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The interior of the car, which is the point of choosing a car, is an important point that affects the comfort. Especially for the Nissan “X-Trail”, which is outdoor-oriented and has many long-distance rides and rough roads, I definitely want to check the interior specifications, such as how comfortable the interior space is and how much luggage can be packed.

Here, we will introduce the features of the interior of the X-TRAIL and the different specifications for each grade.

  • Solid black interior
  • “20Xi” has a wider range of options
  • X-TRAIL’s 2-row seat vehicle has the highest luggage capacity in its class.

What are the characteristics of the X-TRAIL’s interior space?

Although the X-TRAIL is characterized by its urban exterior design, it also has a meticulous attention to detail in its interior.

The interior is designed in black tones and is full of dignity, and while it has a calm atmosphere where you can relax even on a long-distance drive, you can freely arrange the seats with the second folding seat and waterproofing , and it is sturdy enough to load dirty luggage without worrying about it. It can be said that it is attractive.

It can be said that X-TRAIL’s unique ability is to achieve both practicality and design that allows you to drive comfortably and safely on any road surface.

What is the difference in the interior of each grade?

The main grades of X-TRAIL are “20S”, “20Xi” and “20Xi Leather Edition”. In addition to this, X-TRAIL has many options such as “NISMO Performance Package” and “Extreme X”, but here we will introduce these three main grades.

“20S” with simple yet full-featured functions

"20S" grade with simple but fulfilling functionsSource: Nissan “X-Trail” interior

The basic “20S” grade features a chic interior design based on black . The exquisite color scheme, which is not too heavy and not too gorgeous, has a solid feel, and has a relaxing atmosphere that is typical of an outdoor SUV that is often used for long rides. The seat material is a cell cloth waterproof sheet , so it can be used outdoors without worrying about getting dirty or wet.

The air conditioning is manual, but both the front and second seats come standard with cup holders that keep you warm and cool. In addition, it is equipped with utilities such as a console box that can hold a 10-inch tablet to make the room comfortable.

It also has a tilt mechanism that allows you to adjust the position of the steering wheel up and down, and a telescopic mechanism that allows you to adjust the front and back, so you can maintain the best position for easy driving.


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“20Xi” grade with 3 rows of seats available

"20Xi" grade with 3 rows of seats availableSource: Nissan “X-Trail” interior

The interior of the 20Xi follows the 20S, and the design is almost unchanged. The only difference is that the steering wheel and shift knob are wrapped in leather.

However, the biggest feature of this grade is that in addition to the 5-seater 2-row seat model, the 7-seater 3-row seat model is also available. This is the only X-Trail grade that can be selected for a 3-row seat car. Both the 2-row and 3-row seats are equipped with “Quick Comfort Seat Heaters” that quickly warm the seats and backrests on the left and right sides of the driver’s seat, front passenger seat, and second-row seats, making it comfortable even in cold weather. It is also attractive that it is devised so that you can enjoy driving.

It is from this grade that you can choose a “panoramic glass roof” that enhances the sense of openness and allows you to enjoy outdoor life even more. The standard specification is a waterproof sheet and waterproof floor, but it is also possible to select a cloth seat and carpet interior.


“20Xi Leather Edition” with attractive luxury genuine leather seats

"20Xi Leather Edition" with attractive luxury genuine leather seatsSource: Nissan “X-Trail” interior

The highest grade “20Xi Leather Edition” , which was added in January 2020 with partial improvements, is a luxurious grade that uses genuine leather seats.

It can be said that it is the best grade for those who want to add quality and luxury to the full-fledged SUV X-Trail. The tan color that complements the soft texture of genuine leather also gives a stylish impression.

“20Xi Leather Edition” with attractive luxury genuine leather seats_02Source: Nissan “X-Trail” interior

In addition, with some improvements in November 2020, black can now be selected in addition to tan color. It would be a good choice for those who want to add a subtle quality to the interior without compromising the sportiness and coolness of the X-Trail.

