Toyota Vellfire interior


Toyota Vellfire interior

Toyota Vellfire interior

Although it is a minivan with a strong image as a family car, Toyota’s luxury minivan “Vellfire” pursues presence and quality as a luxury car. The interior of the Vellfire is attractive for its high quality that overturns the conventional image of a minivan.

Here, we will introduce the interior of Vellfire in detail.

  • While keeping the overall height lower than that of the predecessor model, the interior height of 1,400 mm is secured by lowering the floor.
  • A high-quality interior that combines wood-grain panels and gold sputtering decorations in a black-based space
  • A wide cargo space is achieved by adopting a thin 5:5 split space-up seat.

Features of Vellfire’s interior space

The current Vellfire, which appeared in January 2015, was developed with the concept of a “large space luxury saloon”. It is a large minivan that pursues high quality.

By lowering the floor of the current model, the overall height is kept lower than that of the predecessor model, while maintaining the same interior height of 1,400 mm as the predecessor, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing interior space for passengers .

Features of Vellfire's interior spaceSource: Toyota “Vellfire” Gallery

In addition, “LED roof color illumination” that colors the overhead of the 2nd and 3rd row seats is standard equipment on all models. This illumination has a dimming function and 16 color variations, so it will create a luxurious space unique to luxury cars.

Vellfire interior

From here, let’s take a look at the interior of the Vellfire. The Vellfire is a monograde version of the GOLDEN EYES II, and there are no major differences in interior design due to the powertrain or drive system.

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Interior that makes you feel cool based on black

Interior that makes you feel cool based on blackSource: Toyota “Vellfire” Gallery

While the theme of its sister car, the Alphard, is luxury and courage, the theme of the Vellfire is boldness and fearlessness.

The exterior is decorated with jet black and other colors to express power and strength, and the interior design also adopts a black-based design that is coordinated with the exterior. The instrument panel, seats, pillars, and ceiling are all black, and the Vellfire’s interior is characterized by its high-quality yet sharp and cool finish.

The seat is a combination of perforated Ultrasuede® and synthetic leather that feels good to the touch . There is no option to upgrade to genuine leather seats, which is common in luxury cars.


2nd row relaxing captain seat

2nd row relaxing captain seatSource: Toyota “Vellfire” Features

The Vellfire’s second row seats are equipped with relaxing captain seats that can slide up to 830mm long . It also has a manual ottoman and steplessly adjustable swivel armrests, so you can stretch your legs and relax while enjoying your drive.


Wood grain panel creates grand height

Wood grain panel creates grand heightSource: Toyota “Vellfire” Gallery

The decorative panels on the instrument panel, door trim, center cluster, etc. are made of sunburst gold wood, which expresses depth with metallic luster, not color, but light . The elegant design of a high-end sedan, such as the combination of the glittering gold sputtering decoration , emphasizes the quality.

Vellfire pockets

Whether the pocket room is substantial and whether it is located in an easy-to-use place is a part that greatly affects the comfort of the drive. Here, let’s take a look at what kind of pocketteria is available in Vellfire.

The console box, which can be said to be the main storage for the first row seats, uses different types for gasoline vehicles and hybrid vehicles.

High-grade console box (middle tray, accessory case with lid, 2 cup holders, standard equipment on gasoline vehicles)

High-grade console box (middle tray, accessory case with lid, 2 cup holders, standard equipment on gasoline vehicles)Source: Toyota “Vellfire” price/grade

Gasoline models are equipped with a luxuriously appointed high-grade console box with sunburst gold wood paneling and gold sputtering decoration. You will feel luxurious every time you use it.

Large standard console box (with accessory tray and 2 cup holders) + rear end box (with accessory compartment and storage box) (standard on hybrid vehicles)

Large standard console box (with accessory tray and 2 cup holders) + rear end box (with accessory compartment and storage box) (standard on hybrid vehicles)Source: Toyota “Vellfire” price/grade

Hybrid vehicles are equipped with a large standard console box that emphasizes storage capacity. There is also a rear end box that can be used by occupants in the second row, making it extremely convenient to use.

Cup holder (driver’s seat/passenger seat)

In addition to the console box, the driver’s seat and passenger’s seat have one cup holder each.

Glove box

The glove box in front of the passenger seat is large enough to accommodate a tissue box.

Driver’s seat lower box (with card holder)

The lower box at the bottom right of the instrument panel is easily accessible by the driver and is ideal for storing coins and cards.

Seat back pocket (driver’s seat/passenger seat)

Vellfire’s driver and passenger seats have seat back pockets. It can be used not only for magazines and tourist guides, but also for storing tablets.

In addition to this, each door has a space for bottle holders and small items, as well as a center upper box and a coat hook. In addition, the rear quarter trim is equipped with side boxes (driver’s side only), bottle holders and trays, so you’ll never run out of space to stow your little things.

Vellfire luggage compartment

Vellfire luggage compartmentSource: Toyota “Vellfire” Features

The Vellfire adopts a thin 5:5 split space-up seat , which is devised to ensure a wider luggage space when the third row seat is spaced up.

In addition, 148L of underfloor storage space is secured under the floor. The standard deck board can be removed and folded, so it can be used in a variety of ways, such as storing tall items, or neatly storing tools and cleaning goods that are used infrequently.

Vellfire luggage compartmentSource: Toyota “Vellfire” Features

In addition, the “power back door” that automatically opens and closes the back door by operating a smart key or a switch installed on the overhead console is standard equipment, so you can easily load luggage even if your hands are full.

Vellfire with its attractive interior that is full of refined high quality

The appeal of VELLFIRE is its high-quality and elegant interior design, which is effectively treated with wood grain decoration and gold sputtering decoration. The storage capacity and livability are perfect, and it can be said that it is one that allows you to spend your time on the move elegantly and comfortably.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the characteristics of the Vellfire’s interior space?

A: The current VELLFIRE was developed under the theme of a “luxury saloon with a large space”, and by lowering the floor while keeping the overall height lower than that of the previous model, the interior height of 1,400 mm, which is the same as that of the previous model, is secured. It is characterized by ensuring a comfortable interior space for passengers to relax.

Q2: What is the interior of the Vellfire?

A: The interior of the Vellfire has a cool black base from the seats, instrument panel, door trim, pillars, and ceiling, while sunburst gold wood grain panels and gold sputtering decorations are used everywhere. It creates a sense of luxury. The seat is a combination of perforated Ultrasuede® and synthetic leather.

Q3: What about Vellfire’s luggage compartment?

A: The Vellfire uses a thin 50/50 split space-up seat to ensure a wide cargo space when the third row seats are spaced up. In addition, 148L of underfloor space and a detachable and foldable deck board are standard equipment, so various arrangements are possible depending on your ingenuity.

*The content of the article is written based on information as of September 2021.

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