even when cornering. The feature is that it is hard to feel fatigue even when driving for a long time.

The rear seat is a 6:4 split one-touch retractable seat with a reclining function.

The rear seat adopts a 6:4 split one-touch retractable seat with a reclining function.Source: Toyota Purchasing Support | Quotation Simulation

There are no extra decorations around the instrument panel, giving it a very simple and clean finish. The only accent is the high brightness silver decoration on the center cluster side and center console side. It brings style and innovation to the simple interior of the Corolla Fielder.

In addition, the plating decoration on the parking brake button adds brilliance to the interior, giving the impression of a restrained luxury that is not too flashy. The steering wheel is wrapped in urethane.

For hybrid vehicles, the steering wheel is also decorated with a bright silver finish.

Storage around the seat of the Corolla Fielder

Storage around the seat to store the things you need while driving The availability and usability of the storage is an important part of determining the comfort of the drive. Let’s take a look at the storage around the seats of the Corolla Fielder.

Large upper box (passenger side)

A large upper box with a lid is prepared in front of the passenger seat. It can be used not only for storing eyeglass cases and pouches, but also for storing valuables such as long wallets because it has a lid to keep the contents hidden.

Passenger glove box

The passenger glove box, which is often used as a document holder for compulsory automobile liability insurance, vehicle inspection, and instruction manual, is equipped with an average size. It is large enough to hold documents.

Front cup holder & front console pocket

There are two cup holders under the air conditioner control panel. It is in a position that is easy to reach from both the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat, giving the impression that it is easy to use. There is also a pocket for small items such as handkerchiefs.

Center console box

The front seats have a center console box with armrest function. It’s deep enough to hold a variety of items.

Parking brake lever side tray & accessory socket

A vertical shallow tray is equipped next to the parking brake. It is a space that looks good for storing small items such as gum and mint tablets, smartphones and cards. The Corolla Fielder does not have a coin pocket or card holder in the driver’s seat, so it is a good idea to store small items used by the driver in this space.

Besides the tray next to the parking brake, there is also a DC12V/120W accessory socket.

Door pocket & bottle holder (front door/rear door)

The left and right front and rear doors are equipped with bottle holders large enough to hold 500ml PET bottles and pockets for small items. The rear door pockets and bottle holders are the only storage space in the rear seats of the Corolla Fielder.

Corolla Fielder Luggage & Seating Arrangement

Corolla Fielder Luggage & Seating ArrangementSource: Toyota “Corolla Fielder”

The Corolla Fielder features a large luggage compartment that can store a 9.5-inch x 46-inch golf bag without folding the rear seats. It can be said that it is a big advantage that enough luggage can be loaded even if the maximum number of people are on board.

The rear seats are 60/40 split folding, so when loading long items, the 60/40 split mode is convenient.

6:4 split folding rear seatsSource: Toyota “Corolla Fielder”

Folding all the rear seats reveals a large luggage compartment with reliable storage capacity that can comfortably load large and bulky items. The luggage compartment capacity in this “flat mode” is 872L.

Corolla Fielder with the appeal of a station wagon

Equipped with a simple and stylish interior designed with practicality in mind, a seat shape designed to reduce passenger fatigue, and the load capacity expected of a station wagon, the Corolla Fielder can be said to be a model that directly embodies the advantages of a station wagon. prize.

The interior and storage capacity of the car are the points that affect the satisfaction of the car life. When choosing a car, think about what kind of scene you will use it in, and carefully check whether the interior is suitable for your car life.


What is the fuel consumption of the Corolla Fielder?

There are many points that you want to check when choosing a car, such as driving performance and exterior design, but among them, the most important point that cannot be ignored is fuel efficiency. Fuel efficiency is directly linked to the cost of fuel, which is essential for vehicle maintenance, and vehicles that meet certain fuel efficiency standards are tax-reduced, so it is important to check in advance.

Here, I will introduce the fuel consumption of Toyota “Corolla Fielder”.


  Drive system Catalog fuel efficiency (km/L) Actual fuel consumption (km/L)
gasoline car 2WD 17.2~19.8 14.6~16.5
4WD 15.6 13.5
hybrid car 2WD 27.8 22.2


✔ Corolla Fielder gasoline vehicles have 5MT settings
✔ Corolla Fielder hybrid vehicles have better fuel efficiency than rival Honda “Shuttle” and Subaru “Impreza Sports”

Corolla Fielder Fuel Economy Features

The Corolla Fielder adopts the same hybrid system “THS-II” as the third-generation “Prius” and the first-generation “Aqua”, which have been highly evaluated for fuel efficiency, and has improved control of the engine, motor, inverter, etc. achieves a high level of low fuel consumption .

Corolla Fielder Catalog Fuel Efficiency

The Corolla Fielder has a lineup of 1.5L in-line 4-cylinder gasoline engine vehicles and 1.5L engine + hybrid vehicles. For gasoline vehicles, 5MT can be selected in addition to CVT.


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