Toyota Noah review kenya


Toyota Noah review kenya

Toyota Noah review kenya

The Toyota Noah is one of Kenya’s most popular minivan. The reason why it sells well is its ability “Noah” that anyone can ride. Noah is especially recommended for those who want a minivan with good cost performance, those who want a minivan that is easy for women to drive, and those who think that a car that sells is safe.


Research the grades of Toyota Noah!

What kind of equipment are you looking for in your car? When choosing a grade, it is necessary to determine which grade is equipped with the equipment you want. For that reason, let’s grasp the equipment contents by grade firmly.


Here, we will introduce the grade-specific equipment of Toyota’s minivan “Noah”.

Noah’s grade composition

Noah has a hybrid car and a gasoline car. Gasoline vehicles have a lineup of 7-seat and 8-seat vehicles, and both 2WD and 4WD drive systems, while hybrid vehicles have 7-seat and 2WD only. prize.

The grade structure is roughly divided into three types: the basic grade “X”, the advanced grade “G” with enhanced comfort equipment, and the exterior “Si”. This grade composition is the same for both hybrid and gasoline vehicles.

In addition, the special specification car “Si” W × B II “based on the “Si” grade is available in both hybrid and gasoline vehicles, and the “Si” GR SPORT” is available for gasoline vehicles.

From here, I will introduce Noah’s equipment by grade.

“X” with all necessary equipment

"X" with all necessary equipmentSource: Toyota “Noah” Price & Grade

The “X” grade is the basic grade of Noah, but it includes LED headlamps with auto-leveling, accessory sockets, USB charging terminals, fully automatic air conditioners with left and right independent temperature control functions, power sliding doors on the passenger side, etc. The impression is that it is standard equipment and has all the basic equipment that is normally required. It can be appreciated that LED headlamps, which are often installed only in upper grades, are standard equipment.

Unfortunately, gasoline vehicles are not equipped with a smart entry system. Since there is an option setting, addition is possible. Standard on hybrid vehicles.

The advanced safety package “Toyota Safety Sense” is standard equipment on all grades, but this package includes a function equivalent to the erroneous start suppression function that supports the prevention of sudden start and sudden acceleration when the accelerator and brake are mistakenly depressed. not

The function that corresponds to Toyota’s false start suppression device is the intelligent clearance sonar [parking support brake (stationary object)], but it should be noted that this function is not standard equipment but an option in this “X” grade.

The seat material is fabric and the wheels are 15-inch steel wheels.

“G” with enhanced comfort and safety equipment

"G" with enhanced comfort and safety equipmentSource: Toyota “Noah” Price & Grade

This “G” grade is equipped with comfortable equipment such as a nanoe function added to the air conditioner and a high-grade fabric with a deodorant function for the seat material. The smart entry system will be standard equipment even on gasoline vehicles.

The back door easy closer is also equipped to improve the usability of the luggage compartment. The multi-information display, which was monochrome on the “X”, will be 4.2-inch color, and the optitron meter will also be of high-grade specifications.

In addition, intelligent clearance sonar [parking support brake (stationary object)] is equipped as standard, and safety functions are also enhanced.

It can be said that the exterior has been differentiated from the “X” grade in terms of looks, such as the addition of LED fog lamps and 15-inch aluminum wheels.

Aero grade “Si” grade that sticks to the exterior

Aero grade "Si" grade that sticks to the exteriorSource: Toyota “Noah” Price & Grade

The “Si” grade adds aero parts such as a smoke-plated front grill, large front bumper, front fender, large rear bumper, rear spoiler, and large side mudguards, and 16-inch aluminum wheels for a more powerful exterior. I’m here.

In addition to the seat material being exclusively for aero with a deodorant function, the other equipment is almost the same as the “G” grade except that the nanoe function is not attached to the air conditioner.

“Si “W x B II”” with eye-catching exterior and interior design

"Si "W x B II"" with eye-catching exterior and interior designSource: Toyota “Noah” Price & Grade

The exclusive exterior brilliance such as the LED front fog lamps with black glossy coating, the LED headlamps with smoked plating extension specifications, the plated outside door handles, the smoked plating back door garnish and the rear combination garnish give a stylish feeling. It is a special specification car that makes

The interior is also equipped with synthetic leather and fabric seats with white stitching, synthetic leather-wrapped door trim ornaments, plated inside door handles, etc., which embodies the stylish atmosphere of the exterior as it is.

It is a special specification car that not only looks good but also has comfortable equipment such as power sliding doors on both the left and right sides.

