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A compact size sedan that uses a newly developed platform and features high driving and safety performance.

Subaru’s smaller cars, such as kei cars and tall wagons, are now OEM supply models from Daihatsu. The Impreza is the one that Subaru has developed and manufactured in-house. The current Impreza, which was launched in 2016, is available in two types: the 5-door hatchback sports and the 4-door sedan G4. For this thorough review, let’s focus on the Impreza G4, one of the surviving domestic 4-door sedans.


Subaru’s first next-generation model

Subaru's next-generation model first Impreza G4

The current Impreza G4 is the 5th generation of the Impreza series and the 2nd generation of the Impreza G4 model. This model is the first Subaru next-generation model based on the medium-term management vision “Prominence 2020”. Aiming to provide users with the ultimate in “enjoyment and peace of mind,” the car has been completely redesigned from its foundation. It adopts a framework that is the basis of a newly designed car named “Subaru Global Platform (SGP)”, and is characterized by dramatically evolving safety performance and driving performance.

Subaru's next-generation model first Impreza G4_2

The adoption of a new platform has dramatically improved steering stability and response. When changing lanes, etc., the car responds to the driver’s steering wheel operation without time lag, enabling smoother and safer movement. Furthermore, by adopting an electronic device called “Active Torque Vectoring”, it is now possible to run on the desired line even when cornering.

Interior and exterior with both functionality and texture

Interior and exterior of the Impreza G4 that combines functionality and texture

The exterior design fully adopts Subaru’s new design philosophy “DYNAMIC x SOLID” for the first time as a mass-produced model. Both functionality and design have been achieved, and the details of the interior and exterior have been refined. The front has a sporty design with a hexagon motif grille and C-shaped position lamps.

Impreza G4 interior and exterior 2 that combines functionality and texture

Impreza G4 interior and exterior 3 that combines functionality and texture

Impreza G4 interior and exterior 4 that combines functionality and texture

Interior and exterior of Impreza G4 that combines functionality and texture 5

The interior has a “Subaru-like design backed by functionality”. The instrument panel is stitched to improve the texture. In addition, important parts such as the decorative panel, combi meter, steering wheel, shift knob, and belt ring have adopted a “casing motif” that surrounds them with metallic parts to express functionality.

Engine is 1.6L and 2.0L petrol only

Impreza G4 engine is 1.6L and 2.0L gasoline only

Two types of engines are installed: a 1.6L horizontally opposed 4-cylinder that produces a maximum output of 115ps and a 2L horizontally opposed 4-cylinder naturally aspirated engine that produces a maximum output of 154ps, and the combined transmission is a CVT called Lineartronic. 2WD (FF) and 4WD drive systems are available for all models. Fuel efficiency is 15.5-17.2km/L in JC08 mode.

Equipped with an evolved version of EyeSight, providing class-leading safety performance

Equipped with an advanced version of EyeSight

Safety performance is outstanding in its class, including pedestrian protection airbags for the first time in Japan, SRS side + curtain airbags, and driver’s seat SRS knee airbags as standard equipment. Subaru’s boasted EyeSight has evolved to ver.3, adopting cruise control with lane center keeping function and all vehicle speed tracking function. In addition to the conventional 4WD vehicles, it has been expanded to 2WD vehicles, and is standard equipment on all vehicles. There are three grades: 1.6iL EyeSight, 2.0iL EyeSight, and 2.0iS EyeSight.

Significant improvements in 2019 further improve safety performance and ride comfort

Significant improvements in 2019 further improve safety performance and ride comfort

In November 2016, we added a grade with a 1.6L engine. Practical fuel efficiency is improved while maintaining light driving. As an affordable price range, it is a grade that allows more users to experience “peace of mind and enjoyment”.

In September 2017, we made some improvements to enhance the pedestrian recognition performance of the driving support system EyeSight during nighttime driving, and added an automatic braking system when reversing. In addition, a side view monitor function has been added as “EyeSight Safety Plus” to further enhance the “total safety performance” of the Impreza, which was developed with the aim of “providing the highest level of enjoyment and peace of mind to all passengers.” .

In October 2018, the system automatically keeps the vehicle stopped even when the brake pedal is released in situations where the brake pedal should normally be kept pressed, such as when waiting for a long traffic light or in a traffic jam on a general road. , “auto vehicle hold function” has been added to reduce driver fatigue and improve driving comfort.

In October 2019, the Impreza G4 was significantly improved. The main changes are the addition of EyeSight Touring Assist, which reduces the driver’s driving burden, as standard equipment to all models, as well as the adoption of advanced safety technologies such as the Adaptive Driving Beam, further improving overall safety performance. That’s it. In addition, by improving the suspension, both good ride comfort and handling performance are achieved at a high level. As for the design, the front face and aluminum wheels have been revamped to express a sense of dynamism that foreshadows the joy of driving. In addition, convenience has been improved by expanding functions that are useful in daily use situations, such as the “access key compatible driver’s seat position memory function”.

A high-quality sedan that runs well and has good safety performance

A high-quality sedan that runs well and has good safety performance

The current model Impreza G4 is a compact sedan that combines high safety performance with the EyeSight driving support system, high dynamic performance with the new platform SGP, and comfort with a flat ride. If you mainly drive around town, you won’t be dissatisfied with the 1.6L engine, but if you use the expressway a lot, we recommend a car with a 2L engine that allows for smooth merging. The Impreza G4 is a valuable 4-door sedan that is easy to handle despite being the number 3 in the domestic market where sedans are moving away from Japan.

*The content of the article is based on information as of November 2021.

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