Subaru Forester review, interior and storage in Kenya


Since the interior of the car differs greatly depending on the model, it is one of the points that you should always check when choosing a car. Not only the design but also the storage may differ depending on the grade, so be sure to check the differences for each grade.

Here, we will introduce the interior of the Subaru Forester.

  • Forester has different seat materials depending on the grade
  • Nappa leather seats available for Advance
  • Forester has a luggage compartment capacity of 509L (SPORT only 520L)
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Forester interior features

The Forester is a middle-sized SUV that offers both excellent off-road performance and on-road comfort. The current 5th generation model, which appeared in 2018, won the 2018 Good Design Award for its normal evolution from its predecessor design, attention to detail in the interior, appropriate colors, materials, processing, and high quality. did.

This is the second consecutive award following the previous model, and it can be seen that the Forester in recent years has been highly evaluated not only for its driving performance but also for its design.

In addition, the adoption of the “Subaru Global Platform” has created ample shoulder and leg space, creating an interior space where passengers can feel comfortable no matter where they sit, so they can enjoy long drives in comfort.

Interior by Forester grade

From here, let’s take a look at the interior of the Forester by grade.

“Touring” where the silver applied everywhere stands out

"Touring" where the silver applied everywhere stands outSource: Subaru Forester Design Gallery

The interior color is black, and the pillars and ceiling are white, giving the room a sense of calmness and openness. “Touring” has a seat made of water-repellent fabric and synthetic leather with silver stitching, giving it a simple yet elegant finish.

The upper trim of the instrument panel, the leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift boots are also decorated with silver stitching, while the piano-black shift panel is decorated with bright silver. The interior has an impressive silver shine, such as silver paint.

“X-BREAK” where red orange applied everywhere makes you feel active

"X-BREAK" where red orange applied everywhere makes you feel activeSource: Subaru Forester Design Gallery

Red-orange is used as an accent for both the exterior and interior of the “X-BREAK ,” which gives off-roader-like activeness .

Red-orange stitching is applied to the leather-wrapped steering wheel, shift boot, instrument panel upper trim, and of course the seats, bringing an active interior.

The seat material is made of water-repellent polyurethane , which makes it easy to clean even if it gets wet or dirty.

“Advance” with optional Nappa leather seats

"Advance" with optional Nappa leather seatsSource: Subaru Forester Design Gallery

In the “Advance” , the standard seats are a combination of water-repellent fabric and synthetic leather, but black or brown Nappa leather seats can be selected as an option.

"Advance" with optional Nappa leather seatsSource: Subaru Forester Design Gallery

Only “Advance” can choose Nappa leather seats that bring luxury to the room that is different from other grades.

Highest grade “SPORT” that combines sportiness and quality

Highest grade "SPORT" that combines sportiness and qualitySource: Subaru Forester Design Gallery

Equipped with a 1.8L direct-injection turbocharged engine, the “SPORT” is equipped with Ultrasuede® and genuine leather seats, as well as Ultrasuede® on the instrument panel and center tray to achieve both sportiness and quality. I’m here.

Please note that there is no seat material upgrade option for “SPORT”.

Let’s check the storage of the Forester

Storage is an important factor that affects the usability of the car. In general, new cars in recent years tend to be easier to use than before due to improved storage, but there are many different parts for each car model, so be sure to check them out.

Overhead console box with shower light

Forester overhead console box comes with shower light. Not only can it be used to store eyeglasses and sunglasses, but it may also be good for storing towels and other items.

Center tray (with USB power supply)

Center tray (with USB power supply)Source: Subaru “Forester” convenient equipment

Although it is not so wide, there is also a space where you can put small items in the center tray. A USB power supply is provided, so you can charge your smartphone, etc.

Front cup holder

The cupholders are positioned so that they can be easily accessed from both the driver and front passenger seats on the center console. Because of its depth, it has excellent stability and is safe even on rough roads.

Glove box

Standard storage in front of the passenger seat, the glove box has lighting. Attention to detail like this is a point worthy of praise.

Floor console box

There is not only a glove compartment but also a detachable coin tray and a power socket. It will be useful when using coin parking.

Rear seat center armrest with cup holder

Rear seat center armrest with cup holderSource: Subaru “Forester” convenient equipment

There are also two cup holders in the armrests of the rear seats.

Front seat back pocket

front seat back pocketSource: Subaru “Forester” Packaging & Cargo Room

Equipped with a pocket with a partition on the back of the front seat. Unlike general seat back pockets without partitions, you can store smartphones and tablet devices separately.

Rear USB power

Rear USB powerSource: Subaru “Forester” Packaging & Cargo Room

There are also two USB power outlets in the rear seats. You can charge your smartphone or other device while it is stored in the seat back pocket.

Large front and rear door pockets with bottle holders

Equipped with a bottle holder that can store a 500ml plastic bottle and a large door pocket that can store A4 size documents.

Forester Luggage Storage & Seating Arrangement

The Forester has a large luggage compartment capacity of 509L (520L for SPORT only) . It can be said that it is a size that is assumed to be used for outdoor activities and marine leisure where luggage tends to be large. The wide opening makes it easy to put in and take out luggage, and two adults can sit side by side like a bench.

Forester Luggage Storage & Seating ArrangementSource: Subaru “Forester” Packaging & Cargo Room

It also has ample underfloor storage. Perfect for storing dirty things.

Forester Luggage Storage & Seating ArrangementSource: Subaru “Forester” Packaging & Cargo Room

In addition, the Forester has a 60:40 split-folding rear seat, so the cargo space can be expanded freely according to the size and amount of luggage. If you fold down all the rear seats, you can store a bicycle, and if you fold down only the rear seat on the passenger side, you can load long items such as snowboards even with four passengers.

Forester with well-thought-out rear seat usability

The Forester has USB power outlets and storage space for smartphones not only in the front seats, but also in the back seats, so that all passengers can enjoy a comfortable drive.


In the interior, the features of each grade are reflected in the seat materials and accent colors. Understand the individuality of each grade, choose the Forester that best suits you, and enjoy your car life

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