Other interior specifications conform to the 20Xi.

Storage around X-Trail seats

When checking the interior by choosing a car, let’s firmly check the usability of storage in addition to the design.

Cup holder (with heat and cold insulation function)

Cup holder (with heat and cold insulation function)_01Source: Nissan “X-Trail” utility/comfort

The X-TRAIL cup holder has a heat and cold insulation function. This would be a nice point. It keeps both hot and cold drinks at the right temperature.

Cup holder (with heat and cold insulation function)_02Source: Nissan “X-Trail” utility/comfort

In addition, the cup holder has a removable partition, so if you remove the partition, you can use it as an accessory case where you can put your glasses case or wallet.

Center console box (with armrest)

Center console box (with armrest)Source: Nissan “X-Trail” utility/comfort

The X-Trail center console box has a fairly large capacity. It is the size that a 10-inch tablet PC enters. There is also a storage space for smartphones.

Glove box (with damper)

Glove box (with damper)Source: Nissan “X-Trail” utility/comfort

The glove box in front of the passenger seat, which is often used to hold documents such as automobile inspection certificates and automobile liability insurance cards, is a type that protrudes when opened, making it easy to check the contents.

In addition, the X-Trail is equipped with an overhead console, front seat back pockets, and door pockets with bottle holders.

Luggage space is the largest in its class

How much luggage can the X-Trail carry?Source: Nissan “X-Trail” storage space

One of the reasons why the X-Trail boasts top-class popularity among middle-class SUVs is the size of the luggage space. The second and third seats of the 2-row and 3-row seats can be folded down, and the maximum luggage room is 845mm in height, 1,745mm in depth, and 1,305mm in width. With the second seat as standard, it boasts a load capacity of 565L, which is the top level in its class (according to Nissan research in October 2020) .

In the case of a 3-row seat car, the luggage compartment capacity is 445L when the third seat is folded. Either way, it’s plenty big enough. You can fully enjoy outdoor activities such as camping where luggage tends to be large.

In addition, the “20Xi” and higher grades are equipped with a “remote control automatic back door” function that allows you to open the back door simply by holding your foot over the rear bumper if you carry an intelligent key, so your hands are free with luggage. It is convenient to load and unload luggage easily even when it is not available.

Dirty luggage can be taken care of with waterproof specifications!

Dirty luggage can be taken care of with waterproof specifications!Source: Nissan “X-Trail” storage space

In grades other than the “20Xi Leather Edition”, not only the seats but also the luggage space are all waterproof, so aftercare is smooth even if surfboards, fishing tools, off-road bikes, etc. get mud, snow, water, etc. . X-TRAIL’s strength is its toughness, which allows you to load items that are useful in outdoor life without worrying about getting dirty.

Check out the charm of the interior of the X-Trail!

When choosing a car, driving performance and safety performance are of course important, but in the case of SUVs, where you often spend a lot of time in the car, the space design and interior of the car are very important checkpoints. For a more comfortable car life, make sure to carefully compare and check the details.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the features of the interior of the X-TRAIL?

A: The interior of the X-TRAIL has a calm and dignified design based on black. It can be said that it is attractive to be able to respond to any scene, such as adopting a prevention sheet and a waterproof floor, and at the same time it can be used for an active car life, at the same time as it is possible to spend a long drive comfortably. I guess.

Q2: What are the differences in the interior of each X-Trail grade?

A: There is not much difference in interior design between the 20S and 20Xi, but the 20Xi offers the option of a 3rd row seat, a panoramic glass roof and carpet interior options. I have. The 20Xi Leather Edition comes standard with genuine leather seats.

Q3: Can the luggage compartment of the X-TRAIL hold enough luggage?

A: The X-TRAIL 2-row seat car boasts a luggage compartment capacity of 565L in the standard state of the second seat, which is the top level in its class (October 2020, according to Nissan research). The 3-row seat car is 445L with the third seat folded. Although the capacity is slightly smaller t

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