“Si “GR SPORT”” with sports performance

“Si “GR SPORT”” with sports performanceSource: NOAH GR SPORT | TOYOTA GAZOO Racing

The exclusive exterior that expresses “competitiveness” in motor sports is characterized by a design that makes you imagine driving in motor sports.

A dedicated hood molding, front grille, large bumper with dark plating decoration, dedicated LED illumination beams, back door garnish and rear combination lamps with exclusive smoke plating decoration, etc. It has become a design.

The interior is also finished with a sporty taste, such as exclusive sports seats, exclusive small-diameter genuine leather-wrapped three steering wheels, and aluminum pedals.


The wheels are Noah’s only 18-inch aluminum wheels, and the undercarriage has been strengthened with specially tuned suspensions and special sports brake pads. The body’s front-to-rear balance has been optimized and its rigidity has been improved, resulting in a high level of driving performance that does not make you feel that it is a minivan.


What does the interior of the Toyota Noah look like?

I think that the most important parts when choosing a car vary from person to person, but the interior and storage of the car are the parts that you will touch the most when actually using the car, so be sure to carefully check them. I want to.

Here, we will introduce the differences in the interior of each grade of Toyota’s minivan “Noah” and the usability of storage.

Check Noah’s interior by grade

The Noah is a minivan that is popular with a wide range of people, including families, with its spacious interior and high fuel efficiency. The grades are roughly divided into three types, the standard grade “X”, the advanced grade “G”, and the aero grade “Si” for both gasoline and hybrid vehicles.

In addition, the special model “Si “W x B II”” and the sports model “Si “GR SPORT”” are available. “Si ‘GR SPORT'” is only for gasoline vehicles.

Noah has different seat materials and interiors for each grade. Let’s take a look at the interior of Noah by grade.

Simple and easy-to-use interior “X”

Simple and easy-to-use interior "X"Source: Toyota “Noah” interior

The standard grade “X” has a black interior color combined with a gray ceiling color, creating a calm interior that is preferred by a wide range of people. The seat material is made of fabric and has an unpretentious casual atmosphere that is likely to be preferred by families.

The steering wheel is wrapped in urethane, and the door switch base and center cluster panel are also made of black resin.

“G” where you can choose fromage & brown interior color

"G" where you can choose fromage & brown interior colorSource: Toyota “Noah” interior

Only this “G” grade is the only one in the Noah lineup that allows you to select the interior color from two colors, black and fromage & brown. Both ceilings are black.

In Fromage & Brown, the seat color is brown, and the center panel side and door trim are in a calm and bright fromage color, creating a calm, bright and luxurious space. Noah is a model with a relatively gentle exterior compared to its siblings Voxy and Esquire, but it can be said that the interior color reflects the characteristics of the Noah well.

In this grade, the seat material is a fabric seat with a deodorizing function exclusively for high grades. This sheet, which has an excellent deodorizing function, quickly absorbs and decomposes unpleasant odors such as pet odors, cigarettes, and food odors. This “G” grade is also equipped with a nanoe function, so it is a nice point that the deodorant sheet and nanoe can always ensure a clean air space in the car without unpleasant odors.

The seats have a fine dot pattern, giving the car a sophisticated atmosphere.

In addition, the steering wheel and shift knob of this “G” grade are made of genuine leather, the inside door handles are plated, and the front door switch base and center cluster panel are decorated with piano black. increase.

“Si” equipped with an aero seat

"Si" equipped with an aero seatSource: Toyota “Noah” interior

The aero grade “Si” grade basically conforms to the “G” interior, but the seat has been changed to a seat with a deodorizing function made of aero fabric. The impression of the powerful exterior and the coordinated black striped seats create a stylish interior space.

The interior color is black only, and the ceiling color is also black.

Special edition car with dazzling plating “Si“W×B II””

Special edition car with dazzling plating “Si“W×B II””Source: Toyota “Noah” Price & Grade

The special specification car “Si “W×B II”” is a model that uses a lot of plating on the exterior to add a stylish flair.

The interior uses plating on the inside door handles to coordinate with the exterior. In addition, the door trim ornaments are wrapped in synthetic leather, and the multi-information display hood is painted piano black.

Interior color can be selected from black and black & fromage. The seat material is synthetic leather with white stitching and a special combination seat using fabric with a deodorizing function, giving it a luxurious finish.

“Si ‘GR SPORT'” with sportiness

"Si 'GR SPORT'" with sportinessSource: Toyota “Noah” Price & Grade

The sports model “Si “GR SPORT”” with enhanced driving performance is characterized by the sporty finish of the interior.

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